Tasmania Just Lost Hundreds of Health Care Workers

Last year’s heroes will now become this years unemployed. Trusted to protect our community through a global pandemic but now forced to leave careers and a health system in crisis.

Watch the live Zoom call with National Educated United and Barrister Raymond Broomhall who is taking on this case.

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The following article posted on Spectator Australia The past two years have seen the trust many Australians’ have in their institutions brought to an all-time

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  1. I heard someone (in the USA) say recently in a video that their town lost so many medical staff the authorities were forced into relaxing the rules. The thought of lack of medical staff is scary but maybe it has to be done to force the dictators to back down here.

  2. One health clinic in Southern Tasmania closed a couple of months ago, as the staff were not going to be coerced into the “death shot”. The health system will be losing many experienced staff to be replaced with a new stock fresh out of University…….brain washed by the education system.

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