The Age is unsuccessfully trying to paint RDA as a terrorist organisation…this is what we have to say.

In yet another cynical betrayal of the basic practices of sound journalism, The Age has been making baseless accusations against Reignite Democracy Australia. Rather than attempting to be objective and neutral, the newspaper is using some of the most slanderous methods of gutter politics. They regularly fail to approach RDA for comment, a basic journalism courtesy, even though the admin staff and Monica are available to do so at short notice.

RDA does not make a habit of acknowledging professional troll groups and their baseless accusation, however, The Age’s constant smear campaign must be addressed to protect the integrity and mission of this grassroots organisation.

Let’s start with our denials, just for the record. RDA is not racist, it does not support white supremacism, it does not support violence in any form, it is not anti-Semitic and it is not full of ‘grifters’ (whatever that means).

Rather, RDA is a legitimate organisation intent on mounting a clear and ethically defensible campaign using non-violent free speech in order to preserve our nation’s democratic and legal fabric. Far from being a fringe operation, RDA is merely doing whatever it can to empower and unite its community in order to protect individual and collective liberty. We are arguing for legal and moral standards that should be self-evident in any healthy democracy.

We advocate for the rule of law, our political leaders do not. For example, the Privacy Act of 1988 stipulates that it is a crime to coerce someone to divulge their personal health data (punishable with heavy jail terms). Yet across the country restaurant and cafe owners are demanding to know people’s vaccination status. Employers are insisting on knowing their staff’s vaccination status otherwise they will sack them. Staff are expecting to enforce illegal policies on their fellow citizens, resulting in mental and emotional trauma for many. It seems as though we no longer live in a country that respects its own laws.

The Biosecurity Act of 2015 stipulates that quarantining should only be applied to individuals, not to a whole society. This, too, is Federal law, yet it has been ignored. To protest against this is to be demonised by media slanderers at The Age and other media as being an “anti-vaxxer” or a “conspiracy theorist”. The unreflecting media is cheering on this lawlessness.

Coercing people into being involved in an unproven drug trial – the vaccines are not approved because there has been nowhere near enough time to properly test them – is against both the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Accord. Yet the RDA’s campaigns against these clearly unethical measures are attacked by the media as the work of “vaccine deniers”, and “extremists”. The Nuremberg Code was established to stop the Nazi outrages happening again. So who are the neo-Nazis here? The media is pointing their fingers in the wrong direction.

The tricks employed by journalists to smear RDA are easy to dismantle. One is guilt by association, such as when The Age implied that because someone who helped us with computer issues had certain views then it can be assumed that the RDA held the exact same views (this was paraded as ‘investigative journalism’; ‘bigoted, intolerant nonsense’ might have been a better description).

The implication is obviously absurd, but just to make the point how many people have exactly the same political views as their colleagues, or even know what they are?

Another trick is to use labels like ‘extremist’ and ‘fringe’ as if they actually mean something. These smears were paraded in a cynical, nonsensical Sunday Morning Herald piece by Martin McKenzie-Murray, which not only used the same guilt by association techniques but introduced the completely fabricated claim that what the RDA says publicly somehow differs from what the RDA believes behind closed doors. In other words, he pushed a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

That was not all. In a breathtaking display of arrogance, McKenzie-Murray said that RDA supporters, many of whom are obviously average voters, are suburban “normies” who have been radicalised. In McKenzie-Murray’s world, because they have had the temerity to express political views that do not align with the political elites with whom he associates, they must have been duped somehow. Note the extraordinarily patronising tone when he describes “otherwise average and apolitical people variously frustrated, depressed or anxious about the pandemic.” His pretense of feeling sympathy for these inferior types speaks for itself.

Similar rubbish was prosecuted by Oscar Kaspi-Crutchett in The Age. He tied himself in knots in order to see something not there. His trick is to draw inferences from what is not said, then to claim that the silence is damning.

First, this alleged journalist acknowledges that RDA has a “relatively moderate approach” although he does think it “spreads disinformation” (how exactly he is in a position to pontificate on medical issues is not explained). 

Then, in a gymnastic maneuver, he attributes RDA’s big following to the activity of shadowy neo-Nazis and anti-Semites – all without evidence, of course. Next step is to argue there is a hidden agenda. He acknowledges, patronisingly and absurdly that “on the surface, RDA appears a legitimate, if misguided, political association representing a small but dedicated constituency of vaccine-hesitant Australians.” But then he sees the whole thing as a subterfuge, arguing that the RDA is sending a secret message to those who want to deny the Holocaust and who are anti-Semitic. Even though, according to Kaspi-Crutchett, “both the RDA and the UAP have denounced political violence and urged protestors to be peaceful.”

So who exactly is the extremist and conspiracy theorist here? And where is the evidence of RDA ever supporting such views? None is offered, of course. Like much of the media coverage, this article is delusional. If RDA was to say that the sun rises in the east Kaspi-Crutchett would conclude that the RDA really believes it rises in the West and is only saying that to hide its racist views.

