Should we delay the Vic election until election reform is finalised?

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It seems absurd to me that the election has not already been delayed considering the shocking news that was released a few days ago.

The Victorian election is already in full swing, with a week of pre-polling already completed. Election day is next Saturday, 26th November. However, with the recent news about voting manipulation and shady backroom preference deals, is the election fair? Should we delay it?

Many parties, including One Nationa and Liberals, have called for election reform.

If you haven’t already heard about this, a video was recently leaked with Glen Druery (the preference whisperer) talking about how he manipulates votes and creates fake parties to get upper-house candidates elected in Victoria. He mentions that he worked with the CFMEU union to help Labor and that his preference deals are set up primarily to get upper-house members elected that the Labor party can work with Read about it here

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  1. It depends entirely on how many sleeping people this awakens,which depends in turn on how it is presented in the MSMedia. I am sure Dan will have a huge PR team working on it at the moment.

    300,000+ attended the rally against Dan’s Permanent Pandemic Law. The crucial vote that passed the law was by Rod Barton, one of the ones that Drury had had elected. Surely this should wake people up about Dan’s involvement.

    Even our sold out MSMedia couldn’t hide the reson behind a postponed election.

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