VicPol – They’re not ALL bad!!!

Dear Melbournians,

If you’ve been to a protest in the last year, no doubt you’ll have some negative feelings towards VicPol. Many of us have been arrested, manhandled, fined and intimidated by power-hungry police who enjoy implementing unlawful directions. It’s been very hard to humanise or sympathise with police officer’s conflict of duty vs upholding the right.

Well…I have a goodnews story I want to share in hopes of renewing some of your faith in our police force.

Last night around 2am on the Hume highway just outside of Benalla Morgan and I broke down. The water tank on the motorhome dropped to the ground and left us stranded. We called a few roadside assistance companies, and nobody could help us. I decided to call the police.

Within 15 minutes, 2 officers (Senior constable Gary Winfield and First Constable Luke Baker) attended the scene. Moments after arriving, Baker said, “no worries, we can fix this and get you on your way”. Morgan was shocked. Their ‘can-do’ attitude was a welcomed contradiction to our negative perception of VicPol that had accumulated over the last year.

Baker is an ex-army mechanical engineer. He knew exactly what to do and wasted no time. He got on the ground and shuffled under the truck. He got wet and dirty and didn’t seem to care one little bit. While he was busy, I had a lovely chat with Winfield and explained how impactful this experience was for us considering our difficult interactions with VicPol during 2020. This is what good cops are made of 🙂

RDA runs a lot of campaigns in reaction to negative circumstance, but we also like to respond when people do the right thing by the people.

I would like to encourage as many people as possible to send in a compliment to these great officers through the website ( If we do this, they will be recognised officially for their great service. If we can recognise greatness when we encounter it, this country will be a much better place.   

If this story has inspired you in anyway, please send in your compliment today.

Thanks again to Baker and Winfield, we are forever grateful for this life-changing experience.  

Monica Smit

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  1. Yes Monica,
    Good on Benalla Police.
    The country police are much calmer & as you know from Wodonga Rally, the Police were great. Glad to hear you got assistance & got under way….We know what’s like to break down on the side of the road.
    Even our phone calls prior they were helpful & supportive.