There’s still time to influence the election

Again, thank you so much for all your help during this campaign. 

Here’s some things you can still do;

  1. Mass email everyone you know – CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS
  2. Text everyone you know – CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS
  3. Volunteer at a polling booth tomorrow. Whether it’s with a party of with the RDA or MajorsLast HTV cards, please spend some time tomorrow to help educate people to make their vote count. 

I made this video to express my last thoughts before the election. Enjoy 🙂 

On another note, if RDA has helped you at all during this campaign, please consider donating even the price of a coffee…to help us cover all the costs we incurred during this massive task – CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT


Victorians, come celebrate with Morgan and I on Sunday at 2 pm – DETAILS HERE

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  1. The election is totally rigged because of the amount of postal votes voters are encouraged to do by the AEC (they pretend they make it hard to apply but everyone can get one even if you live inside a polling centre) instead of turning up on election day…..Millions of votes sitting in a warehouse for 2 weeks before an election and still no one can see that postal voting is the easiest way to rig an election…..15 million voters and the AEC printed 50 million ballots…what do you think that is all about?…This election is rigged just face it

    1. I agree 100% that that is their intention. You can tell by their attitude what they think of the freedom parties. It is really frustrating to think that all the work so many have done to slowly and painfully gain one voter at a time can be wiped out in the thousands at the push of a button.
      There must be something we can do. I don’t know the details of how the system operates but surely we can have scrutinners watching the postal vote count and set up security cameras that watch the warehouse 24/7 and are remotely operated by us so that they can’t be edited

  2. On a bit lighter note first……. I heard of someone who was planning to put a large bet on Joe Biden to become Australian Prime Minister because they left the system set up to spirit all the votes away to him.

    But on a more serious note….. You are dead right Monica ,there is still time to influence the result. Especially at the booth. You don’t have to have huge amounts of knowledge…. you only have to to know the basics and be genuine. It will be easier than you think. I spoke to someone who had spent all week at the pre poll and he was afraid most people would tell him to F***off, but only one person did the whole week,and he only muttered it under his breath.
    I was only there twice for an hour or so but you soon learn to read people.Most were only voting because they had to and had barely thought about it. I live in a remote electorate so there was only 2 freedom parties there but 2 more had left how to vote cards. A lot seemed a bit confused when I offered info about freedom parties as it was obvious they had never thought about it. You just had to tell them that the important thing was to put majors last and just have a read and see if any struck a chord with them .Most didn’t look as if they just took them to be polite, most were reading them as they walked off and a few went under the shade of a tree and went through them all. ( still warm in Mid West WA).
    I woud say that the majority of voters fit in the “havn’t really thought about it ” category and are open to being influenced.
    You soon learn what those who talk are concerned about and you can talk to them about that. Dont forget that the majority have been vaxxed and most of those are starting to hear about the after effects and are starting to worry. There is lots of info about the negative effects but little about how to repair the immune system.
    The Australian professor ,Ian Brighthope has some excellent info on Maria Zee’ s website ; ZEE MEDIA if you search through the back interviews. His protocol is very similar to Nobel Prize nominee, Vladamere Zelenko who has a formula called Z – Stack on his website if you search under his name. Dr Z was the major doctor using Hydroxy chloroquine to treat covid and taught many hundreds of doctors,some of whom have treated 7000+ patients for a 100% success rate.

    To Morgan and Monica and all the freedom parties…. Good luck for Saturday, many good people are behind you with all the spirit they have got.