VICTORIA – Over 40 events this weekend

Note – we are trialling this in Victoria first and will roll out nationwide after the process is tested and refined.

We have a window of freedom so we’re striking while the iron is hot to create as many community groups as possible.

We have chosen over 40 locations across Victoria so that EVERYONE can get involved.

These are NOT protests. They are community social gatherings intended to help the formation of ongoing community groups that can support and encourage each other.

We already have over 65 groups nationwide. These groups help facilitate a way for like-minded locals to find each other. The leaders (we call them activators) of these groups can organise events and activities themselves or wait for instructions from RDA HQ. From socialising to activism, these groups are vital to us maintaining our individual and collective liberty.

We have full-time staff helping to coordinate and facilitate these groups so they are supported and organised. We aren’t mucking around 🙂

The locations are being finalised and will be published on Friday. Until then, set aside 2 pm on Sunday because there will be an event near you.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Beautiful, I’m not working this weekend, work every second Saturday, I’m based in Hallam these days, guess i start looking at a location for Sunday xD