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RDA has built a Business Directory to showcase businesses who understand the masks exemption laws, QR-code check in regulations and that cash is a legal tender. 

Businesses who sign up will need to agree to these terms (which have been looked over by lawyers).

  • We understand that, if someone has a medical condition that prevents them from safely wearing a mask, they are not obliged to reveal that condition or show us evidence. We will not refuse entry or service to anyone not wearing a mask.
  • We trust you to use the QR code. Anyone who wishes to enter our store is welcome.
  • We accept cash.
  • We never refuse entry to a person regardless of their health status

Find local, interstate and businesses Australia-wide that support our freedoms. A Directory of businesses who refuse to enforce unlawful directions from corrupt Governments. A place for us all to find businesses that we want to support.

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