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To the Honourable Scott Morrison,

As Christian leaders, you should be aware that in accordance with scripture we regularly pray for “and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way” (1 Timothy 2:2).

We do write, however, to you regarding a matter of significant concern.  Namely, the proposed introduction of ‘vaccine passports’ into Australian society.  For many Christian leaders and Christians, this is an untenable proposal that would inflict terrible consequences on our nation.

We should initially note that we are not the first generation that has been confronted with the question of ‘vaccine passports.’  Writing in 1880, aware of the challenges that a smallpox epidemic brought to society, the Christian theologian Abraham Kuyper wrote,  

“Vaccination certificates will therefore have to go… The form of tyranny hidden in these vaccination certificates is just as real a threat to the nation’s spiritual resources as a smallpox epidemic itself.”

Kuyper, A. 2015. Our Program: A Christian Political Manifesto. (p. 249). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press; Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

Between 1901 and 1905, Abraham Kuyper would hold the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands.  He evidently understood that a ‘vaccine passport’ would represent a measure that was equal to if not worse than an epidemic itself through the oppressive control over people’s lives.  As Christian ministers, we would also agree with Kuyper’s analysis on such a measure, and for several reasons.

First, the government risks creating an unethical two-tiered society.  While some individuals will receive the vaccination with thanks, others may have good and informed reasons for declining.  One such reason is highlighted in the statement of the health minister Greg Hunt: 

“The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever, and we will have enormous amounts of data.”

Australian Department of Health

Free citizens should have the right of consent, especially when the vaccine rollout has been labelled as a ‘clinical trial.’  Imposing a ‘vaccine passport’ when the nation is already divided on the matter risks the creation of medical apartheid.  The result being that those who decline the vaccine are ostracised and alienated from aspects of public life.  History has never reflected well for those who would promote segregation.  As there has been no discussion that the precautionary measures will be retracted once the pandemic has concluded, there is a real concern that many of these measures will remain permanent.  A ‘vaccine passport’ would therefore represent the dangerous precipice of a therapeutic totalitarianism that does not promote liberty and human flourishing, but would rather only dehumanise and control its citizens all under the cloak of personal health and safety.

Second,  a good portion of the population are already burdened to the point of despair.  Granted, we understand why our leaders felt compelled to lockdown in March 2020. The threat was unknown and our ability to withstand it, untested.  However, it is now 2021, and the adverse effects of perpetual lockdowns are now being revealed. We understand needing to respond, but we are concerned with heavy-handed approaches that exceed people’s capacity to live a normal life. We are compelled to speak out on behalf of struggling people, the needy, the destitute, those being harmed by such strong measures (Proverbs 31:8-9).

The adverse effects of lockdowns are especially highlighted in the rise of people considering suicide.  The ‘Journal of Psychiatric Research’ published a paper in July of 2021 based on research done on Melbourne’s extended 2020 lockdown, some of their findings are as follows, 

“In September-2020, among 1157 Victorians, one-third reported anxiety or depressive disorder symptoms, one-fifth reported suicidal ideation, and one-tenth reported having seriously considered suicide in the prior 30 days. Young adults, unpaid caregivers, people with disabilities, and people with diagnosed psychiatric or sleep conditions showed increased prevalence of adverse mental health symptoms. Prevalence estimates of symptoms of burnout, anxiety, and depressive disorder were unchanged between April-2020 and September-2020. Persistently common experiences of adverse mental health symptoms despite low SARS-CoV-2 prevalence during prolonged lockdown highlight the urgent need for mental health support services.”

 Czeisler MÉ, Wiley JF, Facer-Childs ER, Robbins R, Weaver MD, Barger LK, Czeisler CA, Howard ME, Rajaratnam SMW. 2021. “Mental health, substance use, and suicidal ideation during a prolonged COVID-19-related lockdown in a region with low SARS-CoV-2 prevalence.” Journal of Psychiatric Research 140 (August): 533-544. 

One in ten people considering suicide is a tragedy. As these lockdowns continue, it is evident that people are getting more desperate, with many people considering suicide as their means of escape. People are inherently social creatures, meant for human interaction and contact, not long-term isolation. But these policies are causing many people to feel lonely, and increasingly isolated.

In Japan, according to Japanese research, during their second lockdown “suicide rates increased by 49% among children and adolescents, and 37% among women.” The reason this information from Japan is relevant is because it shows that their second lockdown was far worse than their first on people’s mental health. We have been in cascading lockdowns for about 18 months now, this will be taking a toll. 

This psychological effect is not theoretical.  Another recent ABC news report documented the effects of lockdowns on alcohol consumption.

“1 in 5 Australians increased alcohol use during the lockdowns, “We know the statistics. We know that 93 per cent of hospital admissions at the weekend are alcohol-related. We know domestic violence is hugely related to alcohol consumption. We know it’s bad, and people are realising that.” 

ABC News

By changing the goalposts from the original objective of ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ to now requiring a proposed ‘vaccine passport’ in order to live a normal life, the government is putting immeasurable pressures on ordinary people. If the ABC is correct and 20% of Australians are drinking more during lockdowns, What will be the societal cost of adding a ‘vaccine passport’ which will potentially alienate already desperate Australians and turn them into second class citizens. 

Jesus tells Christians to count the cost, “For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?” (Luke 14:28). Jesus is here using a secular principle to make a spiritual point, and whether you are making a spiritual or secular decision you must count the cost. There are many people in our communities, not just in our churches, who are facing the costs of these policies and growing increasingly concerned about them. 

Much more can be said on this point, the effects on missed cancer diagnoses and other illnesses by people staying home from the doctors, the effects on children’s missed and inconsistent education, youth graduating into a closed economy finding it difficult to find work. Poverty is the leading cause of poor life outcomes, and these lockdowns are pushing people financially to the brink. The addition of a ‘vaccine passport’ into Australian society may be the nail in the coffin to many people who are already at the point of desperation.

Third, conscience should never be coerced.  The conscience is one of the innermost expressions that animates an individual, and that allows them to worship God as well as obey a legitimate governing authority.  The conscience is the immediate contact of God’s presence in a person’s soul, and so an individual forced to act in a way that is objectionable to their conscience will never be at peace, either before God or before the state.  A government that endeavours to force or coerce an individual who is striving to honour God, will find that they only encounter resistance.  Regarding the need for a free conscience, Kuyper writes, 

“Conscience is therefore the shield of the human person, the root of all civil liberties, the source of a nation’s happiness.”

Kuyper, A. 2015. Our Program: A Christian Political Manifesto. (p. 73). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press; Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

A government should never coerce conscience, but rather respect the important function that it carries in aiding a person to worship God freely and live obediently before the state. As we have noted, Jesus commands Christians to count the cost, and many believers do not feel that we have all the information necessary to make a decision on this vaccine at this point in time. We respect that many people have made this calculation and decided it is best for them to get the vaccine that is their right, and we do not seek to abrogate it. But those who are not ready, or hesitant, are so for very valid reasons. Their conscience binds them to wait, and their Saviour advised them to not make decisions before they have counted the cost. This is a principle of wisdom, that everyone applies to many aspects of their lives. We would therefore ask that the Government not coerce the conscience of many Australians through the use of a ‘vaccine passport.’ 

Fourth, making vaccination the basis of participating in normal life would make no logical sense in terms of protecting others. A CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated,” especially noting that four of those who were vaccinated were admitted to hospital. As we have said, we respect people’s right and choice to be vaccinated. But this type of data, published by America’s leading body of disease experts, causes people to wonder about the effectiveness of the vaccine along with concern about coercive measures by which to have it administered.  As it is evident that vaccines do not prevent infection, to restrict a person’s access to society based on a medical choice is questionable.

Fifth, we as Christian leaders find it untenable that we would be expected to refuse entry into our churches to a subgroup of society based on their medical choice.  Only our precious Saviour, Jesus Christ, has the authority to regulate the terms of corporate worship.  These terms tell us that we are to make no distinction between those who call out in faith, neither on race nor medical choice.  We are also under obligation to proclaim the gospel to all men.  Our strongest conviction is that this gospel message is the greatest news ever to be pronounced, and includes nothing less than God’s free gift of saving grace, and the offer of eternal life to all who would respond in repentance and faith. To refuse people access to this message would betray our Saviour and everything he calls us to uphold. Any expectation to enforce a ‘vaccine passport’ on our churches would be met with passionate resistance.

May you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Timothy Grant | Senior Pastor
Mount Isa Baptist Church

Matthew Littlefield | Senior Pastor
New Beith Baptist Church

Warren McKenzie | Senior Pastor
Biota Baptist Church

1,207 Church leaders and 8,090 members and attendees have signed the Ezekiel Declaration.

Church Leaders:

