Spotlight on Truckies – Melbourne Blockade & QLD Mandates

Trucks have intentionally tried to block traffic on one of Melbourne’s busiest freeways in protest against lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations.

Police pulled over eight trucks about 8.30am on Tuesday on the Tullamarine Freeway near Moreland Rd in the city’s northwest after they travelled at low speed.

The truckie protest had planned to block all lanes by driving over the West Gate Bridge and out to Melbourne Airport at 20km/h

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Queensland mandatory vaccines for truckies

“From October 15, it will be mandatory for all truckies using the freight pass to have one dose. By November 15, they’ll need to have their second dose. And from today, we are starting roadside vaccinations for truckies.”

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  1. Surely these blockades are making some difference,
    it is making a difference on supermarket shelves.
    Maybe more people have to keep these kinds of
    protests going.

    1. They’ll only make a difference if major shortages happen and Qld product can’t get to southern markets. They won’t make any difference otherwise, because the regime’s propaganda machine won’t report on any effective opposition strategies.