Monica Smit wrote this reply to an Age Journalist, Rachel Dexter, who published an article last Sunday. Of course, these comments were not published within the article.

“In any large movement or group, there will always be varying opinions on how to approach or handle situations. It is impossible for any large group, with hundreds of thousands of followers, to monitor every single member and comment. All we can do from the top is to always share messages of hope, peace, love, and unity. We can onlytrust that our followers take on that attitude within their own lives and communities.

Many of our followers have been threatened, bullied, and alienated by those who disagree with them. Many of them have lost their jobs and are unsure how they’ll feed their families. This is a tough time for all of us, no matter what ‘side’ you are on. But at the end of the day, we are all humans and we want to live our lives in peace. Someone should tell that to the so-called journalists at The Age as they continue to push fear porn and exploit social divisions.”

The attacks on RDA and Monica Smit will continue. Our resolution has not, and will never, falter. RDA is here to stay, and we will always advocate for your rights as affectively as we can.

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  1. As this pandemic farce rolls on and on and on I have become very aware of the vagaries of human nature.

    This Age attack is a very good example of the destruction that comes when a bully goes into full flight in opposition to another’s position or role in the pantomime.

    I have experienced this same level of hatred when my viewpoint differed from another person’s view, causing an eruption of slurs, defamation and ridicule.

    The Age editors who have allowed this schoolyard vitriol and senseless demonising of RDA only show us how dangerously immature they are.

    The Age was once a reputable news source until the present day when no controlled news source can be trusted for fair, reasonable and honest appraisal.

    Shame on the Age.

    1. The Age has become a rag that you might clean your shoes with. Yes, The
      Age was once a reputable newspaper. Way back, it was my father’s
      favourite, and if he were here today he would be ashamed.

  2. The entire system is totally corrupted With the most systematic and widespread conflicts of interest and that needs to be exposed more and more. Corruption everywhere is the virus. All Australians have to stand United against this tyrannical filth in politics and mainstream medicine and mainstream media empires big pharma etc..

    Australia needs a mental health unit for all the Covid crazy political tyrants and their accomplices and appointed thugs, it is absolute insanity on levels that we never could imagine.

    Covid insanity Queensland Premier Palaszczuk’s pathetic police pounce on cafe patron, takes four to incarcerate her | Cairns News

  3. Sadly I cannot recommend any of the so called MSM or news paper press who have not been constantly practicing a vendetta against those people who fail to submit to their doctrine.

    I am sorry to say that they are the enemy of the people, we must all stand United and resist their censorship and tyranny for the benefit of our freedoms and our children and grandchildren freedoms.

    If we ALL went on strike tomorrow and the day after and after , this present malaise would vanish.

    It is unfortunate that most are not financially able to do this, sadly this is the weakness of resistance, probably planned by the Cabal to enslave the masses in debt with the temptation of CHEAP money.

    Time for Divine Intervention 🙏🙌🙏

  4. What it means is that you have gone from a minor annoyance to be ignored to a major threat to their existence.
    All over the world people are rejecting main stream media and turning to alternative media.
    You see videos of MSM standing off to the side at huge protests all over the world with the marchers calling them liars or asking ” how many people here? Couple of dozen? ” You see lines of people waiting to shake hands or get a selfie with the alternate media.
    This is the first time in history that 20% of people have a good idea of what is going on behind the scenes, and as many again know something is wrong and are starting to search for info ,and the number is going up exponentialy.
    Thanks to sites like this quality info is so easy to find compared with 18 months ago.
    Even a year ago when a politician or newsreader or medical “expert” lied you could hear the arrogance in their voice,now you hear desperation. It must be hard when they know half their audience is well informed and is thinking “don’t lie to me”.
    One very onto it 10year old on the Starmax report of a Melbourne protest put it best……”you’re TV is just a liar box”

  5. The Age / Fairfax media (now a part of the 9 network) – has form in slanted news. Pretty much all their news articles read like opinion pieces.  News/Murdoch media isn’t much different.

    The media manipulation by MSM isn’t new.  I expect that to increase and get the dirtiest ever by the election time.

    1. Particularly The Age writers are champions at Strawman arguments.  See them take in the gullible public.  I wish these type issues were to be taught in schools.

  6. We know who the terrorists are alright and that is a totally corrupted political system with systematic and widespread conflicts of interest everywhere and that includes the deeply conflicted mainstream media empires who are owned pretty much by the same ruthless tyrannical empires!
    And big investment in vaccines by the Australian superannuation funds run by Peter Costello who also happens to be the head tyrant of channel 9 apparently.

    The world populations have to rise up against World Governments and their tyrannical terrorism against innocent populations or we are all doomed to totalitarianism.

    Informed choice Australia Canadian doctor locked in psych ward who exposed stillbirth explosion in vaccinated moms interview

    Queensland Premier Palaszczuk’s pathetic police pounce on cafe patron four police arrest her! She was innocently sitting down having a cup of coffee! World leaders gone covid insane !

