It’s the BIG DAY – video link

I talk about my case tomorrow, but I also address some clarifications needed after my video a few days ago about ‘RDA closing down?’.

I feel very nervous and vulnerable at the moment. I am so grateful and blessed to have people by my side 🙂

In the last 24 hours, the courtroom and time have changed and it appears to have no live stream link available, this makes me more nervous.

However, I did some digging and MIGHT have found a live stream link that will work.

The case apparently starts at 10:30am (who knows if that will change). This link might work

If it doesn’t work, follow these steps…(I will likely be too busy to update you)

  1. Look for my case on EFAS –
  2. Insert details as shown here

3. You should be able to find the court room number there. Then go here

4. Choose ‘MELBOURNE’ and put in 15/05/2023

5. Select the right courtroom and see if the link works.

If none of that works then there is no link. Don’t worry I’ll update you in the evening.

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