  1. Thomas Eglinton | Elder, Smithfield Baptist Church
  2. Peter Barnes | Pastor, Presbyterian Church
  3. Steve Fawkes | Deacon, Smithfield Baptist Church
  4. Ryan Connellan | Associate Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
  5. Christo Viljoen | Elder, Presbyterian Church
  6. Robin Tso | Minister, Hunter Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia
  7. Aaron Balmforth | Elder, Revesby Presbyterian Church
  8. Andrew George | Assistant Pastor, Faith Fellowship Presbyterian Church
  9. Timothy | Elder, Mittagong Presbyterian Church
  10. Joshua Gurango | Pastor, Christ Covenant Church
  11. Marty Loftberg | Deacon, Coast Evangelical Church
  12. Tarik Doecke | Deacon, Liberti Church Coomera
  13. Dean Comerford | Senior Leader, Future Church Ministries
  14. Jeremy Echegoyen | Deacon, Southern Cross Baptist Church
  15. David Kerridge | Minister, Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia Northern Rivers
  16. Athanasios Bardis | Pastor, Redemption Church Croydon
  17. Rodney Hole | Pastor, Village Church
  18. Alex Hughes | Parish President, Norwin Lutheran Church
  19. Andrew Marshall | Deacon, Reformation Presbyterian Church, Rockhampton
  20. Joshua Collins | Youth Leader, Foursquare Westmead
  21. Ron Fawkes | Elder, Highlands Baptist Church
  22. Shem Swadling | Lead Pastor, Gospel Church Newcastle
  23. Graham and Gayl Rowe | Elder, Kaptivate Church
  24. David Lachman | Pastor, Hobart Southern Presbyterian Church
  25. Cody Bros | Pastor, Gospel Church Central Hunter
  26. Neil van der Wel | Pastor, Reformation Presbtyerian Church Rockhampton
  27. Shane Whelan | Pastor, St John’s Park Baptist Church
  28. James Mackenzie | Deacon, Hope Reformed Baptist Church
  29. Michael Spann | Minister, Queensland Baptists
  30. Nathan Searle | Pastor, Southern Cross Baptist Church
  31. Rodney Bortolin | Pastor, LifeSource Church
  32. Bryan Kim | Minister, Kempsey and South West Rocks Presbyterian Church
  33. Andrew Hillman | Pastor, MOVE
  34. Hanna Fakhouri | Minister, His House Church & Grace Outreach Assemblies
  35. Josiah | Senior Leader, Zion Church
  36. Thomas Foord | Pastor, Hope Reformed Baptist Church
  37. Karyn Williamson | Leader, Empower Church
  38. Adam Scharfe | Pastor, The Avenue Church
  39. Stuart White | Pastor, FlameTree Baptist Church
  40. Renee White | Ministry Leader, Flametree Baptist Church
  41. Natasha Correia | Kids Leader, INC
  42. Sam Georgis | Senior Pastor, Kingdom Living Church
  43. Joshua Parker | Elder, Drummoyne Baptist Church
  44. Campbell Bruce Geddes Stewart | Pastor, Bega Christian Fellowship
  45. Theresa Seiuli | Senior Pastor, Nambour Christian Church
  46. William Aitken | Youth Pastor, Castle Hill Baptist Church
  47. Ian Deane | Senior Psator, Castle Hill Baptist
  48. Nathan Vella | Pastor, Castle Hill Baptist Church
  49. Andrew Walkington | Missionary, Mueller Community Church
  50. Stephen Moore | Pastor, Cowra Presbyterian Church
  51. Terry Mekhail | Senior Pastor, Arabic Calvary Chapel
  52. Debra | Pastor, New Hope Church Caves Beach
  53. Colin Grigg | Senior Pastor, New Hope Church Swansea
  54. John Forbes | Minister, Hastings River Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia
  55. Dennis Gillingham | Deacon, Kerang Baptist
  56. Gifford Dennison | Pastor, Macarthur Baptist Church
  57. Annette Hampton | Leader, C3 Avalon
  58. Leeanne Hutchinson | Leader, Goodlife Tuncurry
  59. Belinda Varlow | Pastor, IN Church
  60. Leon Germon | Pastor, Good life Tuncurry
  61. Sylvia Jarry | Pastoral Team, C3 Church
  62. Christian McCudden | Senior Pastor, C3 Noosa
  63. David Shepherd | Acting Senior Pastor, Hills Baptist Church
  64. Jodie Christinat | Pastor, C3 Church Penrith
  65. Natalie Taylor | Senior Pastor, C3 Port Macquarie
  66. Sam Ghamrawi | Youth Leader, Hills Baptist Verdun
  67. Jodie Christinat | Pastor, C3 Church Penrith
  68. Leslie Searle | Senior Pastor, Southern Cross Baptist Church
  69. Jacob Betlem | Pastor, C3 Church
  70. Louise Morgan-Jones | Pastor, New Life Lake Mac
  71. Mark Morgan-Jones | Senior Pastor, New Life Lake Mac
  72. Tracy Tregier | Women’s Leader, New Life Lake Mac, NSW
  73. Stephen van der Hoek | Pastor, St Peters Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Adelaide
  74. Kaitlyn Sampson | Leadership Team, Park Ridge Baptist Church
  75. Hannah Periasamy | Ministry Leader, C3 New Hope
  76. James Greensill | School Chaplain, Gateway – Avondale School Campus Church
  77. Trent Haddow | Senior Pastor, C3 New Life
  78. Julie-Anne | Leader, Hillsong
  79. Hartley Taylor | Senior Pastor, C3 Port Macquarie
  80. Ian Walton | Senior Pastor, Fairfield Baptist Church
  81. Fernand | Pastor, SDA Church Kyogle
  82. Carolyn Conway | Founder, Almond Tree Ministries
  83. Caitlin Campbell | Worship Leader, Mitchelton Presbyterian Church
  84. Gregory John Holdet | Senior Pastor, Riverside Church
  85. Shane Bywater | Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church
  86. Ronelle Woods | Worship Leader, LifeHouse Church, Coffs Harbour
  87. Dean Shaw | Elder, Anglican Thirlmere
  88. Russell Ixer | Assistant Pastor, New Life Dee Why
  89. Beth Staples | Leader, Increase Church
  90. Finlay Campbell | Elder, FP Church
  91. Luther Ramsay | Elder, Sandy Bay Baptist 
  92. Andrew Magrath | Senior Pastor, Hope City Church
  93. Pat Mesiti | Director, Reborn Ministries
  94. Joel Edwards | Elder, Kingdom City House 
  95. Daniel McDowell | Deacon, Nepean Baptist Church
  96. Brian Ambrose | Leader, Hills Baptist Verdun
  97. KC Emmanuel | Pastor, Kingdom Life Gospel Ministeries
  98. Daniel Abouzeid | Senior Pastor, Elevate Church Torquay
  99. Matt Fox | Campus Manager, Hillsong
  100. Glenda Compton | Pastor, Cross Roads Ministries
  101. Wendy Boniface | Elder, Generation Go
  102. Catherine Cannone | Pastor, Vineyard Church 
  103. Elly Webb | Pastor, C3 Spectrum Church Port Stephens
  104. Rodney Gordon Broussard | Pastor, GROW Australia Church 
  105. Francis Edginton Cole | Pastor, Churhc With No Walls
  106. Michael Harris | Leader, The Chapel
  107. Chris | Elder, Smithfield Baptist Church
  108. David Jaanz | Worship Leader, World Changers Gold Coast 
  109. Joshua | Pastor, Pilgrims Church Fellowship
  110. David Crowe | Elder, Newcastle Bible Fellowship
  111. Kay Broussard | Senior Minister, G.R.O.W Australia Ringwood 
  112. Ryan Rudolph | Pastor, St Aidans Presbyterian 
  113. Emma | Leader, Fire Church
  114. Dean Tromp | Assistant Pastor, Hope City Church
  115. Denise Avis | Parish Councillor, Kootingal Moonbi Anglican Church
  116. Ane Sofele | Pastor, KINGDOM Revival 
  117. Barb Richardson | Church Councillor, Cummins New Beginnings Uniting Church
  118. Rex O’keefe | Elder, Discovery Community Church 
  119. Ken Kelly | Senior Pastor, New Life City Builders Church Casey 
  120. Cathryn | Pastor, Increase Ministries
  121. Neil Owers | Senior Pastor, Discovery Community Church 
  122. Ganga Raymond | Elder, The Eternal Church
  123. Brian Heath | Elder, City Builder’s Church, Sale
  124. Silvia Berberian | Leader, Oxford Falls
  125. Robert Ayoub | Pastor, Logos Christian Church 
  126. Maree Dean | Youth Leader, Mildura SDA
  127. Peter Ong | Elder, Epping Presbyterian Reformed Church
  128. Helen Harris | Pastor, Life Centre
  129. Kuini Matagi | Youth Leader, Hosanna Worship Centre Christian Church
  130. John Cannone | Elder, Vineyard Church
  131. Bonnie Trevanion | Ministry Leader, New Life Centre Mundubbera
  132. Clarence Whitehead  | Deacon, SDA Maitland 
  133. Susan Chalker | Elder, Gateway Church 
  134. Tom Gonderman | Associate Pastor, Faith Baptist Church
  135. Craig Riley | Deacon, Fellowship Baptist Church
  136. Joseph Theodorsen | Pastor, Top End Lutheran Parish
  137. Todd Stanton | Elder, St Johns Park Baptist Church 
  138. Kon | Deacon, St.Ephraim Syriac Aramaic  Lidcombe
  139. George Abou Haidar | Elder, Evangel Church Sydney
  140. Rosanna | Leader, Gateway Pelican
  141. Amy Baldwin | Kids Pastor, Empower Church
  142. Kerrie Betlem | Pastor, C3 Church
  143. Michael Riske | Ministry leader, Cornerstone Hobart Presbyterian Church
  144. David A Brown | Pastor, Pioneers Presbyterian Church Cheltenham Victoria
  145. Marleis Scharfe | Pastor, The Avenue Church
  146. Raymond Curtis | Elder, Calvary Chapel Melbourne 
  147. John Lamprill | Leader, In Life (ACC)
  148. Anthony Zuill | Deacon, Lismore Bible Church
  149. Joanne Korman | Pastor, Oberon Christian Life Centre
  150. Karen Van Der Zee | Leadership, Lifeway, NSW
  151. Bruce Robertson | Teaching Pastor, HopeUC Australia
  152. Lynne Heath | Pastoral Care, City Builders Church  Sale
  153. Mansour Youssef | Pastor, Faith Baptist Church 
  154. Jen Tromp | Pastor, Hope City Church Melbourne
  155. John Fluit | Deacon, Hunter Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia
  156. Glenn Dickson | Elder, Hope UC
  157. Zaidee Lens Van Rijn | Pastor, New Horizons Christian Church Murgon 
  158. Chelsea Hagen | Senior Minister, Queensland Fire Church 
  159. Doug Parks | Leader, The Chapel Gunnedah-Pentecostal
  160. Brian Ellis | Elder, Body of Christ
  161. Mark and Ally Edwards | Senior Pastors, Hunter Christian Church 
  162. Mario Schiavone | Pastor, Baptist Church 
  163. Kyle Barnard | Leader, Fire Church
  164. Samantha Balmforth | Deaconess, Revesby Presbyterian Church
  165. Charles Lazaro | Interim Pastor, Wonthaggi Baptist Church 
  166. Max Watters | CEO, Uturn Ministries 
  167. Rhonda Hooper | Director, Emmanuel for Life Ministry Inc
  168. Keith | Senior Pastor, New Life Christians Fellowship Narrabri 
  169. Rachel McCoombes | Leader, C3bd
  170. Bill Muehlenberg | Founder, CultureWatch
  171. Wendy | Senior Minister, Shekinah Ministries Inc
  172. Desiree Meoushy | Women’s Leader, Voice to the Nations 
  173. Andrew Messenger | Pastor, Goulburn Bible Church 
  174. Andrea Wilk | Leadership Team, Growing Faith Church
  175. Leigh & Barbara  Francis | Leader, PCC
  176. Greg Whitehead | Pastor, New Covenant Community 
  177. David | National Covenor, Australian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders
  178. Jontee | Youth leader, Planetshakers
  179. Jennifer Dobson | Leadership Team, Coastside Church
  180. Pam McCloskey | Worship Leader, Citicoast 
  181. Jaclyn Rose Stone | Kids Church Leader, The Hub Church
  182. Beverley Spence | Founding Pastor, LifeHouse, Coffs Harbour
  183. James O’Sullivan | Associate Pastor, Metropolitan Baptist Church
  184. Neroli Mooney | Leader, QLD Baptist
  185. Hallard Caines | Deacon, Southern Cross Baptist Church
  186. Marion | Leader, Increase Church
  187. Buddy Smith | Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Malanda, Queensland
  188. Clive Pawson | Senior Pastor, Christian Revival Church
  189. Aaron Wardle | Pastor, Wangaratta Baptist Church
  190. Larissa Bettridge | Leader, The Chapel Gunnedah – Pentecostal
  191. Stephen Spence | Founding Pastor, LifeHouse, Coffs Harbour
  192. Melanie Stevens | Worship Leader, C3 Shellharbour
  193. Karen Eldridge | Leader, Nambour Christian Church
  194. Peter Doyle | Associate Pastor, 4Life Telegraph Point
  195. Andrew Roberts | Children’s Ministry Director & Deacon, Golden City Baptist Church
  196. Leisa Haddow | Pastor, C3 New Life
  197. Dick Hawthorn | Elder, Kerang Baptist Church
  198. Felicity Reid | Senior Pastor, Shalom Worship Centre
  199. Andrew | Senior Lead Pastor, Echo Church
  200. Kelvin Stacs | Rural Chaplain, North NSW, The Salvation Army
  201. Gordon | Elder, Free Reformed Church of Armadale
  202. Ken Jeffery | Senior Minister, The Way
  203. Malcolm Cotton | Pastor, Church@Home
  204. Brenda Kay Stace | Rural Chaplain, North NSW, The Salvation Army
  205. Andrew Craig | Pastor, Church For You
  206. Garth Ball | Leader, C3 People
  207. Vaughn Marshall | Pastor, Lighthouse Christian
  208. Philip Oldfield | Minister, C3 Church Tuggerah
  209. Luke Arnold | Youth Leader, Christian Fellowship Centre Albury
  210. Stephen Ahern | Pastor, C3 Church Jervis Bay
  211. Gary Fowle | Elder, See It Church
  212. Paul | Senior Pastor, Victory Life Christian Church
  213. Jennifer Hagger | Senior Pastor, Father’s House – Adelaide
  214. Paul McCarthy | Senior Minister, Victory Life Christian Church
  215. Shadey Halawe | Pastor, Victory Life Christian Church
  216. Enas | Youth Leader, Faith Baptist Church
  217. Thaddaeus Rimando | Worship Leader, Potter’s House Christian Church
  218. Camion | Deacon, Grace Baptist Church Malanda
  219. Matthew Tanttari | Lead Pastor, Life Church Ballina and Life Church Casino
  220. Graham Thomas | Pastor, Gace Baptist Church
  221. Leisa Pascoe | Pastor, Majestic Church
  222. Mareesa Cunneen | Lead Pastor, Beaches Church
  223. K Harris | Pastor, Baptist Church 
  224. Peter Popovic | Pastor, Bible Truth Baptist Church
  225. Rose Kahika | Ministry Team Leader, Westgate Inc
  226. Kerri Matthews | Worship Leader, Faithworks Christian Church 
  227. Laurie Hart | Pastor (retired), Eastgate Community Church 
  228. Samu | Pastor, Sydney All Nations Baptist Church
  229. Gavin Sanders | Senior Minister, Wellspring Yamba 
  230. Stephen Cooper | Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church ACC
  231. Jim Garlick | Senior Minister, Church of Christ – Howrah – Tasmania
  232. Leonard G Lyndon | Leader, City Builders Church 
  233. Valda Mary McKay | Leader, Winepress Church ACCC
  234. Kim Roberts | Interim Pstor, Noranda Church of Christ
  235. Chris Klemm | Pastor, Hervey Bay Bible Church
  236. Gus Battistuzzi | Senior Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church
  237. Susan Mann | Pastoral Care, Strong Nation Churches
  238. Samantha McNally | Church Planter, Cootamundra Ministry Hub
  239. Helen McMartin | Pastor, Family Life Monistriez
  240. Jill | Deacon, Cootamundra Ministry Hub
  241. Marshall and Rochelle Gray | Senior Pastors, Gold Coast Chapel
  242. Daniel Upston | Pastor, Wellspring ACC Evans Head
  243. Zella Taylor-Watts | Director, SpiritLife Ministries
  244. Jason Brendon Kent | Senior Leader-Minister, C3 Church Shellharbour
  245. Sage Kleinschmidt | Worship Leader, Compassion Connection Int. Church
  246. Liam Luz | Pastor, South City Baptist Church
  247. Athlene Heritage | Leadership, Breakthrough Centre
