The Light Newspaper

This is SO IMPORTANT, and RDA supports this 100%. If you can, too…it will help us spread the truth to as many people as possible.


Important notes;

  1. Issue 10 is now live.
  2. Best way to be involved is to get a small group together, order some, and distribute them. You can order several different quantities, from 3 to 15,000…very reasonable prices –
    Ideas for places to distribute to;
    • Newsangents
    • Post offices
    • Service stations
    • Hairdressers
    • Mechanics
    • Deli’s and cafes
  3. TLA are looking for groups to take bulk in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. So if you would like to co-ordinate volunteers within these cities and order bulk, please contact The LightAustralia, via their website. 
  4. The Light Australia is non-profit, and 100% volunteer run, no paid positions.   

There are international versions;