Are you eligible for a vaccine exemption…find out here

If you have ‘Acute major anxiety caused by the threat of a mandatory medical procedure’…you ARE eligible for a vaccine exemption.

You will need to book an appt with a doctor to get this signed and verified, then fax it (instructions on the form).

Telegram is the best because there’s no risk of being deleted – JOIN HERE

The document you need is HERE and below the video on this page.

See it on the government site HERE

This video explains it all

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  1. I have tried with this form and my GP will not sign it. I cannot see my Psychologist because he is not an essential service according to the government? I have completed the third party privacy form from Medicare and sent registered post and I still have no reply. They are closing every loop hole as fast as we find them. I am starting to think the only answer is for us all to stand up and say NO (Go suck eggs)

    1. I believe you are right. Same here re third party privacy – also sent registered on 20/09/21. I’ve put in a formal request to Aus Post but as yet have no reply. Are there any more people this has happened to? Let us know please as it seems my suspicions are being confirmed…

      1. I have contacted Medicare recently and had my own caseworker assigned. I sent mine registered post and it arrived on 15/09/21 as of Monday the 4/10 it is still not on my file. The normal service standard time is 10 to 14 days however they have told me they have been inundated with these so advised me to call back in 2 weeks. You can also email these (in which they don’t tell you) to

        Also interesting in that call she mentioned that your immunization history will not be shared to you state Covid check in app. The only way that information will be linked is if you link it to the app yourself. So therefore we still have a choice.

        I’m still keen to have it done though as I do not trust government departments.

        From being a former employee of a government Dept (not Medicare) I can tell you the process is they receive the documents, the scanning team then scan them into the computer, then they should get attached to your file. They then go into an “activity bucket” and sent out for employees in a certain Dept to action. This is where the delays happen. Unfortunately mine had not even reached my file yet.

        If you do call and the person you speak to says it’s in the queue you just have to wait. Ask them to check if it’s linked to your file yet. If they still just tell you “it’s in the queue, you just have to wait” Ask to speak to a supervisor or manager. Tell them you are aware the “service standard is 10 to 14 days” (use those exact words) and you just want to know if the documents are attached to your file yet.

        I wish you all the luck, I’m due to call them back next Monday so I will post an update.

      2. It took over a month to receive ours. Unfortunately they didn’t sign the ‘Delivery Confirmation Receipt’ though. So I phoned the department of human services to confirm my immunisation 3rd party requests had been honoured, to which they hadn’t. But they did it whilst on the phone. But its annoying and can be time consuming. Was on hold for well over an hour.

        Good luck

        1. Hi Wandca9,
          Sorry to be a pain, and if I sound stupid, but can you tell me where I go to get that Privacy Form from as you sound like you know what you’re doing

    2. Peter, you should be able to speak to your psychologist by phone or online. Psychology is considered an essential service, and so one should be available for you to talk to.
      Either way, you should send a Notice of Liability in writing to your GP stating that by their refusal they will from hereon be held legally liable if you have any adverse reactions to the jabs now or in the future, (or even for loss of income from if you do not have the jabs and lose your job). If a doctor gets an official notice of liability they are obligated to inform their insurance provider. If they get 5 notices they can loose their insurance entirely, so it is a big deal.

      But before you follow this exemption method, please read my comments below.

  2. I’m confused here – plz explain.
    Is this form valid to anyone who hasn’t had the vaccination?
    And what does this temporary exemptions mean?

  3. tears of relief.. thank you. I will give this a go. What needs to be ticked for Acute anxiety under the temporary box and how long can that be ‘temporary’? – I have no plans for vaccines of any sort. Jesus is my vaccine! “Come out of the world my people!”

    1. Even if it doesn’t work for you it doesn’t matter because you have a mouth that can say Yes or No. That is all that matters is your free choice and stand up for it for every breath of life. Cheers to you.

    2. If you have PTSD there is no such thing as temporary? Acute Anxiety is a valid reason because That is for 3-6 months after a major life changing event according to the mental health diagnostic manual.