  248. Cristina | Leader, Savanna Way Baptist Church
  249. Zella Taylor-Watts | Pastor, SpiritLife
  250. Diane Clarke | Associate Pastor, Oasis of Love Christian Church
  251. David Cotton | Pastor, Savannah Way Baptist
  252. Brendon Dunn | Pastor, Granite Belt Baptist Church
  253. Christine McIntosh | Director, House of Prayer & Healing for all Nations NSW
  254. Peter Kleinschmidt | Worship Leader, Compassion Connection Int. Church
  255. Ben Hickson | Leader, Port Macquarie Christian Fellowship
  256. Noel Checkley | Pastor, Merewether Baptist Church
  257. Paul Taylor | Pastor, Little Flock
  258. Graeme Milne | Elder, Church Of Christ 
  259. Carolyn Conway | Senior Leader, Almond Tree Ministries
  260. Damon Ormsby | Pastor, Chasah Church
  261. Mia Kim | Co-Pastor, Glory International Church
  262. Vanik Khachaturian | Elder, Liberty Baptist Church
  263. Ric Burrell |Senior Pastor, Strong Nation Church 
  264. Gordon Coleman | Minister, Albion Park Presbyterian Church
  265. Stefanie Mainey | Elder, Zion Church Darwin 
  266. Peter Beale | Elder, One Life Taree
  267. John Mourad | Elder, Evangel Church Sydney
  268. John Hemans | Senior Pastor, Open Heaven Church
  269. Conrad | Pastor, New Beginnings
  270. Brad Williamson | Pastor, Crossroads Baptist Church
  271. Louise Jane Tidey | Deacon, Belmont Baptist
  272. Margaret Stanford | Leadership Team, New life Baptist Echuca/Moama
  273. Sungho | Senior Pastor, Share Love Together for all nations 
  274. Rev. Fr Andrew Grace | Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Griffth, Catholic Church
  275. Jason Harrison | Senior Pastor, New Nature Church
  276. Graeme Watkinson | Pastor (Retired), Peninsula City Church
  277. Graham  Jackson | Pastor, GLBC
  278. Liz Bailey | Itinerate Pastor, CRC International 
  279. Peter Watson | Elder, New Hope Church Brisbane 
  280. John Lockwood | Chairperson, Kingdo Builders Church Inc
  281. Julie Grancha | Chaplain, Life Congregational Hunters Hill
  282. Ps Sandy Venter | Pastor, Mental Health Community Nurse
  283. Paul Mourad | Deacon, Evangel Church Sydney
  284. Philip Marc Clayton | Ordained Pastor, Lutheran
  285. Breeanna | Pastor, Deep River Fellowship 
  286. Daniel Cannone | Senior Pastor, Vineyard Church
  287. Greg Campion | Senior Pastor, Grace Church Port Macquarie and Wauchope
  288. Luke Drummond | Youth Leader, South City Baptist Church
  289. Linda Rackham | Worship Leader, Hope Community Church
  290. Simeon Western | Senior Pastor, Northside Baptist Church, Adelaide
  291. Naomi Burrell | Co-Senior Pastor, Strong Nation Church
  292. Peter Ainsworth | Crisis Pastoral Care, Lifehouse Church
  293. Ryan Charles | Leader, Ekklesia Now
  294. Lynda Turnbull | Pastor, The Living Room
  295. Diana Cristina Daniells-Xavier | Teacher, One Life Church 
  296. Brad Cheney | Worship Leader, C3 Church Hobart
  297. John Overweel | Deacon, SWBC
  298. David Morgan | Associate Pastor, Grace Church Port Macquarie 
  299. Noleen Smith | Pastor, Echo Church
  300. Marc Eskander | Deacon, St Marks Coptic Church Arncliffe
  301. Zoe-Anne | Youth Leader, Grace Baptist Church Malanda 
  302. Maureen Banton | Pastor, Foursquare Westmead 
  303. Candace | Teacher, Lifeway, NSW
  304. Dominic Aloe | Worship Leader, Liberty Hill Christian Centre
  305. Anthony Currenti | Senior Leader, Kingdom Come
  306. Beth | Leader, Pentecostal Women’s Fellowship 
  307. Kevin Hamill | Elder, Open Gates Christian Fellowship 
  308. Tom Ruys | Senior Pastor, Open Gates Christian Fellowship 
  309. Peter Taekema | Ordained Minister, Jerramungup 
  310. Khai Ly | Deacon, QLD
  311. Samuel Scott | Pastor, Hurstbridge Christian Fellowship
  312. Colin Frank Lunn | Leader, Global Heart 
  313. Betty Rogan | Worship Leader, Global Streams Ministry, Gold Coast
  314. Peter | Minister, Carnegie Church of Christ
  315. Arlene McIntyre | Senior Pastor, Healing Rooms Apostolic Centre Gold Coast
  316. Martin Duffy | Senior Pastor, Elim Church Global
  317. Ann Browne | Pastor, Barossa House Of Prayer
  318. Greg Robertson | Lead Pastor, Life Church 
  319. Mark Ironside | Senior Pastor, Harvest Point Church INC Beaudesert
  320. Philip Mainey | Elder, Zion Church Darwin
  321. Sylvia Deall | Kid’s Pastor, Open Heaven Church 
  322. Nicole Zoch | Former Lead Elder, Daylesford Community Church
  323. Susan Caroline Bayly | Key Leader, One Life Taree
  324. Roland Sernig | Pastor, Kooralbyn Community Church 
  325. Sydney Coetzee | Pastor, Nambucca CLC
  326. Rod Smith | Senior Pastor, C3 New Life Christian Church Heatherbrae NSW
  327. Jerry | Missionary/Pastor, Pioneer Independent Baptist Church
  328. Corina Elizabeth Sullivan | Worship Leader, Powerlife ACC
  329. Neil Scott | Minister, Park Rail Anglican
  330. Sue Strachan | Senior Pastor, Eastgate 
  331. Matthew Garrett | Elder, Hope Community Port Macquarie 
  332. Bedelia Melville | Teacher, St Pats Church Hill
  333. Graham Klemke | Pastor, Riverlife Henty
  334. Desma Cruickshanks | Elder, The Blessing
  335. Bryson Thomas | Director, ECS Ministries
  336. Ruthy Rismanto | Children Ministry, Life Centre 
  337. Colin Fuller | Senior Pastor, Remnant Church Ellenbrook 
  338. Craig Martin | Deacon, Follow Baptist Church
  339. Julie Lewis | Ministry Pastor, Jesus Loves
  340. Johnathan S Edwards | Senior Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church
  341. Russel Blanchard | Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church Moe
  342. Elizabeth Murray | Pastoral Care, INC Coffs Harbour 2450
  343. Felicity Corry | Kid’s Church Leader, LifeHouse Church Coffs Harbour
  344. Fred Sabat | Pastor, Voice to the Nations
  345. Katelyn Vercoe | Family Pastor, Church of Christ
  346. Steve Woods | Senior Pastor, Faith Fellowship Presbyterian Church
  347. Daniel John Whalen | Location Pastor, Faith Family Grafton
  348. Peter Ezzy | Pastor, Darwin Community Church
  349. Colleen Faith Holt | Women’s Ministry, Living Hope Family Church
  350. Sydley Valeran | Pastor, Living Hope Baptist Church
  351. Sorin Antohi | Evangelist, Burwood Presbyterian Church
  352. Wendy Kent | Co-Lead Pastor, Lifespace, NSW
  353. Tziyona Arkoulis | Pastor, Freedom for Life Ministries Australia Inc.
  354. Marilyn Patricia Silvester | Sunday School Teacher, Castle Hill Baptist Church
  355. Wendy Hayes | Senior Leader, Revive Ministries
  356. Timothy Wilson | Co-Founder & Leader, PRAISE House of Prayer
  357. Karen Chambers | Elder, ACC, NSW
  358. Lea | Senior Pastor, Life Inverell
  359. Paul | Senior Pastor, Bethel Christian Fellowship
  360. Dale Christoff | Children’s Ministry, Catalyst Fernvale
  361. Bradley Williamson | Pastor, Crossroads Baptist Church
  362. Nino Marolla | Pastor, House Church Pastor
  363. Rick & Lyn Bristow | Director, Mission Cambodia
  364. Rita | Leader, Christ Embassy
  365. Samantha Pursehouse | Children’s Leader, Freedom for Life Ministries Australia Inc.
  366. Amie Nicholas | Youth leader, Henty Lockhart Presbyterian Church
  367. Share Conlon | Associate Pastor, New Horizons Community Church
  368. Adriaan Lens Van Rijn | Senior Pastor, New Horizons Christian Church Murgon
  369. Annette Taylor | Pastor (Retired), Frontline Christian Church
  370. Emanuel Arkoulis | Pastor, Freedom for Life Ministry Australia
  371. Geoff | Elder, Ignite Christian Church
  372. Merrilyn Billing | Senior Pastor, Zions Hill Church
  373. Lynette Miller | Pastor, Rockingham Well Ministries
  374. Anthony Lin | Deacon, Trinity Christian Church
  375. David Thomas Walsh | Pastoral Care, Lifehouse Coffs Harbour
  376. John Rush | Teacher, C3 Wilton
  377. Kathleen Apelt | Senior Pastor, Hillview Community Church
  378. Ewa Lockyer | Children’s Church Leader, Andrews Farm Community Church
  379. Stuart Bryant | Leader, House Church, NSW
  380. Melva Kajewski | Elder, Ignite Christian Church
  381. Warren Taylor | Senior Pastor, Frontline Christian Church
  382. Sharon Martin | Pastor, Breakthrough Churches 
  383. Justin Richards | Preacher, Harvest Time
  384. Shaun Walker | Senior Pastor, River a Christian Church Tuggerah
  385. Beverley Daled | Pastor, Lifeforce Church
  386. Eden McGregor | Men’s Leaders, The Hope Community Church
  387. Kevin Dales | Pastor, Lifeforce Church
  388. Mervyn Lawrence | Elder, Gin Gin Community Church
  389. Ashley Mancusi | Worship Leader, Living Hope Family Church 
  390. Werner Egger | Elder, Lifeway 
  391. Lenny Supandi | Sunday School Teacher, Life Centre International
  392. Kirstin Geering | Pastor, New Life Chapel 
  393. Bronnie | Elder, Trumpets Call
  394. Stephen Bestmann | Youth Leader, Beachside Christian Fellowship 
  395. Myles James Ryan | Pastor, Redeemer Baptist Church 
  396. Trudie Morris | Pastor, GrowUnlimited 
  397. Sean Morris | Founding Pastor, Growing Faith Church 
  398. Jenny Flannery | Worship Leader, Christian Fellowship Centre
  399. Robyn Brett | Pastor, Frontline Christian church Mudgee 
  400. Lynn Tilley | Deacn, C3Currumbin
  401. Jessica Mururi | Youth Director, Lifespace
  402. Steve Chilton | Chaplain, Longriders Community Church
  403. Ulrike McCormack | Deacon, Maffra Community Church
  404. Daphne Hay | Elder, United City Church 
  405. John | Chairperson, Kingdom Builders church 
  406. Jessie Plummer | Chaplain, Frontline Christian Church 
  407. Deborah Jenkinson | Leader, Church Without Walls Int. – Stawell Vic (House Church
  408. David Holt | Senior Pastor, Living Hope Family Church 
  409. Stephen Forkin | Founder, No Apologies
  410. Stan Webber | Senior Pastor, The Rock INC Salamander NSW 
  411. Suzanne Dick | Pastor, Rosewood Christian Family 
  412. Jacqueline | Teacher, Hillsong
  413. Lars Finke | Senior Pastor, CIYF
  414. Isabel Baker | Associate Pstor, Unlimited CRC  Wagga Wagga
  415. Vaughan Smith | Pastor, Taree Presbyterian Church 
  416. Joy van Namen | State Director, Victorious Ministry Through Christ Australia
  417. Renz Little | Elder, RPCGC
  418. John Wolfenden | Ordained Minister (Retired), C3New Life Church
  419. Suzette Torti | Pastor, Open Heaven Ministries Int. Ltd.
  420. John Day | Ministry Leader, EDGE Reynella, Adelaide, South Australia
  421. Nick Losurdo | Senior Minister, C3 Destiny Church
  422. Jackie Losurdo | Pastor, C3 Destiny Church
  423. Todd Beiswenger | Pastor, Hurstville New Church
  424. Lorraine van Schie | Leadership, Home Fellowship 
  425. Robert Morgan | Church Plant Leader, Coastlife Adventist Church
  426. Susan hughes | Community Care Leader, Influencers Salisbury Campus 
  427. Jason Patrick | Pastor, Presbyterian Home Church
  428. Don Macdonald | Assistant Pastor, CIYF
  429. Robert | Elder, Hope Church, NSW
  430. Nigel Wittwer | Pastor, Hope Busselton Christian Church 
  431. Paul Kim | Senior Pastor, Glory International
  432. Jeanette Dobson | Deacon, Hurstbridge Christian Fellowship 
  433. Marton Murany | Elder, Presbyterian Church
  434. Rod Batty | Pastor, Big River Baptist Fellowship
  435. Peter Mechielsen | Minister (Retired), Christian Reformed Church
  436. Myan Subrayan | Pastor, Refresh
  437. Jennifer Mason | Children’s Ministry, Harvest Christian Centre
  438. Trudy | Chaplain, Noranda Church of Christ
  439. Louise Wilson | Women’s Pastor, Access Church
  440. Annette Fellows | Deaconess, Castlemaine SDA 
  441. Andrew lawson | Session Clerk, Henty Lockhart Presbyterian Church
  442. Jenny Jack | Pastor, Arrow Prayer Tower  Melbourne
  443. Kristen Davidson | Leader, Inspire Church Liverpool
  444. Gail Nola | Pastor (Retired) , St Barnabas Norfolk Island
  445. Samantha | Leader, Sanctuary Blue Mountains
  446. Steve Medved | Leader, Mudgee/Bathurst 
  447. Asher Newton | Leader, Global Repentance Network 
  448. Erin Fernando | Elder, Glory international 
  449. Robert William Miles | Pastor, Hineh Yeshua Congregation
  450. Darrel Fernando | Elder, Glory international 
  451. Lusanne Jenkins | Youth Leader, Albion Park Rail Anglican
  452. Ruby Soh | Founder, Buckets for Jesus Ministry 
  453. Anna | Deaconess, Liverpool Baptist Church 
  454. Barry Manuel | Pastor, Healinglife Church Wayville SA
  455. Chris Walsh | Chaplain, Home Church SDA
  456. Winsome | Children’s Ministry, Warwick Seventh-day Adventist  Church
  457. Betty Njenga | Pastor, Victory Life Christian Church
  458. Renée Tozanis | Pastors Assistant, Victory Life Christian Church
  459. Jeanette Harper | Deacon, Wyoming Church of Christ
  460. Rod Boreham | Elder, Drouin Presbyterian Church
  461. Nancy Park | Deaconess, SDA
  462. Louise Lawrence | Leader, Pentecostal
  463. Teiara Lippitt | Worship Leader, Influencers Salisbury
  464. Prue Carolyn Clark | Associate Pastor, Gateway Warrnambool Church of Christ 
  465. Janet Russell | Leader, CLC K Kyogle
  466. Esther Jolliffe | Children’s Church Leader, C3 Church Bathurst
  467. Robin J Johnson | President, Beyond Here International
  468. Geb Nkailu | Senior Pastor, The Narrow Way Church
  469. Alan Myers | Head Elder, Seventh Day Adventist
  470. Kristal Buck | Youth Leader, Hillsong Church
  471. Daniel Secomb | Elder, New Hope Church, Caves Beach
  472. James Zhang | Worship Leader, One Hope Church
  473. Khuan Harn Leong | Leader, Glory International
  474. Reuben Rose | Elder, Boloco Deep Creek House of Prayer
  475. Martin Denis de Pyle | Pastor, West Footscray Presbyterian Church
  476. Mathew Jessup | Young Adults Pastor, Awaken church Canberra South
  477. Christine Field | Leader, ICC
  478. Jason Haynes | Pastor, Grace & Truth church, Drouin
  479. Brad Rumble | Senior Pastor, Oakleigh Baptist Community Church
  480. Tony Archer | Minister, Woori Yallock Presbyterian Church
  481. Robyn Warrington | Leader, Generation Fire
  482. Stephen Manoni | Senior Pastor, Door of Faith Church Inc.
  483. Abel Iorgulescu | Leader, Adventist Church (NSW)
  484. Ruben | Church Leader, Romanian Pentecostal Church Sydney
  485. Kelly Winning | Minister, Jubilee 
  486. Ray Cheal | Elder, Telopea Church of Christ
  487. Philip Williamson | Deacon, Crossroads Baptist Church
  488. Sebastian Mayer | Teams Director, Anchor Church South West Sydney
  489. Lloyd Dean | President, Pentecost Now Ministries
  490. Philip Williamson | Deacon, Crossroads Baptist Church
  491. Steve Davis | Pastor, Calvary Chapel Sapphire Coast 
  492. John Phelps | Pastor, House of Hope
  493. Lois | Deacon, Intercross Christian Centre 
