URGENT – Rod Barton is folding to the gov

We have spoken to a crossbencher who confirmed that Rod Barton is potentially the ‘weak link’ and is considering voting for the permanent pandemic bill. Apparently, he was showing signs of this last week as well.

Please contact him and ask him to side with the people!

400,000 protesters are also his voters.

Be kind in your approach but reminding him you’ll never vote for him again is a fair thing to say.

Rod Barton

Facebook – www.facebook.com/RodBartonMP
Twitter – https://twitter.com/RodBarton4
Email – rod.barton@parliament.vic.gov.au
Phone – (03) 9850 8600
Office – Suite 1, 600 Doncaster Road, Doncaster 

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  1. Dear Hon Rod Barton.

    In life we want to leave a legacy, a blueprint of what we contributed in this world. Your age would tell me you have been around where people fought for their freedoms. please look around the world, look around AUSTRALIA. look at the hundreds and hundreds of thousands, in fact globally millions. who are trying to save their freedoms. people like me who have children who are critical thinkers, there are to many AUSTRALIANS opposing this pandemic bill and Mandates. look into their hearts, look into their eyes. please do the right thing for history. choose the side of human rights, freedom and social justice. please do not allow the power you own to be given to a time in history that takes away our god given rights. please hear my words i speak for millions … this pandemic bill and mandates are wrong there is not enough longitudinal evidence to make such harsh decision. A few people should not have the power over 25 million people. THIS IS A HISTORICAL TIME IN HISTORY AND YOU WILL BE PART OF HOW THAT TIME IN HISTORY TAKES SHAPE. if you choose to align with this bill and mandates, you are technically choosing against history of fighting for or freedoms , human rights and social justice. this is what you will be remembered for…

    Please do not allow our freedom to be taken away, these mandates to continue and this bill to pass.

    kindest regards

    Donna Self

  2. I guess to stop the Andrews “kill” bill was always a long shot in this State so deeply mired in corruption! We know, once again, that just like the poison jab mandates it could be stopped by the Federal Government!
    Problem is Morrison the “donothing” weak supposed leader of our Nation totally lacks the appetite to take on this fascist criminal Andrews to put him in his place!
    I believe we all have done what we can to stop this aberration from succeeding and must now hope for a miracle to occur. Let us hope and pray.