Medical Privacy Tips you can use…

When dealing with an employer..simply say that your medical information is private and protected under the privacy act and you don’t wish to disclose anything. Don’t say you haven’t had the jab or that you don’t want it, just say you don’t want to tell them.

If you are in this position with your employee, I highly suggest watching THIS VIDEO.

When dealing with friends or everyday people…something I would personally do is;

If someone asks you if you’re vaccinated and you’re the type of person that lives to shock someone. Respond with;

Thanks for asking, first I want to ask you a question…when was your last STD check? (If it’s a female)….”When was your last pap smear?”

They’ll be so shocked and probably say you’re rude. Then you can say…” well, that’s how I feel about your invasive questions…it’s none of your business”.

I also came across this today, have a read.

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