  4. Did Monica even link us to where it says ‘Acute major anxiety caused by the threat of a mandatory medical procedure..’

    I can’t find this anywhere. Is it actually an acute major medical illness? I can find nothing linking these things..

    1. That is what I’m wondering, I have an appointment with my GP today to hopefully get the form filled out, but not sure if she needs to tick acute major medical illness??

  5. **Note: This may not be as good as it looks. I know I may sound overly cautious, but after the last 18 months being cautious seems like a reasonable response to anything involving the current Government. Although it is totally legitimate that thousands of people feel extreme anxiety when being threatened with unemployment if they do not participate in a medical drug trial against their will that could kill or permanently injure them, (in fact it would be pretty mental if it didn’t cause anxiety), this method of avoidance may carry potential and/or unforeseen problems that need to be considered, including:
    1. the fact that it is only temporary,
    2. you are officially informing the government that you are not getting the injections, and
    3. you are telling the government – on the record – that you have mental health issues.
    All of these things may be used against you in the near future, (including potentially declaring you mentally incompetent), so it is worth proceeding only with caution.

    Remember that the Australian Constitution (1946 referendum) and the 1988 Privacy Act still protect us from these unlawful mandates. In addition, it is a crime to threaten a person’s wellbeing and/or life under the Criminal Code. The criminal nature of these mandates is continually being overlooked, as people seek to find legal redress and protection under the Civil Code of law. Has anyone thought to sue under the Criminal Code?

    When someone else has control over your body, you are technically a slave. Slavery is still illegal in this country, (even when the Government claims control over your body is “for the greater good”).

    1. Yes I agree. Anything labled “exemption” by any Government agency or other corrupt corporation is merely a permission slip and we are giving our power to them once again, only for them to have the power to accept or deny. Once permission is granted, it can easily be withdrawn at any time they see fit. Have you looked into the Magna Carta, Article 61?

    2. Yes yes my belief is based on truth not make it up as it goes i lost my job im near 63 had a great job and they want me back but was put out of work by these lieing mob of dictators, is there any law firm that would take on the case of sueing this so called government before its to late i dont have money to fight but a win win case which it should be as well as so much more crimes sgainst humanity they have another agender this is not governmental its Good against evil so much to say im thinking of trying to get a sickness benefit With the huge stress im experiencing that will have me out in the streets soon if this cannot be turned around and allow the huge amount of help other then these questionable designed vaccine they are frenzied to dish out to what to kill us mayby plenty of facts out there about this mark of the beast im a true Christian from ancient Hebrew understandings and earlie church Fathers from first 250 years after Christ this vacc has aborted baby fecies no way am i going to put that in my body truth in justice will come out in end but for the meantime any help to get us back to work without harming no one which if they are vaccinated what have they got to worry about and the late Colin Powel fully vaccinated died of covid and i bet it was reaction to the vaccines without doubt ok im just a Aussie who lost his dad fighting for this country and iv worked in mines n construction all my life until now paid big tax and face this at end after loseing all i had my own fault and am just trying to pick myself up and now this so yeah i know pain but this is hitler crap wish i was younger thats for sure

  6. My daughter has been seeing a therapist for 3 years for anxiety (as well as starting acupuncture a few months ago) – she went to a GP yesterday to try and get an exemption so as not to lose her job, and the GP actually YELLED at her, telling her no GP will ever write an exemption for anxiety. My daughter left in tears and then had a full blown panic attack. This is health care in Australia 2021. Absolutely disgusting. She will have to keep trying different GPs I guess.

    1. To be yelled at is totally unacceptable. Your daughter and you are very much not alone. You have the support of a large mass of Australia behind you. We are all trying to work out how to move forward. Im sure you can go to a new doctor who is sympathetic and understanding because he or she feels exactly the same way. A suggestion is to pre call the medical centre first ask if the doctor is sympathetic to anti vaccination.. funny it would be abuse of human rights if they are not i would think, it is your right, simple.

