Monica interviews the great Tom Barnett

Tom is working day and night to affect change locally, and country-wide. He applied for council and was accepted, but they found a way to reject him afterward. He is dedicated to his work and mission. We can all learn from him. He has a gift of being able to explain complex things in simple terms.

As Tom says during the interview, Let’s face it, we know the system is broken and people are frustrated because they aren’t being heard.

To learn more about Tom Barnett and his work visit:

You can also find Tom on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. local govt council,s finding ERRORS in applications for councilor positions has been going on for ever in WA. they use every trick in the book to block people that are considered UNWORTHY. go to a few council meetings and stand up and let the pricks know what you think of them,they hate being physical and verbaly confronted, your next application will be a lot smoother