Tafe NSW says the jab is mandatory!!!

Since when did businesses determine what is, or isn’t law???

Tafe NSW, it’s not your place to mandate medical procedures of any kind. Shame on you.

I left a note on their facebook page here – https://www.facebook.com/TAFENSW/photos/a.166438183471116/4098174580297437/

Disclaimer – Tafe NSW says this was only sent to students studying nursing. Fully informed consent applies to all industries, including nursing. Have Take explained to them the potential side effects or the fact it’s still in its trial phase…???

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  1. A crime against the Nuremberg code, which is punishable by the firing squad, if proven guilty.
    This is pure evil and must stop immediately. Their day will come for vengeance by the full force of the upcoming Nuremberg trials. Be warned, as this is insanity to the highest degree. Every single person that has received these jabs, will die within the next few years…
    All persons administering persons without fully disclosing that they are experimental, will be found guilty of breaching the Nuremberg Code of 1947, which still stands today. People, you must wake up. They want to kill you and it’s on purpose and it’s deliberate and it’s planned by the elitists. Wake up. This is war!

  2. Just as these politicians / some businesses are determining what is law, we the people have the ultimate power to determine what reality we live in , we can choose to redesign how we live our reality, we are that powerful , only together , working together in mass , shall we rediscover the power of what we decide is going to be.  Damn we can dismantle the government if we choose so , 2020 to 2024 is a coming together segment , 2024 to 2026 is deciding what reality we all want , 2027 to 2030 is dismantling the evil in power and living the reality we have decided together we want to live in . . Dont let the swamp donkeys decide your reality , they will screw us all over if we do nothing . .  So doing nothing is not an option, its more , how much will they take before u join the fight ?  I myself is weeks to 3months max off joining the frontlines with the rest of the lions and lioness’s that has already formed the stance . Literally nothing to be afraid of , doing nothing is the only time you will suffer ill fates . The universe will protect those performing the stance before the population joins in . 
    Personally looking forward to getting out there, this lastest lockdown got on my nerves that much its pushed things forward for me .
    Dont follow the crowd, they are going the wrong way , keep up the great stance! reinforcements shall arrive in time !