United Australia Party October 2021 Members Update

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  1. Finally we have people standing up to represent The People of our Nation. With God to guide us may we win this battle against Evil. Advance Australians ❤🇦🇺

  2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    1. If you are religious, doesn’t getting vaxxed go against “gods will”, didn’t God start this “pandemic”?

      1. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      2. Not sure where the idea that God started the “pandemic” came from. Sickness has always been around since Adam and Eve sinned against God. All get sick because all have sinned. We call this time a “plandemic”, it has been planned and created by evil people who want more money and power and are prepared to kill millions to get it. For the Christian, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Bible warns not to “defile” the body. This evil jab in my opinion meets the definition of defilement as much as anything could. Hope this clarifies things for you.

  3. Since the disaster that Morrison and the Liberals have become I have lost all trust in politics.
    However, I must say that UAP does offer an alternative. While nothing short of the soon Return of Jesus Christ will fix this broken world, yet I do hope that UAP are sincere in wanting to make Australia great, and if they honour the Creator then they will find success. I will vote for them, none of the others are worth it.

  4. good on you Clive you have my vote and my fiends on next election.Australia needs politicians like you who are telling what is going on behind the scenes of covid jabs! God Bless !