The 3.5% Rule – The Winning Number for Successful Peaceful Protest

Have you heard of the 3.5% rule? Do you know the importance of this rule in the success of peaceful political protest movements?

It only takes 3.5% of a population to change a country’s future. Two US academics analysed the success of both peaceful and violent protest movements from 1900 to 2006. Their book Why Civil Resistance Works showed peaceful protests are twice as effective as violent protests. The authors, Chenoweth and Stephan, found that once 3.5% of a population were actively involved in peaceful protest, success was certain. For more information on their research go to

In the last few months, the world has seen an unprecedented number of protests in countries right around the globe. These have all been spontaneous risings of the people in opposition to government policies resulting in economic hardship for their citizens. So much for believing any government acts in the best interest of its people!

There have been protests in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Holland, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Peru, Chile and others.

Why so many? Because governments have been obeying globalist masters and following their agenda instead of formulating policies that benefit their populations. We, the people, know we are being abused, like the farmers in Holland fighting for their right to farm and to continue to produce food. We are standing up in tens of thousands. But is it enough?

The simple answer is YES.

But, in each country we need to work together across the different groups & support others in their rallies, email campaigns and the building of parallel systems. We need to change our spending and shopping habits to reduce the power of multinational corporations and help the survival of small businesses. These daily protest actions are another way of winning this war. The Global Walkout is an initiative we can all participate in and share with friends. Who doesn’t want to support a small local business over a large multinational?

The power of the 3.5% rule is not so much from the actual number of people attending rallies, although that is really impressive. It comes from the government knowledge that those present represent a much larger percentage of the population sharing the same view but unable to attend for whatever reason.

In all the countries suffering from economic hardship and tyrannical policies, there will be a lot more than 3.5% feeling the pain. In any nation, the well-informed individuals are spread over many different protest groups, political parties and influencers. Whether by design or accident, this leads to a ‘divide and conquer’ situation and a weakening of people power.

However, what has already been achieved by the protests this year, and the level of opposition in so many countries, gives us all great hope and confidence for the future.

This is entirely A NUMBERS GAME. We the people hold the power right now if we can all work together.

That is why the #3point5 movement has been started to bring as many people peacefully together as possible by

  • explaining the power of the 3.5% rule
  • emphasising we already have the numbers to win if we act together
  • using the hashtag #3point5 as a coded message for a peaceful call to action or passive resistance and
  • giving hope and confidence to all of us that together we are the change.

This hashtag concept has been successfully used by recent movements such as #metoo  and #extinctionrebellion. It can also be used in the Global Walkout and other initiatives that need numbers to apply pressure and create positive change.

Yes, we might all have varying views on what successful change should look like. But at the heart of it, we all want human rights and freedoms restored. We want a safe and secure future for our kids, free from tyranny. We want no more global bodies such as the World Economic Forum and United Nations telling us what we can grow and eat and how much fuel we can use.

Once the concept behind #3point5 is widely understood and used this becomes a decentralised peoples’ movement with a life of its own.  The beauty and simplicity is that there is no ownership of this. Single or multiple leaders can be vulnerable to attack. In this plan, there is no leader. Instead, we have a web of likeminded individuals working for the common goal of political change through public pressure using diverse means.

As the movement gains greater awareness, #3point5 can be used anywhere globally. When people want to take local action against something or show support for someone, they can use this hashtag on social media to ask for numbers to turn up in person or direct an email/phone campaign to stop egregious government tyranny.

Please share the power of the 3.5% rule with your family, friends, and networks.  Use the links below for more information and to support the movement.

3point5 Facebook        

3point5 Telegram channel        

#3point5 gives us hope and confidence that positive lasting change is possible.

Together we have got this.

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