Event organising hack – PREPARE NOW

Every social media platform, including telegram, is infiltrated and monitored…we all know that. it’s also not INSTANT.

So let’s be smarter!

Text messages are the way forward. Whether it’s last-minute event plans or just a way for us to share information quickly.

Every single person reads their text messages…this is the way forward for Freedom Fighters.


LINK TO VIDEO HERE or watch below



  1. Text messages are being censored already. And there is intention for them to be monitored (even if illegally).

    In many ways I see using the postage service or personal written telegrams as the safest/securest way forward.
    Obviously this doesn’t work for urgent messages.
    Using alternative “business” platforms such as Slack may be just as useful as text messages or possibly even a ‘radio’ broadcast. A text message could still be used to inform everyone involved to “tune in now” or to check Slack, etc. now.

    Of course, all of this is reliant on technology being up and running and there hasn’t been a “cyber attack” or other blackout. And that the people haven’t gotten so fed up that they go and destroy all the 5G towers…

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