This Time Last Year: Victoria Police officer suspended over video of violent Flinders Street arrest

Let’s look back… This should never of happened in the first place. Hold them accountable.

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Victoria Police has suspended an officer who was filmed during an arrest where he appeared to grab a man from behind and swing him to the ground.

• Police say the acting sergeant has been suspended while the incident is investigated
• They have called for witnesses, including the person who filmed the arrest, to come forward
• Leading Victorian lawyers have spoken out against the officer’s behaviour

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  1. So of course the acting sargent needs to be gaoled for this, no question. I have seen a lot of things in my life but that attack absolutely was the number one by a mile worst thing I have ever seen. In fact I have the short video somewhere on my PC of the poor victim straight after. To watch him in my unprofessional opinion there was brain injury. Hopefully he became better with time but I am shocked that he lived.