NEW RDA series – TOGETHER WE CAN…vote the majors out

RDA is excited to announce this new series that will give the minor parties a platform to discuss the upcoming Federal election with us all.

Tonight’s show will have

  • Rod Culleton
  • Michael O’Neil 
  • Glen O’Rourke
  • Craig Kelly

This will also be the first time we live stream direct to our website – it’ll go live here

This first episode will be an introduction, however, we will be hosting this event every fortnight with different topics. From preferencing to campaigning, we intend to educate as many people as possible.

We will also monitor questions and attempt to get through the important ones.

RDA is not telling anyone who to vote for or support. We want to bring you the different options and you can decide for yourselves 🙂

You will be able to watch it here;




In this interview, we talk about this upcoming series.

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  1. MONICA, out here in WA a hell of a lot of people vote NATIONALS (especially in the bush) the LIBS in the west are stuffed so just a throught, if you can maybe talk to Mia Davies in Northam and sound her out on forming a co op ( without the Libs) , they the Nats ) could be a big help in getting heaps of seats. ps I,ve meet MIA and she is salt of the earth.

  2. This is a great initiative, well done RDA! 🙂

    To know a person, do not only listen to what they SAY – look at what they DO.

    Looking forward to learning more about Rod, Michael and Glen. Whereas, Craig already has a revealing voting record. And (I’m sorry to say this) – although I really want to – I cannot bring myself to trust Craig. He says the right things, and while he appears to have had a significant change of heart and direction recently, and – thankfully, has been on the side of the people on a number of important issues of freedom lately, unfortunately his longer-term voting record does NOT reflect quite such a positive or honourable picture.
    According to MP vote-watching sites, Craig has voted AGAINST things like: more scrutiny of intelligence services & police; restricting foreign ownership; increasing the diversity of media ownership, (notably the stranglehold on media is the central reason we are in this covid mess); increasing transparency of big business; increasing political transparency; increasing Aboriginal land rights; and increasing funding to Legal Aid.
    Craig voted FOR things like: privatising government assets and services; putting welfare payments onto CASHLESS debit cards (aka the IMF agenda); increasing/removing the Government debt limit; increasing the price of subsidised medicine; – and THE BIG ONE, welcoming foreign military onto Australian soil during “emergencies” and giving them IMMUNITY for any harm they do to Australian people(!!) (a clearly treasonous bill, and one which has even wider implications than first appears).
    He has also notably not turned up for a number of key votes.

    **In addition** (as far as I know) Craig has NEVER used his parliamentary position (or his public profile) to demand that the 90-year parliamentary suppression order, on the criminal inquiry into the 28 high-ranking paedophiles, be lifted. Why has Craig been mute on this outrageous and unlawful suppression order that is actively protecting paedophiles?? (…red flag?)

    I know we are all fed-up with being lied to and betrayed by our leaders and so we’re eager to believe that someone is stepping-up to do the right thing, but please don’t simply accept UAP’s “we are not Labor, Liberal, Greens or National” tag. There has to be more to a political party than what that party (claims) they “are not”. We need PROOF of INTEGRITY across the board. So, please be wary, look at how people behave not just what they say, and do your research – then make up your own mind based not on words, but on actions. Sadly, Craig Kelly’s voting record is NOT reassuring:

      1. it is shocking Howard and Australia’s and USA et al vaccination policies always been totally corrupted with the most obscene conflicts of interest – independent researchers screaming about this for so long but as the system is so systemically corrupted and there has never been anyone to hold them to account – nobody even cared as long as those greased up corporate revolving doors kept on rolling to governments – but when they start mandating vaccinations and or other medical treatments that’s not on – if the governments want associations/partnerships/memberships $$$$$$ with Pharmaceutical Industry and other corporate bodies a simple RULE IS THAT NO MANDATES FOR ANYTHING AT ANYTIME FROM ANYWHERE CAN BE ENACTED EVER !!!!

        Trends in Mortality and Morbidity in the Most Vaccinated Countries : Twenty-one Proven Facts
        Even with very high vaccination rates, we will not achieve herd immunity
        Global Research, November 28, 2021
        This overview of the evolution of the epidemic in these vaccine champion countries, as described by WHO data and John Hopkins University curves, shows :
        That the Covid pseudo-vaccines do not protect populations from recurrence of the epidemic
        That health agencies have abandoned the hope of collective immunity through vaccination, now qualified as a myth by almost all the agencies that believed in it
        That this failure is the consequence of the insufficient efficiency and the much too short duration[13] of the current pseudo-vaccines which do not prevent from being sick nor from transmitting the disease
        That many experts think that it is time to learn to live with covid as with the seasonal flu.

        It is high time that our Minister of Health considered the facts and the conclusions of foreign agencies and stop the fruitless quest for an illusory and dangerous vaccine grail.
        The failure of pseudo-vaccines is all the more obvious now that cheap early treatments have proven to be safe and effective in India as well as in Africa (Nigeria, Madagascar) when we look at the data published by the WHO.
        India has favoured early and preventive treatments with hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin with success.

