The Age is at it again – producing lying and lazy journalism

Before you read our in-depth response. I would like to make a personal note. I have met Ash Jackson on several occasions. Ash helped me carry my belongings once and offered to help RDA with flyer distribution and so on. Ash’s passion and efforts were valued and recognised. From me to Ash, I would like to say…“there is no judgement from me. We are fighting for the freedom to make our own decisions, and that’s what you’ve done. I hope sharing your truth has brought you some solace and comfort. No matter what happens, I wish you the best in life. Know that RDA, and the freedom family, aren’t going anywhere and will be here for you if you change your mind”.

A twisted article, or rather propagandistic attack, in The Age entitled ‘Falling into the ‘freedom’ movement … and getting out’ has once more underlined the cynical betrayal of basic journalistic independence in the Australian media.

Do not take our word for it. Consider The Age’s and the Sydney Morning Herald’s latest marketing campaign. It is called the ‘Minds Wide Open’ platform, which “champions the benefits of Australians tuning into different perspectives, offering balanced news in a category of bias.”

This dreadful article does the exact opposite. The authors, Rachael Dexter and Simone Fox Koob, have minds that are firmly shut, presenting neither “different perspectives” nor making any attempt at balance. Instead, they use tactics similar to those deployed in the Soviet Union where anyone who contradicted the official dogma was accused of having a mental disorder and punished.

It should be noted that no one from the Age contacted Monica before writing this piece.

Before we start examining the trickery and dishonesty in the article, it should first be said that each individual should have the right to make their own choices, especially health choices. That is the very point of calling it the freedom movement. No-one has ever been coerced into joining our protests and if they change their mind about it they are completely free to do so.

There is no subscription or formal initiation process to join the freedom movement. It’s just a group of people who are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain their individual and collective liberty. You can come and go as you please, with zero judgement from us. There are no requirements to participate at a certain level, one’s involvement is completely voluntary.

If the main person interviewed in the article, Ash Jackson, has had a change of heart, we have absolutely no objection to that. Everyone should be free to make their own decisions, not be forced by tyrants into choosing between one’s job and one’s health, or be locked down, or be prevented from assembling or going to church, or be accused of ‘incitement’ merely for talking to people you agree with. If Ash wants to withdraw, no one would object.

So let us look at the dishonesty of the writing. The basic ploy is to depict protestors as unhinged ‘extremists’. Is any evidence offered of people having psychological issues? Of course not. Instead, we get the florid use of adjectives: “screaming crowds”, “dutifully” waved flags (what an awful crime that is), “angry mobs”, “extreme edges”, “violent extremism” and so on.

The claim that freedom protestors are extremists is false. They are just ordinary Australians who fear they are losing their country. But Dexter and Koob’s slippery agenda is to imply that the very act of protesting is a departure from accepted norms. Only normal people shut up and obey. Note, for example, the use of the word ‘initially’ in this sentence, used to imply that somehow things have evolved dangerously:

“The ‘freedom’ movement, initially centred around anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine sentiment, saw protesters take to the streets, particularly in Melbourne, every weekend for almost two years to reject COVID health measures.”

Let us be clear, there is no ‘initially’. The movement is still anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine. Nothing has changed, expect that we are now also protesting vaccine mandates, medical coercion and medical apartheid.

Having set up the implication that things are getting a little out of control, we get this. Note the use of the word ‘descended’, to suggest these are out of control crowds:

“This year protesters have descended on Canberra, including on Saturday, talking about everything from the dangers of vaccination to QAnon-adjacent theories about paedophiles within the Australian government.”

The reference to QAnon is an absurd red herring, more trickery to demonise the freedom protestors as extremists. Inevitably, Baxter and Koob use the discredited cliche ‘conspiracy theorists’, an all purpose slur used by people who have no evidence and no arguments. Then there is this ridiculous alignment:

“Conspiracy theories are not new, but in the internet age they grow and morph quickly. Pre-pandemic, QAnon – a theory that the world is run by a cabal of paedophiles who drink the blood of children – was dominant online. Evidence from online support groups suggests that now the overlap between QAnon and anti-vaccination sentiment is strong.”

