Vaccine mandates? Get knotted


I have a friend who has not been vaccinated.  He was advised by his doctor not to have the jab.  He suffers from Parkinson’s disease and a number of other significant ailments, including almost constant migraines.  Nonetheless, whenever I catch up with him, he is invariably cheerful.  His claim to fame is that he invented the phrase ‘get knotted’, which unfortunately you don’t hear that much anymore.  Apparently, he and a group of work colleagues in Britain had a game to invent phrases, use them frequently in public and see if any of them caught on.  ‘Get knotted’ did. 

Anyway, his wife is a very intelligent, very well-read former teacher and she is not vaccinated either.  For much of her life she has studied diet and dietary supplements as a principal way of maintaining good health.  That is not to say she eschews traditional medicine.   She has studied the Covid 19 vaccines in great detail and has decided that there are too many unanswered questions for her to feel comfortable taking any of the vaccines at this stage.  A red flag for her was Morrison’s announcement of an indemnity scheme under which health practitioners who are found liable to pay compensation for any serious adverse events suffered by people receiving COVID vaccines, will have the compensation paid for them by the Commonwealth.   She regards these vaccines as still experimental.  But she is barred from entering any premise other than essential services until 15 Dec in NSW.  If she lived in Victoria she would be an outcast until some unspecified future date. 


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  1. ‘Get knotted’alright – another favourite saying by us older Australians is ‘go and plait your shit’ ‘ or go and suck your dirty sock’ – well to all those brutal Politicians and Medical and Mainstream Media and Pharmaceutical Company et al brutalists, tyrants, thugs and huamnity abusers, that’s your message.
    All Australian and Medical and other tyrants in Australia be warned, don’t ever try anything like this again – the people will not stand for Government tyranny, corruption, collusion and conflicts of interest and we’ve had a bloody gut full of you all.
    Now clean yourselves up as best you can until the next election when the people will start to clean up that disgraceful sewer pit of politics.
    NO MORE will we EVER tolerate such heinous acts by you who were always supposed to serve, protect and be the best you can be for all our people.
    Double warning – do not mess with us EVER and keep your hands off our aboriginal people and keep your hands off THEIR lands and commit no more actions or mandates upon them EVER AGAIN !! Your actions are truly crimes against humanity and we will stand united with them to protect our aboriginal people.
    Cease and desist all actions against all Australians and particularly at this time all our aboriginal people.
    Cease and desist all covid actions and mandates and such treasonous actions will never be tolerated.
    You should all be charged under Nuremberg Code Nuremberg Principles.
    We will wait and see what comes of all the vaccine injuries and deaths THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR you insane pack of bastards.

  2. What everyone has to realise is that this is all a big show and the truth is that no one really knows what the plan is
    All that is clear is that so far they have got exactly what they wanted
    This bill is going through no matter what which maybe if maybe minor changes
    No protest is going to stop this

  3. People should be preparing for the worst coz it’s coming instead of fighting a battle that your miles and miles behind in
    You think before any of this happened they didn’t anticipate for this
    Ha ha ha
    Where still yapping about bills and mandates
    That’s done now
    There miles in front while we are still on covid stuff

    1. They have had years for the planning of this fake plandemic. ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION’S OPERATION LOCKSTEP: ‘UNDER THE GUISE OF A PANDEMIC, WE WILL CREATE A PRISON
      Mike Yeadon — Timetable to Tyranny National Digital ID: Australia’s $200 million push Dr Michael Yeadon | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown