Update for ALL RDA Members – Australia Wide

This is wordy but I feel the need to explain exactly what’s going on and what our plans are. It’s important you know what we’re doing with your generous effort, time and financial support.  Please forgive the confusion over the last few weeks. This has been an invaluable lesson and it’s pushed us to organise and plan things better moving forward. You’ll see what I mean once you finish reading this email. RDA has ‘turned a corner’ and is starting to look and act like a proper organisation, rather than one girl blabbing on a livestream 🙂 

I must make something perfectly clear before moving on…Morgan and I are no longer working with or are associated with Team Australia. The strategy was good in theory but didn’t work in reality. We will ‘soldier on’ with Plan B 🙂 

This is the plan;

  1. Meeting and vetting potential candidates to run in the Next Federal Election.
  • Anyone who signed up online or emailed expressing interest will be contacted by Morgan soon. (please check your spam and junk folders just in case you miss it) 
  • We have professional strategists on standby helping us figure out which electorates are ‘ready for the taking’ and which ones will need more resources. 
  • We are exploring options for candidates; whether to run as an independent or join an existing party. Each electorate’s strategy will differ and we’ll be exploring this with you in due course. 
  • If you’re considering being a candidate and haven’t told us yet, you can HERE

2. The volunteer structure

  • Street volunteers – People willing to hold signs at busy intersections, hold banners on bridges, letterbox drop etc (whichever suits your personality). It can be as little as 1 hour per week…every bit helps. 
  • Lead volunteers – Will help coordinate and schedule the street volunteers in their electorate. They will relay messages to the teams and run group chats etc. Admin and organisational skills preferred. Lead volunteers are not expected to do street volunteer work unless they want to. 
  • Executive volunteers – Will be in direct communication with Monica and her admin team. They will relay instructions and updates to the lead volunteers. 
  • If you want to be a volunteer and haven’t told us yet, you can HERE

3. Creating robust campaigning/volunteer groups Australia-wide.

  • ​​With structure, organisation and processes in place, we aim to have many Federal Electorates ready to campaign GOOD candidates (Election probably April/May 2022).
  • With about 1 year to plan, we’re starting to organise these volunteer groups right now using our new marketing campaign to remind the public they have CHOICE. (See flyer below). By the time Elections come around, these groups will be well-oiled machines ready for ‘battle’ 🙂
  • RDA has its own social platform and CRM system. We’re working very hard to put the mechanisms in place to make this mission absolutely possible!!!

Immediate steps ahead;

  • We are concentrating on Victoria first and will roll out the successful model Australia-wide (assuming we can find dedicated volunteers). Other states, please be patient…I promise we’ll get to you 🙂 If you’re Victorian and want to be a lead or executive volunteer, please sign up ASAP so you can attend the zoom meeting this next week. 
  • We have already found quite a few promising candidates and some perfect lead and executive volunteers.
  • We will start having catch-ups with street volunteers in each electorate (lead volunteers will organise this event). In these meetings flyers, banners and signs will be handed out and volunteers will be given rosters/maps/locations for the campaigning. Shirts will also be available. 
  • Bigger events where Morgan and I attend will start to be scheduled all over Australia. We’re having a big vehicle signed up (like the sack dan andrews bus) and will be touring with that to garner more support and find more volunteers and promising candidates.  
  • While all this is happening…research, analysis and strategies for the upcoming elections are being formed to make sure our efforts won’t be in vain. 

I really hope this clears up everyone’s confusion. The plan is very clear now and we are very committed to following through with our mission…with YOUR help.  With our tour dates coming out soon, I hope to see you all at some point 🙂

How to get involved?

Sign up below and you can choose which category of volunteer you can commit to. Every bit helps and we really need you to achieve this incredible mission to take back our freedoms and rights in this beautiful country.

We’ve raised $13,000 so far for the marketing material. I get cost price on most things so I can do some real ‘damage’ with this money 🙂
The message is not confrontational, we just hope people remember they have a choice. Perhaps they’ll instinctively research in order to make an informed choice…that’s our hope.
If you can’t volunteer your time, but you can donate a few dollars to the cause, that would be really appreciated.

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  1. I am willing, but I have very tight timetable as I have personal commitments but all can offer is helping your team keep your telegram group free of trolls.

    As I am very busy during the week.

    1. Ozcat – although I’m in Geelong Vic – I applaud you reaching out to others in the Adelaide area. As a political activist and Wife of 30yrs & Mother of 23 years – you will have MUCH influence in your sphere of friends. You will be kicking against the goad (in the minority & pushing uphill) but it is of so worth it from this end of the spectrum. God Bless You for Reaching Out & Looking Up….Melinda

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