What does this have to do with Australians losing their right to make their own medical choices? Nothing, of course, but Dexter and Koob are off on their Soviet-style interrogation. As part of their trip down the conspiracy theory lane –an ad hominem slur invented to attack people when they are telling the truth – they cite three studies of the psychological state of conspiracy theorists.

This is nonsense and misdirection. What the freedom movement is protesting against are established facts, not theories. It is a fact that Australians were subjected to brutal lockdowns, which health authorities around the world are now admitting had no effect. It is a fact that they were forced to wear masks, which most countries’ health authorities are finally admitting were useless.

It is a fact that Australians were forced to get jabbed or lose their job, a completely immoral and unethical act by governments and health bureaucrats. It is a fact that doctors did nothing to defend the right of their patients to make a choice. It is a fact that the courts have done nothing to protect Australians’ basic rights.

It is a fact that the academic community have expressed almost no concern about the loss of our democratic protections. It is a fact that there is medical apartheid in Australia, with the unjabbed being locked out of venues. It is a fact that there is no institution in this nation that has not been deeply harmed.

It is a fact that this country is at a crucial turning point.

Next stop in Dexter and Koob’s diatribe is listing incidents where protestors are arrested, as if what the police and the authorities do is proof enough that protestors are psychologically suspect. Just as would have happened in the Soviet Union. In fact, many of the arrests were unlawful and made a mockery of the idea that the police, who are supposed to be public servants, actually serve the public. In Melbourne, they brought out armoured vehicles. In my case, I was arrested, charged with incitement and jailed for 22 days merely for talking to people who shared my views.

Then we have an even worse appeal to authority (a common logical fallacy):

“In his latest annual threat assessment, delivered this week, the boss of Australia’s counter-espionage agency ASIO, Mike Burgess, highlights growing concern about online radicalisation during the pandemic, noting vaccine mandates and lockdowns had fuelled extremism that is not “specifically left or right-wing”.”

It should come as absolutely no surprise that the intelligence services do not have as their number one priority the protection of citizens’ democratic rights, even though their job is to defend our democracy. But they, too, are citizens of this country, and they, too will have a much worse life if this medical tyranny is not checked. They have all been jabbed, so what will they being saying when the medium and long term consequences of an experimental gene therapy start affecting their numbers?

This is not a theory, conspiracy or otherwise. The so called vaccines that have been forced on Australians are not vaccines according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s own definition. (A fact). There is growing evidence around the world that the adverse reactions and deaths are not like anything seen before. (Fact and fact). It is a fact that the testing period for any new vaccines is at least eight years, not eight months. It is a fact that the pharmaceutical companies were trying to hide their results for 75 years, although the courts stopped them, forcing them to warn investors that bad news is coming when they have to reveal their clinical results. It will soon be a fact that mass litigation will be directed at these companies.

The most egregious part of the article is the unctuous pretence by Dexter and Koob to be concerned about the people they interview. It is a standard journalistic ploy – pretend to care about those you are exploiting in order to get them to talk. But readers should be aware that it is parasitical.

Ironically, one thing in the article that was true is that people are more vulnerable when they experience “fear, uncertainty and being out of control” giving them “a motivation to make sense of the situation.” In fact, what the writers claim is the opposite of the truth. The people who are suffering from a psychological weakness are those who accepted what they were told. That is why so many people believe what they were told even when it was obvious something was very wrong. It is the point made by the Belgian psychologist and statistician Mattias Desmet, who describes it as ‘mass formation.’

Whether one calls it mass hypnosis, state propaganda or applies Desmet’s hypothesis, what has unarguably happened is that much of the Australian population has lost the ability to critique what they are told by governments and big business. And they have gone along with ethical choices that before 2020 they would have regarded as abhorrent. It is they, sadly, who are suffering from a psychological problem, whatever name you give it. We are hoping to wake some of them up so they can rediscover who they used to be – people making their own, independent choices. We want our country back.

