UN Takes Down Domain Names

UN & Covid

Across the world, organisations purporting to represent global interests, have been instrumental in enforcing extraordinary uniformity across the world in the forms of  lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

But what of the United Nations, the most prominent of the global institutions?

According to the Cairns News, both the Liberal/National Party and the Labor Party are “completely on board with the UN”, which presents some dark implications.

“The entire government – all branches, mainstream political parties are fallen to the Deep State/Fifth Column of the Revolution which has been Long Marching through all institutions of social influence for decades,” writes the Cairns News. “In 1980 there was a top-level inquiry: ‘The Australian Senate Inquiry into the Implications for Australia of the New International Order’ (read world Communist state). All parties to the resolution which came out of that Inquiry pledged support. ‘We are fully engaged and will use every tool to promote it.’

“This Agenda has been driven by every branch and level of government for decades. And this subversion has been resisted from within for decades. So now with ‘Operation Corona’, when the international Communist state – which government is the UN – brings the nation to the third stage of subversion (crisis), the government is revealed to have completely capitulated.”

Any political influence from the UN is not direct. It is comprised of nation states and there is no legal framework or enforcement mechanism that can superimpose itself over nation’s laws. It’s rather a forum for the groupthink and collective action of powerful bureaucrats from around the world; a place for them to establish technocratic, rather than democratic, power structures.

Thus, a dangerous type of enforcement is appearing. The UN is starting to censor the internet, which is to some extent outside the purview of nation states. It is starting to deplatform web sites by removing domain names. Privately hosted web sites are being taken off line, implemented by the UN’s Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) and citing its “Framework to Address Abuse” – a broad definition as conveniently vague as social media’s “violating community standards.”

CTED notifies domain registrars of ‘extremist’ sites – those that promote narratives they don’t approve of – and the sites are cancelled and can no longer be found. It is a new level of internet censorship because it does not just target publishers but individuals simply wanting to use the internet.

Social media sites have been aggressively censoring since early 2020, and, hosting companies such as Amazon have been able to undermine alternative social sites.

But now the UN is weighing in with another layer of attack.

Another global player, the World Economic Forum, has been saying that there needs to be a global mechanism for combatting “hate speech” and that Big Tech cannot do it alone. Now the UN is combining forces in the elite’s efforts to suppress. In a typical move, their pretext is done under a harmless sounding subject of “safety” BUT the true aim is to shut down dissent.

“What they are describing here is people waking up,” says commentator Ice.age.farmer. “They don’t want people falling down the rabbit hole and learning about the powers that shouldn’t be. It is not even a secret conspiracy. All you have to do is read a web site like the “World Economic Forum” to read an open plan about taking over the world.”

One of the features of the technocratic tyranny that is now in plain sight is the quashing of dissenting views. In democracies, there is supposed to be free speech, with qualifications. In technocracies, only the speech of the technocrats is allowed. Now the United Nations, using Artificial Intelligence, is ratcheting up its efforts to enforce information totalitarianism: “prevent the spread of harmful narratives” and misinformation or fake news. Sound familiar? “They want total control over what you see and hear online,” says Ice.age.farmer.






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  1. There is little else to say about this factual and tragically true article than: AMEN!
    Stop looking for miracles and understand what is coming our way unless people wake up and rise against this terror!

  2. Could be time to start planning ways other than the internet for communicating. There has been plenty of dissent around before the net and people went down the rabbit hole using nothing but paper and ink. The net makes things easier and faster but stuff can get done without it. 

  3. Monica, this ‘article’ was written by someone who peddles dangerous antisemitic lies. She links her concerns about ‘Globalists’, the ‘Marxist’ United Nations, and the takeover of the Australian government by Communists to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a fabricated document that has been used to justify the hatred and persecution of Jews for over 100 years. What she’s saying is that Jews are planning world domination by controlling what we can say and see, that they control our governments, the media, the banks etc. She posts links to books citing Hitler’s Mein Kampf with approval and claiming the Rothschilds (somehow) instigated WWII in order to maintain their power. She believes in something called the Judeo-masonic-Bolshevist conspiracy. In other words, she’s a neo-Nazi in all but name. If you care about your reputation, don’t re-post such garbage. It is poison. And if you have any evidence that the UN’s anti-terrorism unit is recommending the removal of domain names other than those supporting websites of violent extremists such ISIL, post that here.

    1. The issue I have with your post Matt is that it is totally aimed at critisising the author, rather than the content presented in the article.

      Personally I find the suggestions in the article a little bit more along the “conspiracy path” than sits comfortably with me. The thing is though, I reckon you either support free speech or you don’t. Free speech includes views and opinions that you don’t necessarily agree with. The alternative is to suppress those ideas and opinions. I don’t believe that that really works out well for anyone.

  4. ” the international communist state…. government is the UN” Is this author for real?
    These Labels of the past such as communist, capitalist etc. can be supplemented to totalitarian and imperialistic. Any avid history buff will know that the ethics and ideals of communism and capitalism never existed in any governance since they were ‘coined’.
    The author is right that there is a combined effort to enslave all of humanity under hegemonic tyranny. But he diminishes his argument by giving them labels like Communism.
    Make no mistake they are not doing it under any pre existing political paradigm or ethos they are sociopathic power usurping beasts determined to enslave us all.
    Give me a commy to these beast any day; at least some commies believed they were doing good!

  5. Given that those who are trying to bring this in are the world’s super-wealthy, it seems to me that this is not a communist-like take-over, but a neo-fuedalistic take-over where all the ‘common people’ are turned into robotic serfs doing the bidding of those super-wealthy, and controlled by microsoft-like crytocurrency systems using body activity for punishment and reward, using implanted digital devices, possibly introduced into the body using vaccination.
    Of course, many of these super-wealthy are eugenicists (including Bill Gates), and possibly psychopaths/sociopaths, who are looking to eliminate all those that they consider to be inferior to themselves, .
    Deleting web domain names would be the modern equivalent to the Nazi book burning. Stopping communication and the spread of true information would be just the next step in the take over plan. Hopefully, as MattZ says, these deletions are only being applied to ‘violent extremist’ groups.

  6. Everything that has happened over the years all leads back to the Monarchy and the Pilgrims society its military arm. From Communism, JFK assassination, Bolshevik, Killing of the Czars,Venezuela etc.