      Some encouraging words from Deputy President Lyndall Dean from Fair Work Australia.
      All Australians should vigorously oppose the introduction of a system of medical apartheid and segregation in Australia. It is an abhorrent concept and is morally and ethically wrong, and the anthesis of our democratic way of life and everything we value.

      1. Can I suggest if you’re pre-calling a medical practice that you DON’T ask to see a GP that is ‘Anti- vaccination’ – that will not be met favorably. Perhaps ask if there’s a GP there that is open to natural health/ complimentary medicine/ is happy co- managing patients with a naturopath/ is into preventative medicine etc. exemptions are in my experience ( naturopath past 23 years) are very difficult to obtain esp recently. Integrative doctors are more likely to be on the same page but don’t count on exemption here either ( doctors are very tightly regulated and monitored). Planning on Pregnancy, diagnosed auto-immune disease, religion and antibodies to the Virus ( need blood test to confirm) are still good options.

      2. Thanks Hashtag – yes, we are very firm, we would all rather be homeless and living under a bridge than take these vaccines. Luckily my daughter’s boss thinks it’s all BS also and has been absolutely amazing with her. There’s only 6 weeks till NSW opens up for all anyway… well, we’ll see, seems odd to me that they’ve spent millions on a vaccine app for a few weeks use. ?
        I will be lodging a formal complaint against that Dr (though I suspect that will be a giant waste of time *shrug*). Great that Scott Morrison yesterday confirmed protection for businesses not wanting to mandate. ^ Loved what President Dean from FWA had to say… hopefully the NSW Court cases will echo the same sentiments. Fingers crossed.

  7. My shop-assistant wife got her letter from work today, it’s jab or job time at Target. We need to boycott retailers carrying out government mandates.

    1. Yep, I have an ever growing list of businesses I will never, ever support again. We’ve always had this power to vote with our money, only most people choose convenience over values. Hopefully this will be one of the positive changes that comes about from all this, that people will start thinking about who/what they are supporting.

    2. Yes. I sent my third party form by registered post on 8/9/21. I know it has been received by the Dept of Human Services but have not actually heard from them.

  8. I work in retail management and have been stood down from work since this lockdown has started. Work has advised me yesterday that I will need to prove my vaccination status in 2 days (short notice if you ask me) or I’ll be sacked. I’m not even at work…… I’ve been stood down – so don’t understand the purpose right now. Hoping this works for me as I’ve been suffering with anxiety and depression from this bs. Thank you Monica! Best of luck everyone hope we get through this

  9. Hi everyone
    I am not sure if this one will work in NSW as NSW Health has published their own exemption form for Covid vaccines.
    Reignite team could you please check.

  10. My gp won’t sign either, even though we have medical history problems. I’m now finding a new gp. Is there another way…my son is booked in for 26th Oct and I don’t want him to have it. His age group are dying from this poison.😪

  11. Thanks Monica for all your advice! Is it possible to find a list of GPs who will be more understanding and patient with our needs in this situation? This list can be held confidentially for those only who are genuinely interested.

  12. Has anyone had any luck with their GP’s completing it? If not, then perhaps we need this list of GP’s who would give an exemption for acute anxiety? I’m talking to my GP on Friday and I will also email him this form, I’m just concerned after hearing so many GP’s denying to fill it in 🙁

    1. Hi Annette, I just got off the phone with my doctor of 25 years and he has seen me in hospital with acute anxiety disorder a couple of times over the years.
      He will not sign the form and told me I need to be either admitted to the hospital to be ‘acute’ or go back to the psychiatrist and get a letter from him to back up his signature.
      I even stated in a letter to him so it was all in writing and that I have been having suicidal thoughts amongst losing most of my work. (So its all in writing).
      So I guess the next thing is the phsyc (by this time the mandates will probs hv gone thru