  494. Kerrie Whittle | Prayer Leader, Hope to Offer Baptist Church
  495. Pastor Malayamattathil Abraham | Associate Pastor, Glenorie Community Church
  496. Peter Sweeney | Officer, The Salvation Army
  497. Rick | Ministry Director and Pastor, Total Wellbeing Ministries
  498. Stephen Barton | Elder, Reformation Presbyterian Church, Rockhampton
  499. Barbara Colliver | Parish Priest, All Saints Selby
  500. Roderick Nigel Dymock | Senior Pastor, CentreChurch Lismore
  501. Janet Conroy | Pastor, Frontline Christian Church
  502. Joy van Schie | Worship Pastor, Harvest Time Church
  503. David Barnes | Clerk of Deacons Court, Hunter Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia
  504. Lawrence Whitmore | Pastor, Tree of Life Ministry
  505. Maia | Worship Leader, COTR
  506. Keith Willie | Pastor, Logan City Christian Church 
  507. Kim Blake | Worship Leader, Fruitful Vibe Melbourne Church
  508. Kurt Joss | Elder, Border Gospel Church
  509. Kerri-anne Tichborne | Leader, Lakeside SDA
  510. David Armstrong | Pastor, Fire and Rain
  511. Phil and Joy Berglund | Ministers, New Wine Life
  512. Dan Oppelaar | Priest, Church Of Jesus Christ
  513. Frank | Pastor, North West Melbourne Regional Ministry
  514. Timothy Reynolds | Deacon, Seventh-Day Adventist
  515. Donny | Founder, Generation Fire 
  516. Antonitta Gilden | Leader, GGC Church
  517. Karin Koulianos | Co-Leader Minister, Family in Jesus 
  518. Duan Ziegelaar | You and Children’s Leader, Bob Hein
  519. Bob Hein | Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church
  520. Melissa McCudden | Senior Pastor, C3 church Noosa
  521. Greg | Leader, ISEE Church 
  522. Cassandra Walton | Pastor, Southland Church
  523. Suellen Emerton | Pastoral Care, New Wine Life
  524. Trent McGrath | Lead Pastor, The Village Church Jindabyne
  525. Donna Redding | Church Leader, Frontline Christian Church, Mudgee
  526. Alan Ostrowsky | Ambassador, The Christian Church 
  527. David Dennis | Senior Pastor, Lifeway CRC Church, Port Macquarie
  528. Lauren | Creative Director, Kingdom Hope
  529. Rod Lampard | Writer, Caldron Pool
  530. Garren Walton | Lead Pastor, Southland Church Batemans Bay
  531. Joshua | Youth Leader, City on a Hill Melbourne East
  532. Adriana Miranda | Deaconess, SDA Macedon
  533. Nicole Sawyer | Worship Leader, Manjimup SDA Church
  534. Martin | Board Member, House of Praise 
  535. Peter Vandenberg | Pastor, Ravenswood Christian Fellowship
  536. Rev Alex Thomas | Minister, Oatley Uniting Church
  537. John Warden | Worship Pastors, River of Life Church Dapto
  538. Jordan Innes | Worship Leader, Southland Church, Batemans Bay
  539. Andre Assa | Youth Leader, Lighthouse Baptist Church 
  540. Mace Grant Innes | Worship Leader, Southland Church Batemans Bay
  541. Lachlan and Tara Jones | Location Pastors, Ingrid Lazaro
  542. Ingrid Lazaro | Adults Co-Pastor, Impact
  543. Elizabeth Cains | Elder, Port Macquarie Adventist Church 
  544. Nikki Fletcher | Worship Leader, C3 Avalon Beach
  545. Alan York | Elder, Drouin Presbyterian Church
  546. Kym Wade | Senior Pastor, Christian Fellowship Centre Albury
  547. Gay Phillips | Chaplain, Baptist 
  548. Diane Kennedy | Missionary, CRC Perth
  549. Elsa Jane | Ki’s Leader, New Life
  550. Wahid Riad | Parish Priest, Catholic Parish of Castlemaine 
  551. Jenny | Pastor, Kingdom Life Church 
  552. Liam | Senior Leader, Glory City Church Melbourne 
  553. Joy Horan | Pastoral Team, Impact
  554. Mark Loaney | Elder, Frontline
  555. Ben Davis | Founder, Caldron Pool
  556. Tara Kent | Pastor, C3 Shellharbour
  557. Glenn | Pastoral Leader, Kingdom Life Church
  558. Luke Goddard | Worship Leader, Naracoorte Baptist Church
  559. Rochelle Pereira | Parish Council Member, St. Patrick’s Church
  560. Richard Dabrow | Pastor, Seaford Christian Fellowship 
  561. Stephen Cheal | Pastor, Real Hope Church
  562. Min Hee Kim | Deacon, Sydney Saesoon Presbyterian Church
  563. Leila | Founder and CEO, Jachin Boaz Ministries
  564. Brian Hills | Pastor, Powerhouse Christian Centre
  565. Suzanne Newman | Co-Senior Pastor, INLIFE Church
  566. Heidi Wysman | Minister, Hope Ministries
  567. Steve Mannyx | Pastor, Penrith Presbyterian Church
  568. Gerald van der Kolk | Minister, Christian reformed church Sutherland Shire
  569. Suzanna | Pastor, Living Hope
  570. Naomi Cauley | Director, Jabez International Mission Ltd
  571. Margaret | Senior Pastor, Centre Church Lismore
  572. Joy Black  | Pastoral Care Pastor, Nambucca Valley CLC 
  573. John Everingham | Board Chair, Finley Community Church
  574. Ricardo Chacon | Ministry Leader, Golden Shofar- Man two Man Ministry Australia 
  575. Judy Engelbrecht | Children’s Church Leader, Elevation Church Hills
  576. Erich Drescher | Elder, His House Church
  577. Brian Lovegrove | Associate Pastor, Lithgow Christian Fellowship
  578. Heath Easton | Pastor, Drouin Presbyterian Church 
  579. Maurice Chapman | Pastor, Oracle Full Gospel Church
  580. Robyn | Leader, Victory Life Christian Church
  581. Joel Ratcliffe | Elder, Sanctuary House of Prayer
  582. Leonard C. Kingston | Pastor (Retired), Congregational 
  583. Samuel Garfoot | Elder, Zion Church 
  584. Daniel Carlisle | Deacon, Lakes Entrance Baptist Church
  585. Toni Sherrin-Stevens | Worship Leader, St Helens Christian Fellowship
  586. Jordan Sutherland | Kids Leader, Hills Church FTG
  587. Carly Lewis | Pastor, Jesus Loves Inc. 
  588. Michael Csikos | Worship Leader, Surefire International Ministries
  589. Ps. Margaret Cassimatis | Pastor, Warrior Sons & Daughters Baptist Church
  590. Rob & Robyn Kirby | Chapliancy/Pastoral Care, Ignite Cowra 
  591. Graham Charlesworth | Assistant Pastor, Living Grace Christian Church
  592. Glen Reginald Vines | Senior Pastor, Lion’s Roar House of Prayer
  593. Dan Gorton | Assistant Pastor, Cross & Crown GC
  594. Lynette | Kid’s Leader, Rhema Family Church Doncaster
  595. Douglas G. Allen | Senior Pastor, Ambassadors of Jesus Inc. Christian Assemblies
  596. Sandy Hambly | Co-Founder, Set Ablaze Ministries
  597. Garry Hambly | Co-Founder, Set Ablaze Ministries
  598. Roslyn Siebert | Pastoral Care, Neuma Church, Richmond, Melbourne
  599. Joshua Rodriguez | Senior Minister, Welcome Street Church 
  600. Angus McGillivery | Elder, Terang Presbyterian 
  601. Anna Holloway | Elder, Together
  602. Garry Chambers | Associate Pastor, Tenterfield Community Church 
  603. Rowan Dick | Senior Pastor, Rosewood Christian Family 
  604. Richard Holloway | Elder, Together 
  605. Donald W Everhart | Pastor, Five Dock Drummoyne Uniting Church
  606. Dallas Mitchell | Deacon, Portland Baptist Church 
  607. Michael Popp | 2nd Counsellor. Elders Quorum Presidency, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  608. Jane Hillyard | Elder, The Tribe
  609. Angie Turner | Leader, The Chapel Gunnedah – Pentecostal
  610. Lynette  Grindley | Pastor (Retired), Crosslink Christian Network
  611. Ray Grindley | Pastor (Retired), Crosslink Christian Network
  612. Geoff | Worship Leader, New Vine Lakes 
  613. Thomas Brittle | Deacon, Coast Evangelical Church
  614. Peter Harris | Pastor, Currumbin Valley Uniting
  615. Peter Steven | Associate Pastor, City on a Hill Geelong
  616. Carol Allen | Associate Pastor, Ambassadors Of Jesus Inc
  617. Anna Giles | Pastor, C3 Church Cairns
  618. Julie Strack | Kid’s Ministry, Hills Church
  619. Zoran Paunovich | Senior Minister, New Life Chapel
  620. Catherine Wrightson | Worship Team, Living Waters Hope Central, West Gosford
  621. John Shumba | Pastor, Christ Embassy Brisbane 
  622. Andrew Campbell | Minister, Guyra and Glen Innes Presbyterian Churches
  623. Brenden Giles | Pastor, C3 Church Cairns
  624. Joan Elizabeth McKee | Assistant Pastor, Heartlands INC Casino
  625. Bryan | Elder, Casey City Church
  626. Vivien Baxter | Pastoral Care, New Wine Life
  627. Sharon Murphy | Senior Minister, C3 Church Salisbury
  628. Chit Shu | Leader, Strathfield Ekklesia
  629. Hugh Wilson | Worship Leader, St Swithuns Anglican Church
  630. Rev Jasmine Pillay | Itinerant Minister, Highway Church
  631. Ashleigh Murphy | Kids & Youth Pastor, C3 Church Salisbury
  632. Joshua Feldman | Elder, Geelong Reformed Presbyterian Church
  633. James McCulloch | Pastor, INC, QLD
  634. Margaret Boardman | Assistant Pastor, Lighthouse Centre Deception Bay
  635. John Alfred Denman | Senior Elder, St.Helens Christian Fellowship INC
  636. Andrew Cartledge | Senior Minister, Harvest Church
  637. Nick Diomis | Youth Pastor, C3 New Hope
  638. Amanda Marsh | Owner, Kingdom Entrepreneur
  639. Stephen Blunt | Youth Leader, Hinton Baptist
  640. Joanne Ellaby | Ministry Leader, Aura Christian Church
  641. Denise Diomis | Youth Pastor, C3 New Hope
  642. John Doolan | Elder, Ignite
  643. Jane de Reus | Senior Leader, Awakening Casey
  644. Shirley Hannaford | Pastoral Leadership, Nambucca CLC
  645. Mark Hayter | Pastor, NDPC
  646. Wayne Leonard | Pastor, Reachout Ingham 
  647. Christine Gundry | Elder, New Life Christian Centre 
  648. Deborah Jean Leonard | Pastor, Reachout Church Ingham 
  649. John Nott | Pastor, Deborah Lions
  650. Deborah Lions | Associate Leader, Home Church Stannum NSW 
  651. Irene Heah | Asst. Pastor, The Blessing Church
  652. John | Elder, Bunbury Seventh Day Adventist
  653. Thomas Noordam | Elder, City Central Church 
  654. Kate Paunovich | Pastor, New Life Chapel
  655. Stephanie Burns | Youth Pastor, Tivoli Miracle Centre
  656. Glenice Mills | Leader, Forerunners International and Women’s Apostolic Alliance 
  657. David | Senior Leader, Awakening Casey
  658. Charlotte Jane Marandawela | Worship Pastor, Casey City Church
  659. Paddy Dolan | Pastor, Powerhouse Ministries Int’l
  660. James Edward Dargin | Pastor, Warringarri Aboriginal Fellowship Church 
  661. Pastor Bob Cotton OAM | Senior Pastor, Maitland Christian Church
  662. Deslie Green | Deaconess, Katherine Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  663. Jan Fitzgerald | Leader, Impact Christian Centre
  664. Emerich Kren | Deacon, Faith Tabernacle
  665. Claire Yuille Osborne | Children’s Ministry, Hinton Baptist Church Hinton NSW
  666. Nestor Ramirez | Deacon, Hinton Baptist Church
  667. Dale Jones | Elder, Guyra SDA
  668. Ian Murphy | Senior Minister, C3 Salisbury
  669. Bishoy | Deacon, St Barbara’s Coptic Orthodox Church
  670. Luke Bonnell | Youth Pastor, The Chapel Collective
  671. Ray Szwec | Snr. Pastor, Snr. Pastor
  672. Kathleen Williams | Chaplain (Retired), Nations Brisbane 
  673. Debra Battersby | Counsellor, Christ’s Church
  674. Jason | Elder, Adventist Church 
  675. Kahlee Murphy | Leader, C3 Church Salisbury
  676. Alanna Maggacis | Worship Team, Shane St Reynolds
  677. Shane St Reynolds | Pastor, Universal Church, Southport
  678. Genevieve Benita | Hope Church Bathurst, Children’s Kid’s Church Leader
  679. Douglas Kuhl | Pastor/Teacher, World-Wide Ekklesia 
  680. Billie-Jo Erb | Service Team Leader, Suncoast Church
  681. Jeremy Morgan | Priest in Charge, Central Mallee and Tyrrell Anglican/Uniting Parishes
  682. Paul Lions, Senior Minister, Home Church, NSW
  683. Murray Baker | Pastor, Freedom City Church
  684. Samantha Jackel | Leadership Team, Carnegie Church of Christ
  685. Deborah Williams | Ministry Team, The Blessing
  686. Brian Freeborn | Pastor, Adelaide Christian Fellowship 
  687. Ron Jackson | Elder, Underbool Christian Assembly
  688. Andrew | Team Leader, New Life Church, Fremantle
  689. Stephen Cox | Elder, Busselton Brethren
  690. Karen | Ministry Director, WTCI (Australia) inc 
  691. Sarah Needs | Worship Pastor, Forever House Church
  692. Sheralyn Bucknell | Pastor, C3 SYD
  693. Josie Parata | Senior Minister, Lighthouse Faith Gathering
  694. Tim Lunnon | Senior Pastor, Restoration Centre
  695. Glenn David Anderson | Pastor, Potters House Christian Church Fremantle
  696. Hendrik Roelofs | Elder, Fellowship of God’s Covenant People
  697. Peter McHugh | Senior Leader, Stairway Church Whitehorse 
  698. Andrew Robertson | Pastor, Brookvale House Church
  699. Helena | Senior Minister, Upper Room
  700. Christian David King-Ortenzio | Pastoral Assistant, Redemption Church, Croydon
  701. Kimberly Endel Dingle | Deacon, Lighthouse Centre Deception Bay (AOG), 4505
  702. Benjamin Wielstra | Elder, Free Reformed Church of Rockingham
  703. Mario Pengue | Senior Pastor, Crimson Life Church
  704. Tanya Allan | Pastoral Care, Sanctuary Blue Mountains 
  705. Ps Grant Wiese | Senior Pastor, Bordertown Vineyard Christian Fellowship
  706. Michelle Quinn | Youth Pastor, Stairway Church
  707. Wendy Wiese | Pastor, Bordertown Vineyard Christian Fellowship
  708. George Miller | CEO, Victory Church 
  709. Karen | Prayer Pastor, Stairway Church Whitehorse
  710. Rick Prosser | Pastor, Life Church Newcastle
  711. Yueh Moy Koo | Assistant Pastor, Stairway Church Whitehorse 
  712. Benjamin Rea | Senior Pastor, Seventh-day Adventist Church
  713. Steve Adams | Pastor, Eastgate Bible Church Toowoomba
  714. Shafika Iskander | Elder, Coptic Orthodox Church
  715. John | Pastor, C3 Mackay
  716. Roland Seow | Founding Pastor, Full Gospel Assembly Melbourne
  717. Terry | Chaplain, Morley Baptist Church
  718. Allen Roy Martin | Deacon, Clarence Valley Baptist Church 
  719. Daniel John Rooney | Pastor, LCA
  720. Diane Kirch | Deacon, Ballina Baptist Church 
  721. Koren Luzette Riddle | Senior Pastor, Freedom Centre Incorporated 
  722. Allison Hannah | Children’s Leader, Hillsong Newcastle
  723. Bill Neyra | Deacon, SDA Wantirna Church 
  724. Dieter Mayer | Elder, Casino Baptist Church 
  725. Peter Williamson | Pastor, Ulverstone Presbyterian Church
  726. Wayne | Senior Minister, Gisborne Presbyterian Church 
  727. David McHugh | Pastor, Stairway Church
  728. Jane Blakey | Co-Director, Bethel Prayer House
  729. Nathan | Senior Pastor, Lifegate Church
  730. Adam Smith | Leader, Life Shurch SC
  731. Timothy Wonil Lee | Pastor, Upper Hunter Presbyterian Church
  732. Christy McHugh | Community Pastor, Stairway Church Whitehorse
  733. David Powell | Senior Pastor, New Hope Wesleyan
  734. Roberta Gilmour | Parish Counciller, St Stephens Anglican Church Penrith 
  735. Sharon Faith | Pastoral Car, Macquarie Life Church
  736. Lucas Hrant | Youth Pastor, Stairway Church 
