VIC Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006

Victorian Human Rights Charter that states a person must not be “subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent”.

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  1. The biggest problem that exists at present is that the Andrew’s govt altered the previous version on the public health and well being act as of the 1st July 2022.
    Prior to that date, the act stated in section 249a that that act and any part of it would apply unless it contravened the human rights charter Act 2006
    As of the 1st July this section was retracted and so Andrew’s was free to unless the police on a violent rampage that we have seen
    Until such time as either the current measures expire which is December 16 or a challenge is brought before the Supreme Court, then he will continue to do as he pleases

    1. @Mars you are correct, and in fact it is worse, as the government will introduce specific legislation to permanently replace these so called emergency powers. The mind boggles at what further liberties will be removed (delaying of elections will no doubt be a consideration in the interests of “safety”).

      1. I believe the state election could not be delayed as this in in the constitution in terms of election cycles.
        I myself hope that when these emergency powers expire that the premier will not have the numbers to reimpose them, but it could.
        As I see it the latest a state election can be held in November next year, when an election is called then you have a double dissolution
        The govt at that point can not operate under emergency powers as it becomes a caretaker govt with limited provisions until the outcome of the election.

        Secondly there is no doubt in my mind that many within his own party will soon have to go into self survival mode and start thinking of their own jobs a little over a year from now,
        I personally am of the belief that his own party will turn on him in the new year
        This is especially so if one of the many court cases in the land proves successful
        The one of interest to me is the one to be heard in the high court by some of the front line workers regarding mandatory vaccines who have used our constitution where it makes reference that the govt can make laws but not so as to inform civil conscription
        The term civil conscription and the interpretation by the courts is crucial here, as if this proves to be successful and I am of the opinion that it has a fair chance, then mandatory jabs would be illegal as such for any govt to mandate
        If that were to be proven, then there would be a inconsistency of laws between the commonwealth and state laws, and the commonwealth law would prevail

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