Vaccine exemptions…how to get one?

Tomorrow, we will publish all the instructions on how to get an exemption and how to see if you’re eligible for one.

You can sign up on the HOMEPAGE on the HOLD THE LINE PAGE. Both databases will be emailed with this information tomorrow

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  1. Great I need one as I was recently classified essential and fall under the mandate!!! I have huge health issues and complicated history and I don’t want the jab!!!

    1. Even that’s not the case. I’ve heard a cardiologist say there’s no exemptions unless all vaccines have been tried!!! Disgusting, even if you’ve had a severe reaction

    2. I was unlucky and I got hives all over my face and body and now pins and needles in my legs and now I can’t even get on after that 1st jab it was reported and I got flobed off the system sucks!!!!