One final irony. There is much criticism of people spending a lot of time online trying to get an understanding of what is going on. Mainstream news outlets such as The Age are now mainly online; physical newspapers are too costly. To their chagrin, people are paying less and less attention to them, precisely because they are realising that they are propagandists. The world of journalism is moving on, and Dexter and Koob will soon be seen for what they are – not journalists, but apparatchiks who participated in the destruction of what was once good in journalism.

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  1. I don’t know why people read the Age rag to begin with, it has never been any good. The cartoons are boring, the obituaries are woke, the sports pages are a joke, the opinion articles and news stories are nothing but dress ups and make believe…
    It is over priced and is good for nothing but virtue signaling by the chattering classes.

  2. Mainstream media empires are totally corrupted with massive conflicts of interest they know it and they know that more and more of the population are waking up that’s something is not right with mainstream media empires and the problem of massive ownership and control by empires reading the same shit lies and cover ups with all different name newspapers but owned by the same globalist tyrant empires. They long long long ago used to fight each other to get the truth to the people but corruption and conflicts of interest shot Truth integrity ethics and honesty to shit.

    NEARLY TWO MILLION AUSTRALIANS tell federal and state politicians enough is enough
    Comment:- Imagine for a moment how many more would have been there if there wasn’t Australian Government total control and censorship over the internet and the social media platforms acting as censorship banning agents on behalf of Australian Government. Absolutely criminal !

    Police Association of South Australia calls for urgent end to Covid mandates where is Ian Leavers from Queensland Police Union

    Queensland Fire and Emergency Services says no to jab mandates

    Ben Fordham 2GB Radio Calls out the covid histeria

    Craig Kelly in Australian Parliament calls out Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister for abuses of human rights

    Shameful New Low – Australian Federal Police do Liberal National Party and Australian Labor Party bidding to zap protesters with sonar

    ACT Police thugs incite violence at Canberra Convoy Rally Peaceful protesters against tyrannical governments and the perpetrators of assaults violence was by the Duckbill Police just looking to incite violence. These Police continue to notch up more crimes against innocent populations aka crimes against humanity. | Cairns News

    Cops smash window of truck and pepper spray face of driver Cairns News

    Australian Federal Police Chief seeks immunity over deployment of sonic blasters at freedom protests against Government tyranny

    Pansy PM Trudeau orders in tow trucks to remove Ottawa trucks

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau steals all bank accounts of truckers in blockade |

    Trudeau’s Tyranny

    Do you the people of the world want to continue living in this global governments totalitarianisim NO? Then do something about it join the global freedom from government tyranny movement.

    Austrians getting back passports checked in Street and shops by Police

    Global destruction of our freedom of speech and democracies is insane

    Covid 19 planned for a long long time

    Explosive video of Fauci and HHS plotting for a new outbreak to enforce Mrn

  3. I have lost count of the decades since I actually allowed a copy of the The Age anywhere near my fingers. It was always a commie pinko rag. As it so adeptly spotlighted, the attitude of so-called journalists is as communistic as anything ever perpetrated in USSR.
    We know that they Khazarian Mafia are funders of the revolutions of the last hundred years, plus the wars, plus the programs in higher education, plus the political class who want fame fortune and status, plus the non-profit groups that proliferate and the list goes on and on and on….so seeing these debutants of some radicalised education or employment policy is not a shock but part of the global fix that we are fighting against.
    They are laughable but the trouble is they are dangerous as I worked with a teacher who still buys the stupid rag.

  4. A generally wonderful article – very clearly written, with well articulated and clear responses to the points raised (although I must admit that I haven’t read the original – have always regarded mainstream press as mostly a propaganda tool of government and the super-wealthy!). 🙂

  5. I have my own little personal campaign against the MSM these days. I ignore it completely. No TV news, no newspapers … I don’t even click on a MSM article I see referenced elsewhere. The one thing these organisations crave more than anything is attention – without it they perish. After what they’ve done over the past couple of years I’d say good riddance.

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