  13. “We are working on a database of doctors who can help. If you’re subscribed or follow us on our social media channels, you will get updated information. SEE ALL CHANNELS HERE”
    A database of sympathetic doctors would be great. Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link to view the database or sign up to notifications to receive it, I got this: “This account has been removed due to inappropriate use of this service.”
    In addition to this form, you probably need to call your employer’s Employee Assistance Program (if they have one) to discuss your anxiety. They’ll refer you to a psychologist.
    If your own doctor refuses to sign the form, get him to refer you to a psychologist. Then book your own.
    They psych will need to establish you are genuinely suffering an “acute major anxiety”, and write a report confirming your “acute major anxiety”. What does that look like? Losing sleep? Reduced ability to stay focussed and function at work and home? Is this consuming your whole life? I tick those boxes. But what else is required to prove “acute major anxiety”?
    Post-diagnosis, get the psych to sign the form. I’m guessing it would be advisable to print a copy of the completed and signed form and present it to your manager to show you’ve set out down this path.
    Inform them of the 10 – 14 day service standard for it to be put on your MyGov.
    Follow up with MyGov to ensure it is processed as per their service standard.
    When it is, show your employer.
    I was waiting for Novavax, a standard protein subunit vaccine which as a technology has been around for decades and is proven relatively safer, and initial trial data confirms it is safer than Pfizer & Moderna. But according to Greg Hunt on 5 Nov, Novavax will submit paperwork for approval “in the coming weeks”. It will then need to be assessed by TGA. Who knows how long that will take. And Novavax said they were going to focus on supplying to developing countries who hadn’t had the opportunity of securing other vaxes yet. Novavax has applied for EUA in India, Indonesia and Philippines. First doses will probably go to them. So who knows when we’ll get doses in Australia? November? December? My employer seems to think January-February.
    Frankly I’m out of time. My employer has a drop dead full vax mandate by 15 Nov. I can’t / won’t take Pfizer & Moderna, so my remaining option is AZ.
    The TGA Vaccine Adverse Event Notification database shows that for the AZ vaccine, there have been 349 deaths, from 49 different vaccine injury types where death was the outcome.
    The ATAGI statement on AZ’s risk vs benefit in low and medium outbreak settings shows that for my age (40-49), I’m at greater risk of adverse consequences from the vax than the disease. And that’s just for TTS, not the 48 other potential injuries reported to TGA VAEN. When sorted by “Number of cases where death was a reported outcome”, Thrombocytopenia is 7th on the list. Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) is 21st on the list!
    The Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme only covers you for TTS associated with the AZ vaccine, and myocarditis and pericarditis associated with the Pfizer vaccine, and only after you’ve been hospitalised for at least one night, and incurred between $5,000 and $20,000 in medical expenses and lost wages. Evidence requirements for expenses of over $20,000 and death have not yet been developed. And it won’t bring you back from the dead.
    Be aware: if you declare an “acute major anxiety”, you then have a duty of disclosure to a life insurer to disclose that diagnosed anxiety. My wife is a bit of a tigress: if she gets pushed onto a corner, she comes out with teeth and claws bared. It’s formidable and frankly scary. She consulted a psychologist to discuss techniques for politely but assertively saying no to, and pushing back against, unreasonable demands in the workplace. She disclosed that in her life insurance discovery form. That disclosure provided inn good faith resulted in a psychological exclusion on her life & TPD policy. It took 5 years to remove it.
    Your employer may require you to take sick leave; special leave without pay (your non-pay conditions such as years of service and leave continue to accrue); or leave without pay (all pay & conditions are suspended).
    Don’t be surprised if the attitude they take is they won’t pay you to stay at home and be so “self-indulgent”. It’s also likely to affect your career in other ways.
    Every decision has consequences.
    Not trying to talk anyone out of anything, but think it through before committing to this avenue.

