‘Freedom Convoy’ organizer Tamara Lich released on bail, again

I feel somehow connected to Tamara Lich because we seem to have gone through a similar experience with corrupt law enforcement in our respective countries. The difference is that my charges were dropped; hers are ongoing.

Her charges are mischief, obstructing police, intimidation, and counseling others to commit mischief for her role in the massive protest.

She was arrested in February 2022 and released on bail. Part of her bail conditions restricted her from communicating with key convoy organizers except through counsel or in the presence of counsel. She was also banned from using all social media.

She was then arrested on a Canada-wide warrant at the end of June 2022 for an alleged breach of her bail conditions.

“Crown prosecutor Moiz Karimjee told an Ottawa court on Tuesday that Lich breached one of her conditions by being seen with fellow protest leader Tom Marazzo at a recent gala, where she accepted an award for organizing the protest.”

What a joke! She attended a peaceful gathering next to her fellow freedom lovers, accepted a well-deserved award, and was thrown in jail for it.

It is now confirmed that she has been rereleased on bail only 24 hours ago.

The treatment of innocent, tax-paying citizens in commonwealth countries should be a huge concern for everyone. Even those who are against what we stand for should surely realise that their own freedoms are at stake. The authorities are coming after people like Tamara and me at the moment…who is next?

If you see this Tamara, know that Australia is watching, and we support you in your fight!

Share this far and wide.

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