State Governments Must Recognise Natural Immunity

The following article from Spectator Australia

It has been a while since anyone has spoken seriously about natural immunity. It is, as I have written about previously, a magnificent thing that the human body is capable of. It grants us protection from disease without the need for vaccines.

Natural immunity is obtained through infection. An individual must first have a particular disease in order for their body to develop antibodies that are able to identify and attack the next infection.

The process is not suitable for every disease. If the risk of death or injury is too high, people will wish to avoid infection entirely. This was the purpose of traditional vaccines created to combat pathogens like Smallpox. However, natural immunity is suitable for the thousands of ordinary infections that humans come across every day – such as the flu. It is like exercise. The more the body fights off, the stronger it becomes. In old age, the immune system wanes. It has long been advised that healthy people continue to acquire natural immunity to make sure they enter their twilight years with the strongest immune system possible.

Despite what the ‘experts’ want you to believe, Covid is no different when it comes to this process.

The wonderful thing about natural immunity is that it is generally long-lasting. We [allegedly] know at this point that the Covid vaccine provides ‘optimal’ protection for 4-8 weeks at best. This manufactured immunity wanes quickly, and soon enough vaccinated individuals are essentially back where they started on an even keel with those who are unvaccinated.

Several studies into Covid have determined that natural immunity lasts for years and should be recognised as equivalent to taking the vaccine, exempting those who have been infected from taking the jab, and, by extension, from unscientific mandates.

An Israeli study demonstrated that ‘unvaccinated people with a prior SARS-CoV-2 infection create antibodies that are more effective in the long run compared with others who were vaccinated but never infected’. Another found that ‘data also suggested that the antibodies elicited by vaccination have less potency and breadth than those generated by natural infection’.

Further, a third study found that:

‘Among 12,165 patients with more than 10 million days of follow-up, unvaccinated individuals with prior symptomatic Covid had 85 per cent lower risk of acquiring Covid. Prior studies investigating protection against SARS-CoV-2 reinfection found similar results, with protection associated with natural immunity ranging from 80.5 per cent to 100 per cent. The findings that patients with prior Covid had 88 per cent protection against hospitalisation for Covid and 83 per cent protection against Covid not requiring hospitalisation suggest that natural immunity was associated with similar protection (to vaccines) against mild and severe disease.’

Natural immunity is recognised in this way for several other diseases, including measles, hepatitis B, mumps, varicella (chickenpox), and rubella. So why is natural immunity not recognised for Covid? And why are individuals who have already had the virus being compelled to take the vaccine if they wish to continue their work in particular industries?

To give you an idea of just how absurd and infuriating this all is, I offer my personal experience over the last month. It brings me absolutely no joy whatsoever to have to share this.

As you know, in May the public health order enforcing vaccine mandates in education imposed by the NSW government was lifted. Before this occurred, the NSW Department of Education imposed their ‘Secretary’s Decision’ to continue unscientific and cruel mandates. This meant that volunteers, whose work is based in schools, were still required to take two shots in order to be permitted back into schools.

About a week later, I finally caught Covid. After testing positive, I discovered it was possible to obtain at least a temporary exemption from the vaccine for around four months after having Covid. After I recovered, I saw my GP, who wrote me a medical certificate with a recommendation that I do not take the vaccine for at least three months. 

I then sent a copy of this medical certificate to the school I have taught scripture since 2018. They looked into what the process was and sent me an email back with another hoop to jump through. They stipulated that a particular form needed to be completed and provided to the school before I could return. After this, a risk assessment would be completed with Health and Safety, and then I would be allowed to come back.

As soon as they sent the form through, I had a bad feeling about it.

The form in question is, of course, the Australian Immunisation Register immunisation medical exemption (IM011). It is a form that medical practitioners use to register patients who have a contraindication to vaccines as medically exempt from taking one. 

Interestingly, in the opening paragraph explaining when to use the form, it states:

Use this form if you are a general practitioner, paediatrician, clinical immunologist, infectious disease physician, or public health physician and would like to notify the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) of an individual who has a vaccine exemption due to a medical contraindication or natural immunity.’

The document actually states natural immunity as a reason for exemption. It would stand to reason that anyone who has had Covid should be exempt from the vaccine as a result of developing natural immunity.

So, I went to my GP and asked if they could fill out the form for me. The initial response was, of course, that this could only be filled out for those who have a medical condition preventing them from taking a vaccine. 

I then pointed out that the document specifies natural immunity as a valid reason, quoting it verbatim. The GP noted this was correct. However, as Covid was not listed under the natural immunity section of the document, I was told it would not be possible to fill out the form. I even offered to take a blood test to prove I had developed natural immunity to the virus. They told me it would not make a difference and played down natural immunity in relation to Covid. After consulting with a colleague, my GP told me that I would not be able to take a completed exemption form to the school and that I would have to negotiate with them.

I am certain I do not have to tell you just how infuriated I was.

I was now essentially at the mercy of the Department of Education. I know how this Department works. I am well aware of the toxic bureaucracy that exists within it. They had already had over a month to make a decision on their policy position when it comes to vaccine mandates. I was of one mind to visit the Department myself and speak to someone face-to-face, be it the Minister of Education, Sarah Mitchell, or the Secretary of the Department, Georgina Harrisson. I was determined to hold them accountable, and I still am.

I understand that the Department has since announced the removal of mandates from Term 3, however, I am not going to lay down arms and celebrate. It took Victoria going first for them to finally see sense. While mandates survive in any industry, given the great pain and devastation they have caused, this nation cannot go on.

We must demand an end to all mandates and that those who forced them upon us be held accountable. 

All governments and government departments in Australia must recognise natural immunity immediately.

They must declare a Covid infection as equivalent to taking the vaccine and exempt all who have obtained it through infection from vaccines and vaccine mandates.

I know, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about Covid and all the lunacy surrounding it by this point, but this fight is important. If we give in, big government wins. They will know they can get away with this over and over again, and there will be nothing we can do to stop them because our silence or compliance is taken as support.

I have been fighting against this for far too long. I don’t want sympathy. I want support. I want people to join me in the fight to end these discriminatory, abhorrent mandates.

I know teachers have been striking recently, and so I will say that if anyone in any industry is to strike, strike with the demand that the government allow all unvaccinated workers to return to their jobs. Removing mandates put an end to shortages and ease the burden on teachers who have been run off their feet.

It is important to continue this fight because knowing how the Department works and the bureaucracy that plagues it, they could easily bring them back again. It’s up to us to not only push for a permanent end to vaccine mandates, but to demand that natural immunity to Covid be recognised as it should be. 

After all, natural immunity is real science.

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