  737. Scott Onus | Deacon, Lismore Bible Church
  738. Noel Dingle | Director, Lighthouse Deception Bay
  739. Allen Woodham | Senior Pastor, South East Christian Witness Ministries 
  740. Ivan Hunter | Elder, Maida vale Westminster Presbyterian 
  741. Jesse Breeze | Worship Leader, North Coast Community Church
  742. Gilyean Levick | Itinerant Pastor, Revive Church Petersham, Sydney
  743. Cathy Scott | Leadership, Friends First Community
  744. Robert O’Brien  | Pastor, AOG, WA
  745. Suzanne Fairweather | Leader, CRC Wangara 
  746. John Edward Greig | Elder, Condobolin Presbyterian
  747. Marie Dorne McMullan | Emeritus Pastor, City Church My Riverview
  748. Greg Clark | Worship Leader, Turningpoint Church Koo wee Rup
  749. Mitch Everingham | Pastor, St Faiths Anglican Church Narrabeen 
  750. Richard Nash | Pastor, Church 4 Life Ltd
  751. Douglas Cloete | Elder, Gosford Seventh-day Adventist Church 
  752. Les Gomes | Pastor, Transformers Christian Church 
  753. Aaron Williamson | Senior Leader, Dayspring
  754. John Macintosh Cromarty | Co-Pastor, Bellarine Presbyterian Church
  755. Paul Jones | Pastor, Life Outreach Ministries 
  756. Stephen Pike | Elder, Drouin Presbyterian
  757. Dean Dwyer | Pastor, Eiser Street Baptist Church
  758. Michelle Duffy | Pastor, Elim Church
  759. Charles Ponceno | Pastor, Tabernacle Worship Centre
  760. Dale Megli | Elder, Moree Baptist
  761. Jim Tsang | Prison Chaplain, St John’s Anglican Church, Cairns
  762. April Bristow | Pastoral Care, Sonrise Church
  763. Amber Marrett | Pastoral Team, The Link Church
  764. Richard Marrett | Pastor, The Link Church
  765. Ron Edwards | Leader, Mid North Bible Christian
  766. Andrew Abel | Church Board Director, C3 Church Bathurst
  767. Ashleigh | Youth Leader, Elim Church
  768. David Apelt | Senior Pastor, Hillview Community Church
  769. Jeanene Rickman | Ministry Leader, North Pine Baptist Church 
  770. Ross Roberts | Youth Leader, Elim Church
  771. Ann Taylor | Women’s Leader, Victory Life Toowoomba
  772. Joshua Field | Young Adults Pastor, Dayspring Church
  773. Helen Holder | Pastoral Staff, Riverside Church
  774. Mark Ostini | Pastor, Armidale Christian Outreach 
  775. Thomas Josiah Marley | Young Adults Leaders, Dayspring Church
  776. Jennifer Olyslagers | Ministry Leader, Revolution Church
  777. Darren Hessenberger | Senior Pastor, Highlands Christian Church Mittagong
  778. Mark Ostini | Pastor, Armidale Christian Outreach 
  779. Farai | Pastor, Logan Christ Embassy Church
  780. Cameron Braid | Pastor, Home Church, TAS
  781. Kenneth C Manton | Leader, Home Church, TAS
  782. Temalesi Toga Volivakarua | Youth Ministry Leader, Liverpool City Church 
  783. Karl Irving | Pastor, Capital Bible Church
  784. Rev Darren Brunne | Pastor, The Brisbane Society of the New Church 
  785. Manuela Ebneter | Deacon, Fire Church
  786. Dean Field | Pastor, Golden Harvest Community Church
  787. Cynthia Slack | Pastoral Carer, Deception Bay Baptist
  788. Lynne Hynd | Encounter Ministries, Encounter Ministries
  789. Brian Grewal | Senior Pastor, Church on the Rock 
  790. Norm Evans | Elder, Kooralbyn Community Church
  791. Luis Cabral | Senior Pastor, Australia for Christ Church 
  792. Paula Bulivou | Pastor, Arise For Christ Ministry 
  793. Stephen Blake | Chairman, Liberty People
  794. Benjamin Feather | Youth Minister, St Andrew’s Anglican Church Wahroonga
  795. Amina Mahere | Leader, Christ Embassy 
  796. Bernie Rogers | Board Member, Drouin Presbyterian Church
  797. Christopher Young | Deacon, Seventh Day Adventist  – Wetherill Park NSW 
  798. Paul Richards | Pastor, Open Door
  799. Anthony Castro | Lead Pastor, Living Waters Christian Centre 
  800. Michael Dawson | Assistant Pastor, Stairway Church Whitehorse
  801. Alexandra Cabral | Pastor, Australia for Christ Church
  802. Christopher Young | Deacon , Seventh Day Adventist – Wetherill Park 
  803. Daniela Peña | Board Member, Weatherill Park Seventh Day Adventist 
  804. Jo Smaller | Assistant Pastor – Community Connector, Stairway Church
  805. David McAllan | Pastor, Echuca Community Church
  806. Jen Klein-Boons hate | Snr Pastor, Refresh Church 
  807. Jadee | Kids Coordinator, City On A Hill
  808. Michael Collins | Prayer Leader, St Ita
  809. Amanda Innes | Senior Pastor, Christ Embassy Pacific
  810. Ann Robison  | Leader, House Church, NSW
  811. Merilyn Grewal | Associate Pastor, Church on the Rock Northern Beaches
  812. Nicole Pena | Children’s Ministry, Seventh Day Adventist Church -Wetherill Park
  813. Jamie van Heel | Leader, Cornerstone Christian Church
  814. Joel | Associate Pastor, Dayspring Church
  815. John Duncan Peter | Elder, Peak Baptist
  816. Ross | Chaplain, ,Vineyard  NSW
  817. Arthur Mark Hall | Pastor, Lake Cargelligo Baptist Church 
  818. Ruth Larner | Parish Councillor, St Marks Picton
  819. Rev Pius Mary Noonan | Prior, Notre Dame Priory, Catholic Benedictine Community
  820. Joel Soper | Senior Pastor, Hope Centre RT 
  821. Wendy Farrelly | Associate Pastor, Ever Upward
  822. Gary Morgan | Director, School of Prophets
  823. Sandy | Leader, GHCC
  824. Patrick Farrelly | Associate Pastor, Ever Upward
  825. Caroline Dennis  | Senior Pastor, Lifeway CRC Church, Port Macquarie 
  826. Mark VanDerVeer | Senior Pastor, The Hope Community 
  827. Anurag | Senior Pastor, Sydney Nepalese Fellowship Church 
  828. Jediah S Gee | Youth Leader, Orange Evangelical Church 
  829. Roy Edwards | Deacon, Aberdeen Baptist Church Geelong
  830. Keith Cook | Lead Pastor, Catch The Fire Sydney
  831. Sean Bennetts | Elder, Yahwehs Truth New Jerusalem Christian Church
  832. Darren McMahon | Director / CEO, Your Dream Inc
  833. Vicki | Leader, Shabbat Shalom
  834. Jeremy Peet | Elder, Ballarat West Presbyterian Chur h
  835. Mark Moody- Basedow | Leader, Shabbat Shalom 
  836. John Parsons | Pastor, Elim Church West Gosford
  837. Christine Morrell | Elder, Hervey Bay Baptist Church
  838. Jina Ryu | Deacon, Full Gospel Church 
  839. Alruna Meeks | Pastor, House Church Australia 
  840. Robert and Heather Gray | Minister (Retired), City Tabernacle Baptist Church
  841. Diana McKie | Prayer Leader, St John’s Beecroft
  842. Jack Adlawan | Elder, Presbyterian Church
  843. Mary Pengue | Elder, Crimson Life Church 
  844. Wendy Phelps | Pastor, House of Hope Bellingen 
  845. Andrew Peacock | Pastor, OneLife Community Church Dubbo 
  846. Grace Field  | Worship Leader, Frances Boatfield 
  847. Frances Boatfield | Pastor, Springwood House of Praise
  848. Rob Stuttle | Senior Pastor, Living Waters Church
  849. Fiona Butler | Itineratnt Minister, Hope Centre
  850. Maxwell Birch | Pastor (Retired), Rise Christian Church
  851. Mirella | Senior Pastor, International Christian Church 
  852. Jonathan Thomas | Leader, On The Fence Ministry
  853. Philip Strahan | Leader, Lifehouse Moree
  854. Frances Koops | Pastor, Lifecity Church Brisbane 
  855. Ken | Deacon, HPCEA
  856. Harriet | Leadership, Planetshakers Church 
  857. Nichaela Erskine | Deacon, Glorious Gospel Church 
  858. David | Senior Pastor, End Time Church
  859. Kim Hetherington | Children’s Church Co-ordinator, Magnetic Church  (CRC)
  860. Sally McLennan | Pastor,  House Christian Church
  861. David Corran | Elders Quorum Ministering Secretary, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  862. Vaoita | Church Leader, Christ Embassy Pacific 
  863. Antonella Ienco | Leader, International Christian Church Newcastle 
  864. Robert | Pastor, Pursuit VI:X Church
  865. Susan Fellowes | Senior Pastor, Generate Church Australian Christian Churches
  866. Moana J. Veikoso | Pastor, Christ Embassy Pacific
  867. Elizabeth | Pastor, End Time Church
  868. Tanya Otumudia | Deaconess, Christ Embassy 
  869. Ian Nicholas | Deacon, Golden City Baptist 
  870. Chris Strybos | Elder, The Church of Life
  871. Douglas Parker | Senior Pastor, Dwelling Place
  872. Philip Cosgrove | Pastor, The Grainery Church Maitland
  873. Ian Davie | Pastor, Moree Baptist Church
  874. Kathryn Ashford | Worship Leader, C3 Believe Wollongong
  875. Rhonda Parsons | Pastor, Elim Church
  876. Tony Ienco | Senior Pastor, International Christian Church 
  877. Paul Strahan | Pastor, Northwest NSW Community Church
  878. Helen Devenish | Pastor, Church on the Rock, Love Hobart 
  879. Mirella Ienco | Senior Pastor, International Christian Church 
  880. Colin Murdoch | 1986 Pioneering Founder, Singles For Christ Australia
  881. Mele Hausia | Church Leader, Christ Embassy Pacific 
  882. MaryAnn Mansu | Co-Pastor, The Crossway Abundant Life Fellowship
  883. Lynn Whalen  | Location Pastor, Faith Family
  884. Matthew Favelle | worship pastor, Urbanlife Church Menai
  885. Paul  Quinlan | Leader, Eiser St Baptist Church 
  886. Siosaia Tanginoa Koloa | Deacon, Christ Embassy Pacific 
  887. Jeremy Innes | Leadership, Christ Embassy Pacific
  888. Grace Taylor | Worship Leader, Shellharbour Community Church
  889. Amy Strahan | Leader, LifeHouse Moree 
  890. Charles Mansu | Senior Pastor, The Crossway Abundant Life Fellowship
  891. Rev Rodney Fox | Minister, Church of the Nazarene Coffs Harbour 
  892. David Ellaby | Elder, Aura Presbyterian Church – Sunshine Coast
  893. Jaime Ball | Senior Minister, C3 People
  894. Kelly Amie Murphy | Worship Leader, Flametree Baptist 
  895. Sam Hornshaw | Worship Leader, Dayspring Church
  896. Vicki Cosgrove | Pastor, Grainery Maitland
  897. David Ellaby | Elder, Aura Presbyterian Church
  898. Karen Broad | Worship Leader, C3 Powerhouse
  899. Shane | Pastoral Care, Balaklava Church of Christ
  900. Seini | Youth Leader, Christ Embassy Pacific 
  901. Ifeanyi Egwutuoha | Pastor, Elim Church
  902. Elaine McConaghy | Prayer Leader, Riverlife Baptist Church
  903. Shaun Marler | Senior Pastor, World Harvest Ministries
  904. Ken Sauerbier | Pastor, One Life Church 
  905. Greg Thomas | Senior Pastor, Liberty Christian Church, Inverell 
  906. Jeff Osland | Assistant Pastor, Ignite Revival 
  907. Stephen Cobanov | Pastor, ZCM Ministries 
  908. Paul Hollins | Pastor (Retired), Revival Flame
  909. Greg Hay | Assistant Youth Leader, Alstonville Baptist
  910. Debbie Cobanov | Pastor, ZCM Ministries
  911. David | Pastor, Foundations Baptist Church
  912. Dom | Pastor, Centerpoint Church
  913. Dallas Slobe | Deacon, Free Reformed Church of Bunbury
  914. Chris Shervey | Elder, Charlestown Fellowship 
  915. Craig Coulson | Elder, Reveal Church
  916. Marcus | Deacon, Reveal Church 
  917. Brock Keith | Leader, Planetshakers
  918. Linda Young | Board Member, Christian Community Centre Nyngan
  919. Darren Jones | Board Member, Mount Gravatt Seventh Day Adventist Church
  920. Levi Tsanov | Deacon, Seventh-Day Adventist
  921. O. Ezio Arciniega | Leader, Grainery, Maitland, NSW
  922. Lyndal McLennan | Deacon, World Harvest Ministries
  923. Don McLennan | Deacon, World Harvest Ministries
  924. Jo Harris | Kids Pastor, The Hub Baptist Murwillumbah
  925. Prince Fabrice Mathias Rukundo Rugonumugabo | Pastor, Mustard Seed Chapel International 
  926. Patrick van der Plaat | Senior Pastor, Dianella Church of the Nazarene
  927. Kim Bergman | Worship Leader, Burleigh Church of Christ 
  928. Tom Guilford | Elder, Warragul Presbyterian
  929. Julian Robert Gummow | Youth Leader, C3 Victory Church
  930. Treena Mannering | Pastor, Gateway Life Church
  931. Julie Larcombe | Leader, Bathurst Baptist Church
  932. David Roelofs | Leader, Aura Christian Church
  933. Henk | Elder, Free Reformed Church Kelmscott
  934. Karen | Prayer Pastor, Stairway Church 
  935. Lily Chong | Deacon, World Harest Ministries 
  936. Janine Neumann | Senior Pastor, Highway Church
  937. Rev Terence Mary Naughtin | Chaplain, Franciscan Friar Priest
  938. Jane Jonusas | Leader, Vineyard Church NSW 
  939. Steven Teale | Pastor, Bray Park SDA Church 
  940. Sergei Kireenko | Pastor, Slavic Evangelical Baptist Church 
  941. Roger McIvor | Elder, Presbyterian
  942. Cindy Pritchard | Worship Leader & Parish Council Member, St Mark’s Anglican Church Dromana
  943. Stephen | Elder, Castle Hill Baptist 
  944. Rob Finster | Elder, Exchange Church Shepparton
  945. Scott Hanzy | Senior Leader, Awaken Church
  946. Amber Donaldson | Leader, Highway Church Bordertown
  947. Sandra Magiera | Pastor, Polish Christian Church
  948. Timothy Attwood | Senior Pastor, Clarence Valley Community Church 
  949. Janine Viola van der Plaat | Associate Pastor, Dianella Church of the Nazarene
  950. Sathya Thiru | Youth Leader, Port Stephens Church of Christ 
  951. Thomas Price | Elder, Dunamis
  952. Josie Freer | Leder, Bridging Hope Ministries 
  953. Shelley Gray | Lead Pastor, Generocity Church
  954. Rebekah Western | Deacon, City Reach Marion
  955. Shannelle Lim | Youth & Young Adult’s Pastor, Rock Worship Centre
  956. Briony O’Neill | Children’s Ministry, Ulverstone Christian Reformed Church
  957. Steve Dunstall | Worship Leader, C3 Church Bathurst
  958. Tarella Vico | Councillor, At Mary’s by the Sea, Port Douglas, Qld. (Uniting Church, Mossman)
  959. Scott Willmot | Pastor, Historic Hinton Baptist Church 
  960. Lidia | Leader, Crimson
  961. Colleen Oates | Senior Leader, View St Fellowship
  962. Mark Collins | Pastor, Life Anglican Church
  963. Donald | Senior Pastor, Sherwood Hills Baptist Church
  964. Joe Armstrong | Pastor, Living Success Christian Centre Inc.
  965. Kody Thompson | Elder, COH Church
  966. Damian Robins | Deacon, Box Hill Christian Church
  967. Judith | Prayer Ministry Leader, Kingscliff Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  968. Gai Carman | Ministry Leader, Dubbo
  969. Teresa J Limbu | Youth Leader, Jesus Family Centre Cabramatta
  970. Ps Nari Ivory | Campus Pastor, HopeUC Peninsula
  971. Nadine Guszich | Leader, Seventh Day Adventist
  972. Helen Hill | Chaplain, UCA
  973. Timothy | Pastor, Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  974. Kerrie Monty | Deaconess, Rowville Seventh Day Adventist
  975. David Maher | Minister, Burwood Presbyterian Church 
  976. Ps Kerrie Marler | Co-Senior Pastor & Founder, World Harvest Ministries
  977. Kathleen Bagshaw | Pastor, Oasis Family Church 
  978. Bethsheba | Leader, Crimson Life Church
  979. D Williamson | Deacon, Baptist
