Victoria’s Talentless Politicians Forfeit Right to Govern

The following article from Spectator Australia

The decrepitude of Victorian politics as the November election approaches is eclipsed only by the obscene self-indulgence of its practitioners.

The state’s political class is comprehensively talentless, comprised of the factionalised remnants of Andrews’ government largely operates absent of democratic or budgetary limitations.

Victoria’s circus-like state opposition is ripping itself apart at the very moment non-Labor voters are in search of someone (anyone) to cauterise the damage inflicted by Labor’s recklessness.

The bovver boys and girls that occupy the government benches sit in Parliament because most are unemployable elsewhere. In this, the opposition is not immune.

Government, in the once massively wealthy state of Victoria, long ago ceased concerning itself with the interests of those who pay for it. Taxpayers and their ‘hard-earned’ dollars are merely a means to a (political) end for Labor.

The benches of both houses of Victoria’s Parliament (yes, there are still two) are littered with time-serving, self-indulgent, visionless individuals comfortable treating voters with contempt. Promises are made and routinely broken, statements are made which are manifestly untrue, and distractions are created to smother a multitude of disasters across government. Hundreds of state-funded operatives are employed by Andrews to hone and target messages that they’ll deliver in the government’s interests.

It’s now inescapable that a core reason Victoria is wallowing in a swamp of debt and mismanagement is the total absence of talent, honesty, and morality across and within the political level of government.

Trust and ability are also absent from the game.

In the eight years Andrews has presided over Cabinet he has politicised the once fine Victorian public service and created fear and loathing amongst its upper echelons. Failure to meet the Premier’s wishes can be fatal to those occupying or aspiring to high office. Wanting more of the same, Andrews has declared he’ll remain a full four years as Premier should he win on November 26.

Many in the Andrews’ orbit (including multiple cabinet ministers) have witnessed close-up the fury and spiteful viciousness of this individual. Remember the merciless undermining of former Health Minister Jenny Mikakos who was then summarily sacked having done the Premier’s bidding at the start of Covid…?

On June 24 of this year, four-time-servers in the Andrews’ circle all quit on the same day in a tightly stage-managed announcement in which wholly insincere and obsequious praise was heaped on each in separate statements by ‘the’ leader. The only thing worse than not being thanked by Daniel Andrews, is being thanked by him. Insincerity is now the hallmark of this discredited Premier.


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  1. World wide there seems to be the puppet leaders and their inner circle of cronies making decisions against the people ,and the rest of the party either totally unaware or just following along.
    There are some very aware,ethical exceptions but they are against a whole system set up against them.

  2. Indeed I agree. The whole political systems as far as it reaches has been corrupted in the formerly free world.
    I am utterly convinced that any elections are totally rigged these days and have just become a farcical affair cheered on by brain-dead sheeple.
    Yes there are a few honest political souls left but they are being kept at arms length at all times. If you need proof, see the recent federal (s)election! Nothing has changed in reality. The WEF set agenda is running its course as planned. The Victorian election will be no different I fear. I would be shocked if Andrews would not be returned to continue in his criminal ways!
    I am sure that you are all aware of the disclosures revealed by the recent EU “covid committee” with regards to crucial questions being asked of Pfizer and Moderna with regards to safety and efficacy of the poison jab. It turns out that protection from transmission was never tested to this day, as admitted by the Pfizer rep. Just think of all the coerced mandated jabs. The falsehoods told by politicians and mainstream media to take the jab to protect family, friends and the community! It was all a hoax as most of us free thinking people soon realised. Massive excess deaths, particularly in countries heavily jabbed, remain unexplained.I have submitted the video to the administration here and I hope they might put it on for further discussions. I might throw in another “conspiracy theory” while I am at it! Aren’t you wondering about the strange weather patterns we are having, particularly over the last few years. Trust me weather manipulation is real to what degree it has been developed by now ordinary punters like us will certainly not be told!! I suggest you follow the plans the WEF has for our globe and for the remaining population. Here is hoping that I am totally wrong.

    1. I would give anything to know what the average low and mid level politicians actually understand.

      With regards to the covid vax ,there was a very revealing interview Maria Zee did with Senator Malcom Roberts . Snr MR told of a speech he made in parliament about the undeniable evidence of vax injury and deaths. As he was speaking a trusted collegue looked closely around the room ,reading the body language. All were very uncomfortable, and he told Snr MR that he had watched everyone and they definitley all knew.

      As far as the WEF agenda goes, I don’t think the average politician understands any of the implications. The WEF relies totally on people’s ignorance and apathy and they certainly have that in our politicians.

      I believe the WEF is getting desperate and are in a race against time.They need digital ID and CBDC fully in place before the gigantic bubble supporting the financial system bursts ,and it’s not far off that now.