TONIGHT AT 8PM – TOGETHER WE CAN…get our liberties back! A brand new series brought to you by RDA


  • Morgan C Jonas (MCJ Report)
  • Fanos (Fanos The Voice)
  • Triccy (The People’s Revolution)
  • Narelle Fraser (Human rights advocates)
  • Christian Mack (National Education United)
  • Ursula (Unite Now Australia)
  • Pearse Casey (SKIP Australia)

RDA is hosting the first of several live streams dedicated to showcasing all the different organisations/groups who are fighting for our Liberties.

It’s a way for the public to see what each group is up to and support them in any way they can.
We will be hosting these events fortnightly, so stay tuned for the next one.

See you Tonight at 8pm 🙂

Click below to register on YouTube.

OR you can watch on Facebook too

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  1. Yes, we can get our liberties back. Like minded people who stand together for truth and justice
    will always win, it just takes a while with so much
    corruption in Victoria.