The fight continues!


I needed a sign to continue this fight…and I got it loud and clear!

It’s not evident to me that this fight is not about me, it’s about more than that. I am already halfway through, so I may as well keep it going! I’ve already been through so much, it would be a waste to turn back now.

What am I currently doing regarding my case?

This has become my no.1 priority. I am currently exploring many different options and will be using your financial support very frugally. I’m considering representing myself and spending money on good advice and preparation only. This will save us a lot of money. With enough consultation, I think I can represent myself effectively. I am really quite sick of lawyers and QCs profiting from our misery.

I will be sending out regular emails with updates to all those who have donated. If you can’t donate and still want updates, there is a link at the bottom of this article for you to put in an email address.

How can you support me?

  1. Financial support On the donation page, I have taken off the necessity to put in your name and address so that you can donate anonymously if you’d prefer that.
    You can also send a cheque (make it out to REIGNITE DEMOCRACY AUSTRALIA)
    Reignite Democracy Australia
    PO BOX 575
    Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207
  2. Awareness – Whether you can support financially or not, please help raise awareness of this situation. The government, police, and courts are all working to drain my resources and break my will. This is a sign of a country going down a very dangerous path. Reach out to anyone with a large platform or influence, and ask them to talk about it. I am available for interviews, please email
  3. Empower others – The fact that I have so much support to continue this fight can hopefully empower others to continue their own fight within their own lives. If an everyday person like me can withstand this type of intimidation, so can others! I am not any more or less special than anyone else. We all have more power within us that we have not discovered yet. Use my story to try and inspire you, and others, to find their strength…and never let it go!
  4. Pray for me – whether you’re a religious or spiritual person, please send me prayers and good vibes. Put it out to God and the universe that I am innocent and that all Australians deserve the right to freedom of speech, movement, assemble and protest.

    If you’ve donated anonymously, OR you can’t afford to donate but want to be kept up to date. Put your email address into this form and we’ll add you to the list – CLICK HERE
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  1. Hi,
    Who are Monica’s Lawyers. I have a massive massive civil case I want to sue the VIC Police with. I have subpoenaed the evidence myself. It is a clear cut case of serious polices malfeasance which, if the law was utopian, would result in very long sentences for various members of the Police Prosecution for serious prosecutorial misconduct as well as massive compensation. P.S. Not understated.

  2. I’m wondering why Clive Palmer financially is not supporting Monica, or Why RDA is not asking for his support? He was fighting for the same things in his party.