Victoria Police officer suspended over video of violent Flinders Street arrest

Victoria Police has suspended an officer who was filmed during an arrest where he appeared to grab a man from behind and swing him to the ground.

• Police say the acting sergeant has been suspended while the incident is investigated
• They have called for witnesses, including the person who filmed the arrest, to come forward
• Leading Victorian lawyers have spoken out against the officer’s behaviour

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  1. Police misconduct can be reported to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) via their online form or call 1300 735 135 and leave a message.

    Misconduct can include breaches of human rights. Victoria Police need to regard human rights as set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006. On behalf of the people of Victoria the Parliament enacts this Charter,
    recognising that all people are born free and equal in dignity and

  2. So who is giving the “brown shirts” their orders to act in the manner they do?. We see many on their radios, presumably receiving instructions. What defines “reasonable force”, and from there, what defines “self defense” and “reasonable force” in that self defense?
    Is NSW out of the frying pan into the fire with the resignation of the Fuhrer.? Will her replacement be more or less reasonable?