  980. Rocky Grudier | Minister, The Prayer Centre 
  981. Lance | Chaplain, Gilmore Church 
  982. Renae Beaty | Director of Discipleship, CityLight Church
  983. Tony Rykers | Church Elder, Seventh day Adventist 
  984. Sam Bromilow | Elder Candidate, CityLight
  985. Cordelia Reinhard | Elder, Wingham Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  986. Tony Chirkoff | Deacon, C3 Narara
  987. Scott Reinhard | Deacon, Wingham Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  988. Peti Samuels | Elder, Seventh-day Adventist, Sydney
  989. Ingrid Heffernan | Elder, Coast and Vines Church 
  990. Helen Corben | SRE Teacher, Orange Presbyterian
  991. James William Frier Bishop | Associate Presit, All Saints AnglicanChurch East St Kilda Victoria
  992. John Classic | Pastor, Church of God (Seventh Day) 
  993. Janette Walmsley | Leader, Abundant Life Mareeba (ACC)
  994. Poh Lian Tay | Pastor, Rock Worship Centre
  995. Matthew McClure | Deacon, Narromine Baptist Church
  996. Daniel Raffell | Worship Leader, Gatewya Baptist Church
  997. Daron Himstedt | Pastor, Crossway Baptist
  998. Elizabeth Scott | Worship Leader, Hannelie Coetzee 
  999. Hannelie Coetzee | Senior Pastor, Nambucca CLC
  1000. Supileo | Deacon, Bayswater Fellowship
  1001. Judith | Deacon, COC Sunshine Coast
  1002. Karl Taaffe  | Elder, SDA
  1003. Clarence Dass | Mens Ministry Leader, Crimson Life
  1004. Amanda | Ministry Leader, Springwood Baptist
  1005. Joel Kelder | Elder, Carmen Veikoso
  1006. Carmen Veikoso | Leader, Christ Embassy Pacific
  1007. Susan Linden | Pastor, Connect Church Peninsula
  1008. Patrick Monty | Elder, Rowville SDA Church
  1009. Chris Klum | Campus Pastor, HopeUC Port Stephens 
  1010. Bec | Board Member,  Australian House of Prayer For All Nations
  1011. Phillip Walmsley | Abundant Life Centre Mareeba, Senior Leader 
  1012. Shane Green | Elder, Dalby
  1013. Andrew Greenshields | Elder, Church of the Outback
  1014. Kim Jones | Senior Leader, Liberty Family Church 
  1015. Ian Gould | Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church
  1016. Jason Pilcher | Pastor, Open Door Community Church
  1017. Jess | Youth Leader, Hope UC
  1018. Nathanael van der Kolk | Elder, Christian Reformed Church of Sutherland Shire
  1019. Christopher Clarke | Senior Pastor, Bermagui Baptist Church
  1020. Jan deMooij | Deacon, Free Reformed Church
  1021. Crystal Daniels | Leader, Atherton Family Church 
  1022. Susana Tongia | Leader, Revival Church of Holy Spirit International 
  1023. Matthew A McClure | Deacon, Narromine Baptist Church
  1024. Andrew Mitchell | Deacon, Moree Baptist Church
  1025. Brendan Green | Elder, Roma Church of Christ
  1026. Jacqui Namakadre | Pastoral Team, Xcell SDA Church
  1027. Martin Charles Keast | Efler, Reformed Church of Canberra 
  1028. Carol | Leader, Christ Embassy Pacific 
  1029. Viola Diloi |Kids Church Leader,
  1030. Laurelle Honeysett | Leader, New Life City Church Orange 
  1031. Rodney Whitford | Senior Pastor, Western Port Christian Family
  1032. Craig Swift | Leader, Home Church, NSW
  1033. Eguavon Eguaibor | Evangelist & Pastor, NSW
  1034. Keren Koro | Leader, Lakemba Christian Fellowship
  1035. Dena Gower | Director, Ngaama Ministries 
  1036. Victoria McFarlane | Youth Leader, Field of Dreams Adelaide 
  1037. Kevi Beadle | Pastor, New Life Christian Church Ouyen ACC
  1038. Chris Gregory | Elder, ACC Pentecostal
  1039. Samuel Lindsay | Senior Pastor, Flooding Creek Community Church
  1040. Gloria Reeves | Pastoral Care, Encompasss Church
  1041. Foong Peng Wan | Leader, Rock Worship Centre
  1042. Allan Cowburn | Senior Pastor, New Life Centre Mundubbera Ltd
  1043. Terence Ong | Leader, Rock Worship Centre 
  1044. Janmar | Senior Pastor, Immanuel Community Christian Church
  1045. Grace Harvey | Worship Leader, Mt Zion Community Church
  1046. Lyndal Blatch | KidMin Leader, Raymond Terrace Community Church
  1047. Laven Shunmugam | Pastor, Christian Reformed Church of Sydney
  1048. Delyse Stoks | Worship Leader, The Mission Church
  1049. Darko Voncina | Elder, NSW
  1050. Laura | Board Member, Harvest Church Central Coast
  1051. Luke | Deacon CRM, SA
  1052. Joshua | Worship Leader, Taroom Baptist Fellowship
  1053. Katrina Judge | Elder, Arana Hills Church of Christ
  1054. Catherine Joseph | Pastor, Encompass Church
  1055. Sam | Leader, Glory City Church Melbourne 
  1056. Ben Murphy | Pastor, Wilson Christian Church (CRCA)
  1057. Nicole | Board Member, C3 Port Hedland
  1058. Christopher Booth | Pastor, Church Of The Living God
  1059. Warren Douglas | Associate Pastor, Darwin Baptist Church
  1060. Anna Rusman | Elder, Shalom Keepers
  1061. Kim Jansen | Children’s Church Leader, Flametree Baptist Church 
  1062. Sam Cherloaba | Elder, Grace Christian Fellowship Brisbane 
  1063. Hilary Moroney | Director, Canberra House of Prayer for All Nations 
  1064. Joe Nawai | Pastor, Christian Mission Fellowship
  1065. Kristian Melgard | Leader, Streams International 
  1066. Michael | Provisional ACC Pastor, Glow Melbourne
  1067. Vicki Ruys | Pastor, Open Gates Christian Fellowship
  1068. Wolfgang Sue | Pastor, Australian Christian Churches International 
  1069. Jack Choo Yeo | Pastor, Emmanuel Blessings Christian Centre 
  1070. Bradley Willcockson | Pastor, Home Church, QLD
  1071. David Thompson | Senior Pastor, Watchman Ministries Inc 
  1072. Timothy Wynn Hargreaves | Pastor, Shark Bay Christian Fellowship & Crisis Centre
  1073. Stuart Hawke | Deacon, Harvest Bible Church
  1074. Emily Silm | Elder, His House Church Picton
  1075. Rosetta Sicari | Elder, Echo Church
  1076. Tara Browne | Youth Leader, C3 New Hope Church Mount Annan
  1077. Meleseini | Advosory Board, The Unstoppable Church
  1078. Claire Lawson | Women’s Ministry, Henty Presbyterian
  1079. Karen Peyroux | Executive Assistant, Beit HaMashiach Messianic Congregation, Caulfield Sth, Melbourne
  1080. Teofil Ciortuz | Pastor, First Romanian Baptist Church 
  1081. Jennifer Baillie | Deaconess, Landsborough SDA Church 
  1082. Busuioc Belciu | Associate Pastor, Endeavour Hills The First Romanian Baptist Church 
  1083. Jiutatia Balevatu | Co-Senior Pastor, Liverpool City Church
  1084. Ben Kolly | Elder, Anchor Church Port Adelaide 
  1085. Karin Richter | Elder, Faith in Action, The Entrance
  1086. Louise Espinoza | Chaplain, C3 Yamba
  1087. Amy Beaumont | Worship Director, Glory City Church Wandearah
  1088. Narissa | Pastor, NUMA Ministries
  1089. Belinda Calcutt | Worship Leader, Northpointe Church Atherton 
  1090. Linda Hart | Manager, Elevation Church, Gold Coast
  1091. Jenny Gosling | Facilitator, Church Without Walls
  1092. Liz Howland | Pastor, Ray of Hope Ministries
  1093. Susan Spencer | Counsellor, Life Church Chinchilla
  1094. Michelle Marriott | Prayer Leader, The Breakthrough Centre
  1095. Elizabeth Galbraith | Chair, The Christian Church
  1096. Peter Sahayam | Pastor, Gateway Christian Church
  1097. John Wedrat | Senior Pastor, Generations Church ACC Cairns
  1098. Julie Collins | Senior Pastor, Shiloh Life Centre 
  1099. Philip Meeks | Pastor, House Church Australia
  1100. Ken Clark | Priest, Holy Family Catholic Church
  1101. John Di Cecco | Senior Pastor, Centerpoint Church INC Melbourne 
  1102. Eugen-Marcel Enuica | Youth Leader, First Romanian Baptist Church in Melbourne 
  1103. David Lloyd | Senior Pastor, Community Church Kyabram 
  1104. Bahram Ghebray | Youth Pastor, Christ Embassy Brisbane
  1105. Lyndon Young | Pastor, Harvest Bible Church Tamworth 
  1106. Sarah Reardon | Missions Pastor, Generations Church Cairns
  1107. Robyn Bryan | Elder, United City Church 
  1108. Meagan James | Deacon, One Hope Church
  1109. Michelle Boyles | Leader, Hillsong 
  1110. Wayne Chapman | Senior Pastor, Wandoan AOG 
  1111. Jonathon Bourne | Elder, Inverell Presbyterian Church
  1112. Kaylene Whitley | Leader, Elevation Burleigh 
  1113. Aaron J Mendis | Youth Pastor, Baycity
  1114. Corey Turner | Senior Pastor, Neuma Church
  1115. Allan | Leader, Home Fellowship
  1116. Tim | Youth Pastor, C3
  1117. Oghenekaro | Deacon, Christ Embassy Queensland 
  1118. Lauren Agnew | Leader, SeeChange 
  1119. Andrew Coates | Executive Pastor, C3 Spectrum Church
  1120. Rob Morris | Executive Pastor, Neuma Church
  1121. Frank Harvey | Preaching Elder, Ruach Christian Fellowship, Casino NSW
  1122. Sebastian Luna | Leader, The Base Church
  1123. Shane | Senior Minister, Shellharbour Community Church
  1124. Raef Soliman | Neuma Church, Executive Pastor 
  1125. Cherise Durham | Pastor, World Harvest Ministries
  1126. Darryl Roos | Senior Pastor, Abundant Life Centre
  1127. Shalen Sharma | Senior Pastor, Lighthouse Christian Centre
  1128. Brad Jones | Executive Pastor, Liberty Family Church
  1129. Lody Baissa | Women’s Leader, Glorious Hope 
  1130. Mark Soper | Senior Pastor, Shire Salvos (The Salvation Army) 
  1131. Rachael Cook | Senior Pastor, Shellharbour Community Church 
  1132. Alec Blackwell | Pastor, Millstream Ravenshoe Pentecostal Home Fellowship 
  1133. Darin Browne | Senior Pastor, Ignite Church
  1134. Sarah Freeman | Pastor, World Harvest Ministries
  1135. Jonathan Kerridge | Pastor, Tweed Coast Church 
  1136. James Cloudsdale | Pastor, Cornerstone Family Church
  1137. Jayne Murany | Youth Leader, Warragul Presbyterian
  1138. Daniel Bradea | Pastoral Elder, Victory in Jesus Church Melbourne
  1139. Robyn Flegler | Assistant Pastor, Spirit Life Church
  1140. Vivienne Campbell | Leader, Cornerstone Family Church
  1141. Elisha-Rei Jacobs | Senior Pastor, Central Christian Fellowship 
  1142. Alister Neil Farmilo | Associate Pastor, Zion Chapel Brisbane
  1143. Peter Dalbrun | Pastor, Katoomba Lighthouse Church
  1144. Paul Philip West | Executive Pastor, The Grainery
  1145. Melissa | Pastoral Care, ACC
  1146. Daniel Bradea | Elder, Victory in Jesus Church Melbourne
  1147. Shaun Hepworth | Pastor, SDA
  1148. Micheline Facey | ACC Minister, Hillsong Church
  1149. Isabella | Kid’s Leader, Liberti Church
  1150. Jazmine McClintock | Assistant Pastor, Yeppoon Wesleyan Methodist Church
  1151. Mick | Elder, Bellingen House Of Hope
  1152. Tracey | Elder, Bellingen House Of Hope
  1153. James | Care (Assistant) Pastor, Hervey Bay Baptist Church
  1154. Andrew Orton | Worship Leader, C3 Robina
  1155. Kathryn Stedman | Leader, New Hope, Box Hill
  1156. Greg Perren | Chaplain, Expansion Gympie
  1157. Barbara Frances Taylor | Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Christian Family Church AOG Plumpton 
  1158. Arthur J Hutley | Seniors Ministries Leader, Yeppoon Wesleyan Methodist Church
  1159. Lindsay Jones | Senior Pastor, Victory Life Church Grafton
  1160. Merrilyn Glynn | Leader, Fire Church Australia
  1161. Michael | Senior Pastor, Casey SDA Church
  1162. Leigh Marvin | Councillor, St Joachim’s Catholic Church 
  1163. Reuben Roos | Senior Leader, Twin Rivers Church
  1164. Leanne Calder | Leader, Kingdom
  1165. Melissa Brown | Elder, Home Church, NSW
  1166. Michelle Woodworth | Leader, Home Church, QLD
  1167. David McClure | Elder, Cobar Baptist Church 
  1168. Aporosa Bruce Yaranamua | Leader of Fijian Community, InspireChurch 
  1169. Gerredina | Elder, Cross Purpose Church
  1170. Marissa Sprott | Pastor, Stairway Church Whitehorse
  1171. Craig Bowyer | Elder, Adelaide Messianic Fellowship 
  1172. Heidi Lees | Children’s Ministry, Harvest Church Nhill
  1173. Andrew Gray | Lead Pastor, C3 New Hope
  1174. François | Deacon, Hamilton SDA 
  1175. Emanuel Curea | Pastor, Grace Romanian Christian Church
  1176. Kay McGrory | Leader, Emmanuel Christian Family Church
  1177. Lorraine Simmonds | Pastoral Care, CFC Colac 
  1178. Yolande Soper | Pastor, Hope Centre  RT 
  1179. Ion Curea | Pastor, Grace Romanian Christian Church 
  1180. Sam Joukhadar | Pastor, Faith Baptist Church Blacktown Incorporated
  1181. Trenton | Pastor, Cobar Baptist Church
  1182. Megan | Lead Pastor, Heartlands INC Church
  1183. Neil | Senior Pastor, Maitland & Kurri  Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA)
  1184. Geoff Freiberg | Youth Pastor, Bairnsdale Baptist Church
  1185. Andrew Nugteren | Pastor, Christian Reformed Church of Toowoomba
  1186. Sonia | Minister/Support Officer, The Salvation Army
  1187. Jeremy Greeninh | Senior Pastor, Vineyard Christian Church
  1188. Stephen George Kormanic | Leader, Independent
  1189. Henry Elise | Elder, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  1190. Trish Di Cecco | Senior Pastor, Centerpoint Church INC Melbourne 
  1191. Hui Zhao | Leader, Sydney Christ Life Fellowship 
  1192. Lawrence P. Bull | Senior Pastor (Retired), Mosaic Baptist
  1193. Hendrikje Vanderpol | Leader Kids Church, Beyond Church Toronto
  1194. Leanne O’Brien | Kids Ministry, Axis Church
  1195. Chris Lambe | Senior Pastor, New Creation Church Queensland 
  1196. Brian Gordon England | Pastor (Retired), Christian New Life Centre, Frederickton NSW
  1197. Geoff Downes | Elder, Kings Covenant Church
  1198. Robin Gossip | Elder, Cowra Family Church
  1199. Carolyn Hutley | Board Member, Yeppoon Wesleyan Methodist Church 
  1200. Kaitlan | Youth Leader, LifeSource
  1201. Fiona McCarroll | Board Member, C3 Forster Tuncurry
  1202. Dianne Cameron | Elder, Cowra Family Church
  1203. Gerard Teo | Elder, Maroubra Presbyterian Church
  1204. Jeremy Aston | Worship Leader, Open Door Baptist
  1205. Andrew Harrison | Pastor, Southern Districts Reformed Baptist Church 
  1206. Loretta | Elder, Restoration Down Under
  1207. Rob Normasn | Senior Pastor, Southland Church
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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. COVID VACCINES – DIRE WARNINGS in this Paper by Seneff & Nigh – damage from these vaccines is potentially catastrophic and transgenerational – and now they have targets on our children.
    The rats will be scurrying from an exploding ship when the population learn the true facts of these shocking experimental covid vaccines – please read these papers – I note today, that already as at 16.9.2021 23,751,922 of these experimental jabs have been coerced/forced on Australians and being mandated for ever increasing population sectors – this grossly violating universal informed consent codes.
    Also Paper from Classen Immunotherapies.

