Response from SPC – what next?

Here’s their response to me…

Thank you for sharing your concerns.

We remain committed to aligning our practices with the Human Rights Act and Federal and State Discrimination Laws and will review any employee requests for exemptions regarding vaccination on a case-by-case basis.

We are encouraging all our SPC staff to have a discussion with their GP about the best choice for them. If any staff member has a pre-existing condition that may affect their vaccine eligibility, they are encouraged to discuss this with our people and culture team.

At SPC we ensure our people’s health and safety, job security, as well as business continuity for the essential service we provide to the broader community and the country.

We hope you and your family stay safe.


Employees of SPC, please email us and we will help you – [email protected]

In the above email they talk about consulting your GP. We can help make sure you have INFORMED CONSENT. We can help you make sure you’re fully informed before you make a decision.




  1. I also got this response in turn I replied:
    “Thank you – but it is not just about people who cannot take vaccines for a medical reason, but those who do not want to take it because it is an experimental treatment, and those who do not want to take it on principle.

    Until you clarify this, I will continue to avoid your products and encourage others to do the same.”

  2. It’s a clever strategy the corporate government has orchestrated isn’t it.
    The official word is to advise employees and frankly all citizens to speak to their GP’s regarding ‘vaccines’.
    But GP’s who speak the truth and say negative things about the jabs have their license stripped by AHPRA. Meaning either the GP is forced to go along with the lies. Or alternatively they lose their license to practice, meaning a greater percentage of GP’s who remain will be more likely to push the lies and policies.

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