    Covid 19 has a better survival rate than the flu

    Western Australia Premier trying to ban bullet reloading equipment

  7. To me ,the best description of the state of modern journalism is in Sharyl Attkisson’s book,”Slanted”.Sharyl left MSM in 2009 after trying to interview some of the many thousands of swine flu victims dying in agony in the overflowing hospitals she had seen on the news……..but couldn’t find any anywhere in the country.

    Quote …..”When the facts don’t fit the narrative,the media abandons the facts, not the narrative.
    Virtually every piece of information you get through the media has been massaged,shaped, curated and manipulated before it reaches you.Some of it is censored entirely. The news can no longer be counted on to reflect all the facts.Instead of telling us what happened yesterday, the media tells what’s new in the prepackaged soap opera they’ve been calling the news.
    Most frightening of all,a broad campaign in the media has convinced many Americans not only to accept but to demand censorship over journalism.It is a stroke of genius on the part of those seeking to influence public opinion: undermine public confidence in the news,then insist upon “curating” infomation and divining the “truth”. All the thinking is done for you.They’ll decide which pesky facts shouldn’t cross your desk by declaring them false,irrelevant,debunked,unsafe,or out-of – bounds.”

  8. I can see this turning back on The Age in a big way. As more and more are awakening ,many will do some research to see who this RDA is and find your site,So thank you Age for the free advertising.
    This happened recently in America when Joe Rogan was kicked off Youtube after his interview with Robert Malone about ” mass formation psychosis”. Joe added millions to his already huge following on his new platform.
    The classic example was Del Bigtree’s ” Vaxxed” movie.When it was pulled from the film festival at the last second it became the most talked about subject on the internet. Del asked a Hollywood promoter friend to estimate how much free publicity he had received and the promoter said he had charged 100 million to promote a “Spiderman” movie ,and that amount would not begin to cover it.
    I know that when Joe Biden named the “dirty dozen” responsible for most of the Covid “missinformation “, I looked up the ones I wasn’t familiar with and found some good information.

    Still,the brainwashing of the general public is frightening. I watched a really powerful interview on Bitchute, ” Aisling O’Loughlin interviews Riccardo Bosi from Australia One Party”. Aisling is an Irish reporter who quit her job on MSM because she was being asked to tell the public what she knew was lies.
    She spoke of friends she knew spending a whole weekend doing research before buying a hand bag,and almost setting their computer on fire doing research before booking a holiday. Then they would blindly take their kids in to get vaxxed without thinking about it because it was advised on TV.
    Another interesting point she made was that in Ireland it was the women who were fighting with everything they had to protect their kids…. and then the husband would come home and announce he had got jabbed because otherwise he couldn’t go to the pub.

    I suppose that unless a person has actively resisted it,we have all been programmed and dulled down all our lives by media,education systems , religions ect ,to accept we are helpless and need experts to tell us what to do and fix us up and protect us.

    Even when everything seems lost, I still feel we are balancing on the edge of something big and any little thing can be the catalyst that tips us over.

  9. It’s unfortunate those old time investigative journalists are no longer. Instead they have been replaced by “Google/spell checking journalists” who just do as they are told. Unemployable in the real world. Some important changes will come from all the lies, and while we are frustrated by the social media platforms and their censorship, the truth will rise like a Phoenix from their ashes. They will be for entertainment purposes only….unfortunates…..they will be labelled as the “story tellers”. Maybe they and their fire lighting papers could be employed at George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”. Sad, MSM, police, politicians, medical profession have all lost their credibility.

  10. This is a great piece Monika and the responses are truly inspiring. I feel that I am part of a rapidly growing movement that is seeking a more honest, compassionate and genuinely tolerant* world — and they’re trying to portray us as the “bad guys”. What strange times these are.

    (*by this I mean accepting that it’s ok for other people not to share your views no matter how “right” you might think they are).

  11. The political corruption is vile! Massive systematic and widespread conflicts of interest! Ties relationships associations partnerships. Memberships between governments ( and mandates or any forced medical treatment) and big pharma and mainstream medicine and mainstream media et al makes this serious crimes against innocent populations aka crimes against humanity on a massive scale!

    mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone digs deep into COVID corruption in explosive Joe Rogan interview
    ‘Our government is out of control on this and they are lawless,’ Dr. Malone told Rogan during the three-hour interview that went viral over New Year’s weekend.

  12. “Yet across the country restaurant and cafe owners are demanding to know people’s vaccination status. Employers are insisting on knowing their staff’s vaccination status otherwise they will sack them. Staff are expecting to enforce illegal policies on their fellow citizens, resulting in mental and emotional trauma for many. It seems as though we no longer live in a country that respects its own laws.“ Very good in general, but the writer has been carried away by his own slightly imperfect artistry; the third element before the conclusion should read “Staff are being expected […]“. While I’m at it: “vaccination status otherwise“ would in the lineal context be better as “vaccination status, otherwise“. But I wish I could read such articles in the German papers. Keep on keeping on (where do I remember this from?).