TOGETHER WE CAN…Reignite Democracy!!!

We have launched a brand new campaign that brings together ALL the different groups and people who are fighting for our rights!


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  1. Wouldn’t you like to include in this list Velvet Revolution Australia, RDA? I heard they are working very hard in trying to have all culprits in the judicial system, government, police etc. arrested.

  2. I agree with Rick, the Velvet Revolution should be included, as well as the Council WatchGovernment group who’s case against D Andrews for treason just got cancelled by a magistrate. Without justice, corruption will reign, the nation fall.

    1. Nothing will stop us standing together, so the more who are on our
      side the better. Do you have any news on why the court case was

      1. No doubt, through DA’s influence. Corruption. Many of our magistrates n judges are complicit and compromised. This whole ‘agenda’ was planned years ago so they’ve already put ‘their’ key people in place – ie top level military, police, medics, judiciary, etc And politicians of course. We need a Revolution!

      1. Great, it’s a good idea that all freedom groups work together. Did you find out about the NT lockdown? We can’t have that here. We need to go rallying in the hundreds of thousands or a million/s if possible to stop this because if they do full blown lockdowns, the unvax will be targeted for sure.

  3. RDA, this resource is truly EPIC. Bless you for your efforts! We have a a couple of websites here in Toowoomba dedicated to the cause ( and ) as well as a growing freedom movement, including the likes of the heroic Bar Wunder which recently hit the headlines for its couragous stand for freedom ( Hoping to lauch an RDA community group here soon (I’ve emailed you about it!)
    Blessings for 2022 – the year for us reclaiming our country!
    David Sretenovic