  14. My doctor told me last week ,only 2 exemptions are protecting you ,only if you have had a bad enaugh reaction to the first jab or you where tested positieve of this V. And recovered, then you are good and protected for 6 month ,nothing else protect you from the jab, I walk around with an very rare hear illness, not even this is enaugh, no cancer ,nothing helps to prevent this exeriment being played im to body, antibody bloodtest are NOT ALLOWED to find out if you are already protected from it , The Nürnberg Codes that protects us worldwide from being part of an experience is broken ,everyone know what that means, its an criminal act from anyone to make it mandatory, god help us

  15. 1. I suggest that you may post a list of doctors who are willing to help to issue those exemption forms.
    2. What if I am not working, but still have a lot of “anxiety” towards the jab? Can I get the exemption?

  16. I am of the belief ,if one is committed to an ideal and has a belief in something then that is enough. Your integrity can’t be bought ,compromised etc. Having faith in what you stand for, one will be supported one way or another.

  17. You could write a letter to your GP, and take it to the appointmwnt with you, acknowledging that they have advised you to get the vax, but based on yoir own personal research etc you have decided not to get it due to your acute lmajoe anxiety etc. The GP can put this on filw to cover themselves if investigated.

  18. As a Chronic Health patient (cardiac infarction) and on daily meds for the rest of my life, I would be compromising my immediate and long term mortality if I received any mRNA toxin. Maybe instant, minutes, hours, days/months or the projected 2-3 yrs before I die if I succumb to this tyranny. Massive anxiety attacks since my heart attack, and now more regular since this scamdemic arrived.

    What does one do?……just lay down and die because they are trying to force the narrative?

  19. I went to the doctor on Monday, pushed every button I could, she told me the government will now allow her to sign any exemptions, even if seriously ill. She was upset she was forced to get the jab but feared for her reality of not being able to sustain it without being able to work. Im over these demons, if a exemption route becomes possible ill attempt to travel it,They think were stupid

  20. This does not work. I have tried multiple Dr to see if I can get an exemption based on medical conditions and as a lot of others have stated, the only reason a GP will give you an exemption is if you have had previous anaphylaxis to a vaccine, and even then you will have to try the various other vaccines before they will allow the exemption. This sadly really isn’t an option for people.
    What we really need to know are who are the GPs who are willing to these patients and authorise such exemptions. I have been searching for months for anyone who can help me, and i’m afraid they just don’t exist…

  21. I am trying to work out where on the immunisation exemtion form
    I click
    Number 6
    Temporary vaccine the date
    But then it says tick one only.
    Which one do I tick for anxiety?
    Only has
    Acute major medical illness
    Significant immunocompromise
    Which one of these would I tick?

  22. Could someone please reply to this comment if they know any GPs that can help get an exemption? Tomorrow is my last day before I get fired or ‘stood down’ but I’m not ready to give in yet. Also is anyone else who isn’t getting vaccinated still in highschool because I don’t know a single person my age who is unvaccinated. Just wondering.

  23. Hi Monica. Does this open the door to “Mental Health” Mandates.
    Being labelled can lead to enforced medication of dangerous, suicidal, psychotropic drugs.
    People need to know so they do not jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  24. its interesting that i had extreme anxiety it was so bad i was hospitalised. Soon after i recovered I was informed that they were removing my Heavy Articulated Driving License , I can only assume that i was a risk to pedestrians . I don’t know how they knew that i was that sick , So for those that want a medical Anxiety Certificate , is there a consequence for it later . All i know is i have to have a doctor check me out every 6 months and send a letter to the invisible Govt Dept. After several yrs they still check on me and i haven’t got my Truck Lic back . I wrote them a letter but they didn’t acknowledge it or me . Also the hospital told me they did not inform any Govt Dept about my admission ? Just be careful

  25. I asked my psychologist today and she is not authorised to sign the form. I also spoke to my GP when I first heard of this “mandatory” vaccination, and she said she is also not authorised to issue exemptions due to the fact that I’m 20 weeks pregnant and have already been referred to a pre-natal team. I then spoke to my pre-natal team who said they are no longer authorised to issue exemptions as the vaccines are deemed “safe” for pregnant women. It’s like they’re all in this madness together and we’re all being sent around in circles until we give up.

