Another Liberal speaks out against mandatory vaccination in the workplace

The Liberal party seems to be having some internal issues. A party that is meant to stand up for Human Rights is now willingly throwing them away with no consideration for their members and constituents.

If you want to thank Tanya for speaking out, feel free to email her HER

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  1. Tanya Davies called me personally on Saturday to discuss my concerns at had emailed her the Friday before, Tanya was very open and supportive, I have the highest respect for her

  2. You have to be kidding. All she is saying is that the Govt should make it mandatory, not up to private business. Why is this on this website. We should blanket OPPOSE vaccination until proven safe “vomit” or just blanket.. up to individual and no one else. FAR out Monica.

  3. So, if we do not have a mandatory vaccine policy, how can a company make it mandatory? How can a company mandate that its employees have to be vaccinated? So what’s next? In Australia, or so I thought, before covid happened, our fundermental human right was the freedom to choose what we want, the freedom to speak out for or against issues concerning us, to move around our country and overseas when we wanted too. All that is gone. I just wonder what is going to be left in place by the government when all of this is over. What else will companies be able to make mandatory when it suits them.
    I will make sure I never buy their products again.