“Side Effects” Trucks On the Move

Three weeks ago we were contacted by a family in Western Australia wanting to share the truth about vaccine side effects. They were able to put the material on their truck similar to the RDA Truth Bug. Their truck was able to participate in some demonstrations in Perth. You too can join in and share the truth in your location too!

You too can get signage on your vehicle – you can find artwork here, here and here

Here are some photos of the truck in Perth.

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    1. There absolutely MUST be a debate screened on prime time TV. So many ethical,knowledgeable experts have been constantly challenging public health leaders around the world to do this since the start of the pandemic.

      American entrepreneur, Steve Firsch has long been offering $ US 1,000,000 to any public health official to debate his team of experts in a debate to be aired publicly and with strict rules to make it fair (no Brad Hazzard type tantrums or walkouts allowed) . He is willing to talk if a million is not enough, but has had no takers.

      When children’s very lives are at stake parents must be able to hear pros and cons to make an informed decision, not one sided propaganda.

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