    I will continue saying no and maintain my bodily integrity for as long as I remain strong enough to do so, but will soon lose my job as a consequence and both my unborn baby & I will basically be banished from society.

    Please let us know who these “eligible health professionals” are that are willing to sign this form ( as time is quickly running out for those of us that literally need to decide on earning a livelihood for themselves, their families & functioning in society or; continue fighting what seems to be a losing battle as our basic human rights are increasingly being stripped away…

    1. We need exemptions based on “no longitudinal data”. This is especially important for children and pregnant women. Keep fighting, I won’t stop until doctors brave up and face the government head on.

  26. Y’all should delete this as it’s not legit at all. Just giving us false hope yet again.
    “It’s under section 6”
    No. No it is not. Re read the form.
    It says NOTHING about anxiety.

    1. Agreed. This might work for 1 in 10,000 people. It’s not a legitimate solution. No GPs out there are willing to sign this. Until there are GPs willing to be visible on all this we really have no where to go.

  27. I sent mine in 7.6 months ago. I heard not a peep. I think I will call them now. I just look up Medicare contact numbe? Ok. These sly dogs. U can’t mess around like that with Gov docs. I work in Gov, this is ludicrous.

  28. Hi guys. I saw my GP yesterday and he won’t sign it. He said that acute anxiety doesn’t fall in that category . He said it’s only for if you are about to under go sugary or been in hospital . He had many ask him to sign this but he couldn’t so I’m left pretty confused my this. Help?! 🙁

  29. People… We only have to wait until Dec (NSW anyway) and it no longer matters. I don’t think I am so desperate to go to Kmart or hairdresser that I can’t wait for another 6 weeks and give them the fig. After that, medical segregation will be so onerous to the shallow politicians, they will act in thier own perverse self-interest and relax if not downright rescind the illegal mandates and controls.
    By the way:
    ‘Using data from the U.K.’s Government Statistical Service, diagnostic pathologist Clare Craig has found that excess deaths in the U.K. for the week ending September10, 2021, are showing an alarming increase in heart disease mortality. Specifically, there were:
    24% more heart failure deaths than baseline
    19% ischaemic heart disease
    16% cerebrovascular disease (strokes)
    18% other circulatory diseases
    Why is this happening? she asks.’
    Claire Craig Twitter September 23, 2021
    So it won’t be long now before similar starts here and that will focus their minds on an upcoming catastrophe.

    1. Hi
      I am wondering if it is clear that you can work without the jab after December at a place that has mandated the jab, for my family its not about shopping its about employment. Thanks

    2. Yeah im hearing you bud victoria is in deeper then NSW by look this moron is going over n beyond not listening to facts or truth but his own agender which i could say more but not here n now , in time all this evile gota be delt with and destroyed otherwise our world could be run by these few who convince people by hiding truth and false media to back there extortion, treason sounds good hope we all wake up beforeits to late

  30. Hi,
    Has anyone had any success with this Form and process? I have read both the AIFForm and the ATAGI Form and there is nothing on there that mentions mental conditions.

  31. Note: that this exemption (if you manage to get it) is linked to your Medicare, and Medicare is linked to your vaccination pass – YOU WILL LIKELY STILL NEED TO HAVE VACCINATION PASS TO PROVE YOUR EXEMPTION! I believe, WE NEED TO OPPOSE VACCINE PASSES/ DIGITAL IDs all together, it’s a form of tracking and controlling all our lives, VACCINE PASS will be a SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM! Here is a video about latest announcements on MSM about what is going to be linked to your QR code on vaccine pass:

  32. Ok AHPRA who is the medical governing body issues a letter to all medical professionals, it states that Drs Specialists are not to interfere with the Government vaccine rollout, this can be informing patients not to have the jab or social media comments. They will face AHPRA and be deregistered I have a copy of the letter, Scott Morrison Brother is the head of the board at AHPRA nothing to see here. My immunologist can’t give a full exemption only a partial for six months.

