The Left’s War on Children

The following article from Spectator Australia

The Labor and Green alliance in Australia and the Biden Administration in America are modern political movements with a very clear and sinister leaning to the left-of-centre in the political spectrum.

In recent years, they have moved even further to the left as more Marxist and socialist ideologues have penetrated the hierarchy of their respective political infrastructure.

For some reason, this conglomerate seems to have waged an unrelenting and brutal war on children. The younger the children, the more focused the attack.

Ideologically driven primary school teachers have been confusing children as young as four and five about their sexuality and even suggesting that they may not be a boy or a girl.

Young children are, by their nature, desperate to learn. Their education can be enlightening and enriching, or it can cause irreparable damage. Under the guise of clarifying the matters of gender and sexuality to children too young to receive such information, certain teachers are causing psychological harm with impunity.

The lack of consequences for this behaviour has emboldened the Left, who have no intention of leaving this situation at psychological harm. They also encourage hormonal stimuli and, if need be, the possibility of future body disfigurement to children as young as five through gender reassignment surgery.

The confused messaging does not stop in primary schools. In the secondary years, if a boy wants to invade girls’ sports all he need do is identify as a female and off he goes into girls’ events and uses his physical advantages to be successful. In America, Lia Thomas was born a boy, but as a 22-year-old went on to win most swimming events as a girl. Rarely will you see girls identifying as boys playing in male sporting events, and for good reason. They would lose. The girls that have done so in martial arts have been seriously injured.

It always seems to be the left side of politics encouraging this confusing behaviour and anyone who challenges this ideology is abused and called strange names like ‘transphobe’ or ‘homophobe’ for stating the obvious.

Just ask Katherine Deves.

Unfortunately, this interference does not end with matters of gender and sexuality.

Early in the Covid pandemic, the clear medical data showed children from 15 years and under were among the group of people least affected by the virus. Yet state Labor governments in Australia and left-wing states in America continued to keep children home from school, ordered them to wear masks, ordered them to remain indoors, and even mandated that they should be injected with vaccines that lacked the usual thorough long-term safety data. These measures were not enforced to protect children, but to protect adults from children.

Climate alarmist left-wing teachers are trying to convince children that if certain governmental policies on energy are not urgently implemented the world will burn up taking the children along with it. No hard evidence is provided because the impending apocalypse of fiery doom is a complete lie. Activists also refuse to give children during the course of their learning any evidence which might refute the egregious lie. Instead, the Left scare them to promote ideology.

Left-wing school curriculums are adopting Critical Race Theory (CRT) and in doing so are denying children the opportunity to learn about an abundance of historical knowledge which will surely assist them in dealing with the many problems they will encounter in their future lives.

CRT also denies children the opportunity to learn about mathematics, literature, and science which are the bedrock of society and fundamental to children’s intellectual development.

The Left also has this obsession with ending children’s lives even before they are born.

Recently in America, there has been massive protests about abortion laws.

During the medical treatment referred to as abortion, the mother is to survive but the infant in ventre sa mere (in its mother’s womb) dies. While there should be laws in place to assist women who choose to undergo such medical treatment, the Left seems to consider it a woman’s right to end her child’s life simply because she deemed the unborn child to be a malignant growth to be cut out and destroyed.

The chant used by the left ‘my body my choice’ might be more accurately rendered ‘my body and my child’s body my choice’.

There are two left-wing states, New Jersey and California, which are even promoting post-natal abortion which should be named for what it is: murder of a newborn baby.

There may be sound medical reasons why an unborn child’s life should end however, in a civilised, decent, and compassionate world this would be considered a very unfortunate or even sad occasion rather than, as the left would have it, a cause for celebration.

How might we, therefore, state the Left’s manifesto? It might go something like this:

Kill as many children as you can before they are born. Confuse those lucky enough to survive about their own bodies. If they are sufficiently confused, have them agree to self-mutilation under the heading of gender re-assignment. If they make it through to higher education, teach them to hate themselves, especially if they are white. If they are of any other ethnicity, encourage them to feel victimised and hate their white friends. Teach all children to hate their parents, their religion, and their country. Indoctrinate them with Climate Change philosophy including the notion that the generations before them have doomed the world to destruction.

It is not clear why the left side of politics seems to embrace this philosophy.

What is clear, however, is that those opposed to it, whether on the right or left, should voice their opinion so that our children have a chance to live happy enriched lives.

Open dialogue and freedom of speech without subjection to name calling and cancellation might be a good start, but these are impossible in the absence of a safe public square for dialogue and disagreement.

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  1. I reckon one of the most important skills to teach children is to think critically. Be discerning … don’t necessarily adopt a view just because someone in authority promotes it.