Fiona Patten’s staffer is up to dirty tactics AGAIN by continuing to violate domain names

Fiona Patten is currently trying to fundraise with Jorian by her side, what a joke.

Fiona Patten’s staffer Jorian Gardner, is responsible for purchasing the below domains and is breaking trademark laws by purchasing and redirecting domains and to Government websites to book a vaccination.

He also did the same thing with 2 other domains of Victorian Members of Parliament, and which have since been made inactive. However, he continues to use our domains for his own causes.

RDA’s legal team respectfully asked Jorian to transfer the domain ownerships to their rightful owners, he refused. We are currently seeking legal advice on our next move in this matter.

This is political bottom feeding at its worst.

This story hit mainstream media back in may – SEE OUR ARTICLE HERE

Even though Fiona Patten knows about Jorian’s actions, he is still working with her helping to organise her reelection. We know for a fact that she knows because we emailed her directly about the matter and she offered no assistance in getting it rectified.

An email he sent to a constituent was brought to our attention and we wanted to share it with you all.

In recent months I have stepped back from my gig as a political advisor to Fiona in the Vic Parliament to take up a role that is both a privilege and a major challenge – to help organise for her reelection to a third historic term at the 2022 Victorian state election in November.

As you probably know, I have played a role in both of Fiona’s successful election campaigns of 2014 and 2018. It’s not easy for a minor party to gain a seat in Parliament as you are fully aware, let alone gain a foothold into a seat where you are staring down the barrel of holding it for a historic third term. One of the most crucial aspects of ensuring Fiona’s reelection is to guarantee we have the funds to do so. I have the unenviable task of trying to make this happen. Whilst I understand that there are all sorts of causes you give to – including the Reason Party from time to time! – unless a large dent is made in the specific fund that we set aside to defend our heartland of Northern Metropolitan, where Fiona has done such good work for such a long time, we may fall behind.

Today, I started a Fiona Patten: Northern Metro Reelection Campaign Fund with a personal contribution of $1,000 and with the goal of raising $70k by Christmas (yes a few weeks away). So, only $69K to reach my goal! The overall campaign goal is around $250k – but you gotta start somewhere.

This first injection of funds will allow us to do the pre-election work we need to do: – securing of advertising space well in advance to gain priority spots, the production of campaign materials (merchandise, signage, flyers, corflutes etc), office space, and the employment of campaign staff to start the work of organising across electorates to name a few. Remember that whilst we run to win Fiona’s Upper House electorate of Northern Metropolitan, to do that, we must run candidates in support of her in each of the 11 Lower House seats within that region. It’s a crucial part of our strategy as every vote will count at the 2022 state poll and we need to start the work right now.

Individuals, and individual businesses, can each make a contribution of UP TO $4K to Fiona Patten’s Reason Party Victoria that goes direct to her Victorian election campaign. In the description of your deposit, please put “Patten Reelect 2022” so I can allocate it to our goal.

Here’s how you do it:
Fiona Patten’s Reason Party Victoria
BSB: xxxxxx
Account: xxxxxx

Please let me know if you have decided and how much to contribute so I can mark you down as a contributor to our goal of getting this first part of Fiona’s reelection campaign up and running.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Kind regards,
Jorian Gardner

Who would seriously donate to a Politician that uses such dirty tactics to advance themselves?

A simple check on to ascertain who is the current owner of the domains.

Whois Domain Search show Jorian Gardner – Fiona Patten’s staffer as the domain owner of
Whois Domain Search show Jorian Gardner – Fiona Patten’s staffer as the domain owner of

Below is the original story from the 11th May 2021 which demonstrated the first purchase of

Read the Full Article Here

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