UNSEEN FOOTAGE – Police storm the streets of Melbourne

After the protest was over and everyone had dispersed…VicPol stormed Flinders Street looking for people left behind.

I’ve never seen a wall of Police quite like this ever in my life.

See the person praying in front of the wall of hundred of police.

Have a look at the poor family with a baby standing to the side confused and scared.

I don’t know about you, but I think these police officers would be better off hunting down sexual abusers, drug dealers and murderers…not peaceful freedom fighters trying to go home.

Sorry to shock you with this footage, it’s quite disturbing.

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  1. Many people would rather risk living through the flu like disease than see our beautiful city reduced to a ruin, psychologically, financially and health wise and from being afraid of the police who are supposed to protect them. You can see in the police’s faces they don’t care, but the breakdown of society will effect them also,

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