    PLEASE READ THESE PAPERS AS OUR POLITICIANS are incapable of (allegedly) independent and unbiased research as their extreme pro-vaccination lobby involvement/stance proves and allegedly throughout the entire Australian Government Vaccinations Policy is rife with Conflicts of Interest -it’s shocking and they are answerable to no one. Likewise – who in the hell allowed mainstream media empires to be calling the shots and virtual mouthpieces for Pharmaceutical Industry (allegedly) – WRONG WRONG WRONG. They all have to be stopped. Read the Papers – the DIRE WARNINGS.


    Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible
    Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines
    Against COVID-19
    Stephanie Seneff and Greg Nigh
    Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT, Cambridge MA, 02139, USA, E-mail:
    Naturopathic Oncology, Immersion Health, Portland, OR 97214, USA
    Operation Warp Speed brought to market in the United States two mRNA vaccines, produced by Pfizer and
    Moderna. Interim data suggested high efficacy for both of these vaccines, which helped legitimize Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA. However, the exceptionally rapid movement of these vaccines through controlled trials and into mass deployment raises multiple safety concerns. In this review we first describe the technology underlying these vaccines in detail. We then review both components of and the intended biological response to these vaccines, including production of the spike protein itself, and their potential relationship to a wide range of both acute and long-term induced pathologies, such as blood disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases. Among these potential induced pathologies, we discuss the relevance of prion-protein-related amino acid sequences within the spike protein. We also present a brief review of studies supporting the potential for spike protein “shedding”, transmission of the protein from a vaccinated to an unvaccinated person, resulting in symptoms induced in the latter. We finish by addressing a common point of debate, namely, whether or not these vaccines could modify the DNA of those receiving the vaccination. While there are no studies demonstrating definitively that this is happening, we provide a plausible scenario, supported by previously established pathways for transformation and transport of genetic material, whereby injected mRNA could ultimately be incorporated into germ cell DNA for transgenerational transmission. We conclude with our recommendations regarding surveillance that will help to clarify the long-term effects of these experimental drugs and allow us to better assess the true risk/benefit ratio of these novel technologies.
    Full Paper >

    COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease
    Classen Immunotherapies, Inc., 3637 Rockdale Road, Manchester
    MD 21102, E-mail:
    J. Bart Classen, MD*
    Development of new vaccine technology has been plagued with problems in the past. The current RNA based SARSCoV-2 vaccines were approved in the US using an emergency order without extensive long term safety testing. In this paper the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was evaluated for the potential to induce prion-based disease in vaccine recipients. The RNA sequence of the vaccine as well as the spike protein target interaction were analyzed for the potential to convert intracellular RNA binding proteins TAR DNA binding protein (TDP-43) and Fused in Sarcoma (FUS) into their pathologic prion conformations. The results indicate that the vaccine RNA has specific sequences that may induce TDP-43 and FUS to fold into their pathologic prion confirmations. In the current analysis a total of sixteen UG tandem repeats (ΨGΨG) were identified and additional UG (ΨG) rich sequences were identified. Two GGΨA sequences were found. Potential G Quadruplex sequences are possibly present but a more sophisticated computer program is needed to verify these. Furthermore, the spike protein, created by the translation of the vaccine RNA, binds angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), a zinc containing enzyme. This interaction has the potential to increase intracellular zinc. Zinc ions have been shown to cause the transformation of TDP-43 to its pathologic prion configuration.
    The folding of TDP-43 and FUS into their pathologic prion confirmations is known to cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases.
    The enclosed finding as well as additional potential risks leads the author to believe that regulatory approval of the RNA based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 was premature and that the vaccine may cause much more harm than benefit.
    Full Paper >

  2. Wow! As a Christian, and a Christian who has become extremely disillusioned with the Morrison government, I was close to signing this.

    But like all petitions, careful research is needed.

    And unfortunately I choose not to sign.

    The family of Kuyper who you are so eager to quote would be most unhappy with you taking him out of context. And omitting his other points of view that clearly have him supporting vaccination in order to protect children.

    He quite plainly states that “… it also is true that if our child does not yet have the pox, but it may strike, we are therefore obligated to take all precautionary measures available to us in order to ensure that our child will not be infected by the pox” – note: in the context of writing about vaccination – he says we are “obligated to take all precautionary measures…”

    I’m disappointed at the lack of transparency, and, frankly, the quote which is deceptively used to pretend that this wonderful man of history was staunchly against vaccinations.