Tragic Coercion

Senator Gerard Rennick Speaks out about a tragic story from Cenna Knowles. A 19-year old who has suffered an adverse reaction to Pfizer after her second shot.

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  1. The death rate of the jab is ABSOLUTELY understated. It has been so since day dot!
    Just remember how long it took until authorities finally admitted that blood clots might possibly BE LINKED to astrazeneca. VERY RARE EVENT THEY INSITED TO CALL IT!
    To this day if an individual is brave enough to report his/her experince with the often traumatic and debilitating side effects experienced, they will be ignored by any mainstream media and ostracised by the moronic trolls on social media platforms! What we know is, according to TGA’s internal report 500 Australians died and some 46000 serious side effects of the jab. I am sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg!

  2. Thank you Aussieger.
    Yes! When you consider that the AMA is actually deregistering doctors if they are telling the truth about the potentially harmful jabs on offer it is not surprising to hear that hospital staff is silenced too. The Hippocratic oath is rendered meaningless by the powers to be.
    And yet it is common knowledge that the jab is not a vaxxine by definition in that it offers no immunity for covid in reality. Supposedly reliable testing has shown that any effectiveness of the jab is reduced to less than 40% in less than 4 month! Consider also that the PCR testing method is not to be used for testing, so the inventor. The test is subject to DNA contamination and really cannot tell the difference between the common flu or covid. Basically you can manipulate the test by altering the cycles you choose as well to get the covid numbers you want to publish, no doubt. No matter which way you look at it there is no question in my mind that this is a full blown conspiracy of governments around the globe to control the population on behalf of the NWO. It seems nobody wants to acknowledge that fact and so we keep sleepwalking into oblivion!

  3. I can only hope that the victim or her parents aren’t compelled to make statements supporting the jab because her reaction was “rare” I don’t know anyone who can honestly say they have had Covid,as opposed to a heavy cold or the old fashioned Flu but I did know one man who died 3 days after getting the jab,and a few days later the Qld Government said that AZ wasn’t safe for younger males. As with any experiment there are gong to be ‘incedents’ but the politicos in Australia and those unseen unelected ones hiding behind them don’t care as long as big pharma keep pumping that filthy lucre into those caymans accounts.

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