If You Have Symptoms From Saturday’s Protest

For anyone who has been sick since attending the rally on Sat 12 Feb. Many have.

If you want to help find out more about what if any weapons were used on the crowd, pls email senator.roberts@aph.gov.au about your physical experience of illness, including if you went to the doctor and that their findings were (only if you want).

Please feel welcome to provide YOUR data, observations, recordings that prove cause-and-effect about YOU and that could be used as evidence on a court. This must be personal first hand knowledge.

We need hard facts and not opinions or hearsay or guesses or feelings.

Please do not email with unsupported opinions or hunches or guesses.

Please be disciplined with hard facts only. Please share this invite to anyone else you know has been sick since Saturday.

For example:

Dear Senator Roberts
Since attending the 12 Feb 2022 rally in Canberra I have experienced the following physical symptoms

  1. Constant migraine
  2. Chills and sweats
  3. Exhaustion and malaise
  4. Loss of appetite and nausea when I do eat
  5. Skin sensitivity
  6. Extreme sore throat

Continuing even until today Thursday 17 February 2022.

I stood on the upper stage truck in front of APH from 11am-4pm.

Note you could also include information relating to staying at the camp.

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    1. We keeping thinking things can’t get any worse, but sadly
      evil doesn’t stop, it goes on until it has destroyed everyone.
      Let us keep our focus on all of the “good guys” who are
      doing their best to help.

  1. when you want to join to the Army, they are looking for someone who doesn’t have any feeling or emotion or etc.. in the past I thought it’s because when they are going to the war they can do their job but know I realized it’s not for forien people , they want this type of people to do this dirty jobs to their own people, without having feeling towards children or civilian, unbelievable, This is end of the world.

  2. Please see last item showing some of the injuries from the Scott Morrison Australian Federal Police ordered weapons against innocent people protesting against appalling government tyranny!
    The first item is also for world wide attention!
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    Australian Federal Government/Australian Federal Police attack unarmed civilians with microwave weapons