Victoria Police officers and PSOs stood down for not having COVID-19 vaccine

Dozens of police officers in Victoria have been stood down from work for failing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Victoria Police said today that 34 police officers and nine protective services officers (PSOs) have been stood down, after COVID-19 vaccinations were made mandatory for the state’s essential workers.

Workers had until October 15 to have at least one dose of a vaccine.

The 43 police employees have been forced to take their accrued recreation or long service leave, and risk losing their jobs.

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  1. Yeah, I do battle a bit with this, there may be a few good cops, but the force used against Victorians makes it hard to have sympathy for them now.

  2. Good on the cops who have finally stood up, but
    more should be happening but give credit where
    credit is due. Andrews has finally threatened us
    (the unvaccinated) saying that our restrictions will
    go well into 2022. Maybe he will find some more
    stairs by then.

  3. FuckDanAndrews and every single thing he says and does! He’s the worst example of a human being I’ve ever had the displeasure of having to hear or see pathetic mannerisms and verbal garbage constantly projected from . What’s worse is his ego has him believing hes a leader when its blatantly obvious hes a pathetic scared weak sooky sceric of a man pretending to be a big hero man bully. His only claim to fame from her on in is the following new slogan hes solely responsible for . VICTORIA THE PLACE TO LEAVE!

  4. I’ve said before and I’ll say again. Dan Andrews is a classic Workplace Phsycopath. Scott Morrison is a spineless fool for not sacking this traitorous prick and then resign himself for his failures to the people of Australia.

  5. So does that mean the Justice department, Austpost exec’s, actors and the rest of his exempt buddies will have no life either?? Heard there’s problems at home for the most hated man in the world.

  6. Its good to see some cops finally taking a stand.I watched the video as well. The MSM aren’t helping where they automatically take a death and make it look like a covid death.