  33. Really people? When the Govt doesn’t follow their own rules, I have to exempt myself from their control. Hence I never wear a mask. Very liberating, apart from the fact I couldn’t breath properly with one. I’ve never been questioned but keep my 1.5m distance anyway. I’m Holding the Line for freedom, suggest everyone else should too. Besides great smiles & happy faces are more appealing to see than stupid ineffective masks.

  34. Ok so this form is good and all but what’s the point in having when no one will sign off on it? Went to 2 doctors today & they didn’t want to know about it. So it’s pretty much no good

  35. My GP signed an exemption form for me & my kids on Thursday, then on Friday called me to tell me that, overnight, the government has closed the door on exemptions based on mental health/stress/anxiety. All doctors received notification not to sign off on these except for physical acute major medical illness such as surgery/hospitalisation. He checked with lawyers and this was confirmed.

  36. A GP will not sign this form…I’ve tried two and both refused. One referred me to an immunologist but even when I said this was being forced on me he said “no, I’m not holding you down and injecting you forcibly so this is not coercion”…I couldn’t believe it, I was tempted to ask “So if I held a gun to your head, told you to bend over when I do you up the backside dry…that’s not coercion either?”

    Willing to be that people in the medical field have been told to reject exemptions at all costs. I have enough evidence to state that taking the vaccine would be a big risk for me and there’s infinitely more chance of something going wrong with the vax than with covid itself. My opinion of medical professionals through all of this as well as the police has dropped right through the floor. I can’t help but feel like I’m on my own now, because I’m more than willing the bet the immunologist won’t be any help and I basically face russian roulette with their experimental serum. The whole concept of your own body autonomy has been stolen right out from under us.

  37. Just alerted to this opportunity to stand against this tyranny by a friend. I am getting an appointment ASAP to see my Doctor. If he won’t sign it then I have so many others to choose from (I think). BTW I noticed that the link above SEE ALL CHANNELS HERE is no longer working :-(. Linktree says “This account has been removed due to inappropriate use of this service.”

  38. So I went to see a Doc today, as per your instructions and was refused. I have been offered a good paying job that lets gets me off of 300 a week gov. slave money that can’t sustain me and my bills. I felt like crashing my car into a tree as I fought through tears driving home. This Doc looked me in my face, didn’t deny that it was an experimental gene therapy etc. and spewed forth the same lies the media tells us. The world has gone mad. I hope someone comes up with a few Docs in VIC that can get me my exemption. I am not sure I can find much more strength if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ.

  39. Was informed by my doctor today that Acute major anxiety is not a valid reason for an exemption, therefore would not give me one.
    Looks like i’m out of work on 1st December

  40. I tried with a GP and they said it is not related to the stuff on ATAGI, even though i stated acute anxiety and for a temporary exemption, didnt want to risk incase i get covid and i blame it on them… anyway

  41. Nope doesn’t work at all, the only thing it did was ruin my relationship with my GP I have been diagnosed with anxiety since I was 13. And wasn’t able to get a exemption.

    There are only 3 reason to get a exemption and none of them are anxiety or mental health issues my GP told me.

  42. Glad you are going to try to get a list of doctors but I want to ask them about getting exemptions based on no longitudinal data. I guess those of us who feel that way can increase our anxiety to fit with this exemption but I think doctors should be able to agree with patients on the indisputable fact that there is no longitudinal data through an informed conversation. Then as a group, doctors should insist that government recognises that exemption category. Governments never stop saying they make decisions based on health advice. I know there are plenty of doctors who want to give exemptions for this legitimate reason. We will need this exemption categories to ensure our children are not forced into vaccination to participate at school or in the community.

  43. This is actually very unhelpful – you state that Anxiety is accepted as an exemption. It isn’t listed anywhere on the Medicare form you linked to as a possible exemption, and – in NSW the only possible exemptions are if you have had the first jab and then got a contraindication. Nobody can be exempt without the first jab in NSW. Please update this. Sorry to sound negative but false hopes don’t help anyone.