        Censorship of Academic Research:
        A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy
        Judy Wilyman, University of Wollongong
        Vaccination policies in Australia need to be researched and scrutinised extensively, as their use in the prevention of infectious diseases has serious health and social implications. In fact, prior to the use of most vaccines becoming widespread in the mid-20th century, deaths and illnesses by infectious diseases were significantly reduced due to environmental and lifestyle factors!
        My PhD thesis ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’ published by the University of Wollongong in 2015 was a culmination of years of work on the control of infectious diseases in Australia.
        Yet since its publication, it has been ridiculed, denigrated and censored by the mainstream media, the Australian government, and medical industry representatives.
        It explores the necessity of independent research into whether the vaccines being recommended today are safe, effective, and necessary for the protection of the community.
        It also reiterates the importance of having comprehensive evidence that it is safe to combine multiple vaccines in the developing bodies of infants.
        The government’s claim that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks cannot be trusted due to the gaps in the scientific knowledge and the inadequate monitoring of adverse events after vaccination.
        Follow the link to read my abstract or the full thesis to draw your own informed conclusion.
        continue > Download >

        NOTE WELL > The above attacks on Dr. Judy Wilyman was a relentless and disgusting persecution campaign by Industry and the Pro-Vaccination Lobby Group to stop Judy Wilyman’s work – these Government and Industry Activists even attempted to have the University of Wollongong rescind her doctorate (PhD) in 2016.
        See > Vaccination Decisions >

        Medical Error Action Group

        There are serious problems in our medical industry with an alarming number of doctors taking their own lives
        9 November, 2018

        Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency malfeasant, arrogant, complacent
        MEAG May 3, 2018
        Australia’s own medical regulator AHPRA — Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.
        A regulator that can’t even regulate itself.
        The true meaning of malfeasance is AHPRA — corrupt to the core | devious and inept | runs amok with power and self-importance | answerable to no one | operates in clandestine | lying is its modus operandi | run by staff sacked from Health Departments…
        AHPRA has not got a clue what investigation means. Evidence and facts? They don’t worry about that. They manufacture it and stick to it. Woe betide challenging it.
        Just take a look at the AHPRA state and territory branches and who they are run by.
        Yes, the old heads of state medical boards. They just slithered into positions with the new national medical board for further self-aggrandizement and same old misinformation and obfuscation aka cover-ups continue. A medical mafia.
        The old saying: Fish rots from the head down.
        AHPRA CEO is ex-FED Department of Health and ex-NHS.
        This is why AHPRA is as it is.
        Would not have a clue what safety and quality is for there is no safety and there is no quality when it comes to AHPRA.
        Hundreds of emails daily fill our inbox of AHPRA’s malfeasance from people across the nation who don’t know each other but they’re all saying the same thing.
        AHPRA is inept beyond belief.
        What is AHPRA for if it cannot investigate and regulate? Why aren’t bad apples weeded out? From AHPRA’s ranks as well.
        Nothing short of a royal commission is needed to look into AHPRA’s misconduct.
        You think the banks are bad? AHPRA is worse, truly.

        In the time of COVID-19 medical freedom has been replaced with medical tyranny
        Posted on November 25, 2021 by State of the Nation

        WHO Finally Admits Flu Is DEADLIER Than COVID19 !
        Published on November 26, 2021
        Written by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

        WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO is heavily) conflicted and controlled by industry
        Given the strong and ongoing evidence that WHO is heavily conflicted and controlled by industry, its usefulness as a guardian of public health needs to be seriously reevaluated.
        Continue >

  3. Here is a live broadcast of the first Republic of Poland Members of Parliament Investigation Committee as part of the Nuremberg 2.0 project with the special guest Dr. Reiner Füllmich in attendance.

    and >

    Australia’s vaccine mandates: a violation of international law?
    Gabriël A Moens AM and Augusto Zimmermann
    As can be seen, it is rather uncontroversial that Australia’s political establishment has violated an important legal-international understanding of the rule of law.
    Indeed, international human rights legislation explicitly prohibits the removal of non-derogable rights even in situations of an alleged “emergency”.
    This prohibition encompasses any form of compulsion subjecting individuals to mandatory medical or pharmaceutical service, including vaccination.
    In summary, any Australian law that requires vaccine mandates either directly or indirectly, is not only constitutionally invalid, but it also constitutes a violation of Australia’s obligations under public international law.

    and >

    Kalergi Depopulation Agenda & Rothschild Banking Crime Family

    and >
    I would remind everyone to keep referring to this extensive, excellent and impressive body of work by Simon Forrest use it everywhere you wish to >

    Information Paper Regarding NON-CONSENT TO MANDATORY OR COERCED COVID-19 Injections (Including Discussions on the COVID19/SARS-CoV-2 Situation and Vaccines in General)
    by Simon Forrest
    September, 2021
    The purpose of this paper is to object against any intention to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for any person in any situation under any circumstances.
    In Regards to Vaccines in General:
    • There are serious question marks surrounding vaccine safety, supported by hundreds of studies, countless testimonies by parents and their doctors, billion-dollar payouts in vaccine injury compensation courts, vaccine adverse event reporting systems and various data, records, graphs, facts, figures and observations.
    • There is evidence that actively challenges vaccine efficacy and effectiveness, including countless people contracting diseases despite being vaccinated against that disease, perpetual outbreaks amongst highly vaccinated groups/communities, mortality rates for many diseases dropping to low numbers well before vaccines were introduced, studies indicating that unvaccinated children have demonstrably fewer health issues than vaccinated children, and again; various data, records, graphs, facts, figures and observations.
    • A number of doctors, scientists, medical experts and health professionals have spoken out via websites, documentaries, videos, interviews, posts, podcasts and books about their concerns surrounding vaccine safety and efficacy, conflicts of interest and corruption.
    In Regards to the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Situation: Continue >

    Tip of the needle corruption and conflicts of interest
    Australian Government Thugs and Tyrants using the population for human dartboards for their covid atrocities > the population will be most interested in this.

    CONFLICTS OF INTEREST in Australian Vaccination Policies – Tip of the Needle examples

    Concerned Lawyers Network

    The corruption and conflicts of interest globally is so massive it’s unbelievable….

    Video: An Evocative Appeal from Some Indigenous People in Australia
    By TheCrowhouse
    Global Research, November 29, 2021