CLARIFICATION – UAP is NOT preferencing Liberals

UAP is NOT preferencing the Liberal Party.

Also, I explain a bit about preferences and how they’re given.

Along with some clarification on how RDA is supporting minor parties.

Below the video is the full email from UAP

Hello Members,

You may have heard the news that today the United Australia Party has agreed to exchange preferences with the Liberal Democrats, the party led by former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman (press release is below).

This announcement has been made while your party is busy processing the applications of hundreds of Australians who have come forward and expressed a desire to become one of our United Australia Party candidates and stand up for freedom. As you know, we intend to stand candidates in all 151 House of Representatives seats and all Senate positions.

I am delighted to report that we have some first-class nominees who we know will do all they can to represent you and form a new government.

It is inevitable that from time-to-time we will make some mistakes as we build our campaign operations. However, the important thing is for all members to support the endorsed candidates as much as possible and remain united in our efforts.

At this time, we have almost 82,000 members, which is fantastic and we thank you all. But we have set an ambitious target of reaching the incredible figure of 100,000 members before the next election.

Please help us recruit more members and equip the party to fight the election with an army of supporters, volunteers and campaign helpers. If each of you can think about who you might recruit and encourage to join the party, we will reach that historical number and you will have played your part to get us there.

New members can join the party by completing the form HERE

Craig Kelly and I are working hard every day to do all we can and fight for you. When the campaign heats up we will be attacked from every angle, but we must stay united, stay strong and remember that only sticking together will bring about the changes this country is crying out for.

All the best,

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. Interesting how sketchy Craig Kelly is in his responses as well.
    As much as I like much of what they are doing, similar to how I like a lot of what Malcolm Roberts and Mark Latham are doing, the fact still remains only Great Australia Party and possibly Australia One are trustworthy enough to vote for, based on their policies and their transparency from day one.

  2. so why was one nations policy not supported?. Does UAP support discrimination against unvaccinated and anyone else?. Does UAP support the forced vaccinations?. What has UAP done about the NT military round up?. One must look closer, look at their history, I have concerns. No I will not join a party that has secret mandates, polititions will not change anything, they feather their own nests and cant be trusted at all, as the saying goes, how do you tell a politition is lying, his lips are moving.

    1. I hear you. I wish all the rabble independents could get their heads together and come up with a resilient party with massive numbers – otherwise I fear we’re all toast. I would be VERY interested to know what’s your take on Australia One, lead by Riccardo Bosi, ex- National Commander of the SAS.
      He seems very strong; here’s an interview with him:

      1. Hi Aussiegerl, yeah, looked him up yesterday and he seems…strong, however he is still a politition. As in the likes of Hinch and Lambie, they have good intentions but are quickly bought off and turn against the same people they wanted to help. Same as this site, i have been noticing a fair amount of censorship and banning of people with different views in this comments section. Is this not what this site is fighting for, all freedoms. there is a saying : the oppressed eventually become the oppressors.

  3. Vote however you want BUT if you want real change in the direction we are heading as a country put the LIB/NATS, Labour and Greens at the bottom of your voting selection.

      1. Hi Aussiegerl,
        My apologies for the late reply. I totally agree with Ric’s views on the current psychological operations that are being applied across western democracies. He has an approach I am very familiar with as a soldier, very direct with no BS. I would have no hesitation in voting for him. I would also have no hesitation in voting for the UAP, One Nation, GAP or any other party that is prepared to stand up against the current authoritarian Liberal/National Green or Labour. It’s totally your decision to make. His take on us as a nation under one flag united as a people is paramount to the success of our country.
        Warm regards,

        1. Thank you Mick.
          As I hadn’t heard of Mr. Bosi, I needed reassurance that he is bona fide.
          Things are heating up, that is for sure.
          Bye for now,

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