To Matthew Guy – You care about freedom now? Where were you when we needed you? Please explain.

I’m confused. All of the sudden, the Liberal Party seems to completely align with the anti-lockdown, anti-mandate, freedom movement (see his email below).

Where were they last year when peaceful protesters were being shot at with rubber bullets?
Where were they when pregnant woman and journalists were being arrested and charged?
Where were they when we were getting fired from our jobs?


Matthew Guy, we needed you over the last two years to be a a real opposition party. It doesn’t count now, its too late to fly the freedom-of-speech flag.

If you truly believe in these points you’ve written, please explain why you didn’t use your voice to stand up for us when it counted?

You left us to fight for ourselves! Your lack of courage forced moderate Aussies to become politically charged.

You let the media vilify and lie about the very people you are now trying to appeal to…will you hold them accountable?

Tell us WHY you didn’t say these things when we needed you to?

Liberals will get my last vote under the line in the upper house. Not because you deserve it, but simply because you aren’t Labor.

In saying all this…things could change if you decide to show Victorians some courage and backbone and address these questions…I won’t hold my breath but gee it would be great!


With Victoria’s pandemic declaration finally set to expire tomorrow night, I wanted to let you know our Plan for Future Pandemic Management, which I have launched tonight.

You can watch our video here:

Some of the highlights:
– We will guarantee no more lockdowns.
– We will prevent Victorians being locked out of their state, ever again.
– We will enshrine the right to free speech, and democratic freedoms like the right to protest.
– We will ensure there will be no vaccine mandates during any future pandemics, except in acute health, disability and aged care settings.
– We will hold a Royal Commission into the handling of COVID-19 in Victoria.
– We will ensure all health advice relating to decision-making is released for everyone to see.
– We will amend the Victorian Constitution Act to limit a State of Emergency or State of Disaster declaration to only 30 days.And, we will repeal Daniel Andrews’ 2021 pandemic legislation.

Our commitment to Victoria tonight forms part of our Real Solutions plan, which you can read more about here.

Kind regards, 
Leader of the Liberal Party
Leader of the Victorian Opposition

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  1. What do I think…I agree 100% about voting freedom parties 1 to 5 and Libs last below the line. In the tragic event that one of our parties doesn’t make it, at least my vote will never get to Labor. And I think Andrew’s CAN’T campaign. 1. When he gives notice of an appearance, people like us gather and drown him out. 2. He’s scared shitless of being taken out.