Seats in the Victorian Upper House Are Up For Sale

Seats in the Victorian Upper House are up for sale this election via preference deals for cash.

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  1. here are no more elections in Australia just a communist farce…If the last Federal election didn’t wake you up then you are living in la la land and watching way too much Talmudvision

  2. Get off your phones, electronic games, television. They are all designed to be addictive and prevent people from thinking for themselves. Its a psy- ops going on. Start critical thinking again, reading real books, playing real games and real conversations with family and friends – mental health issues will subside dramatically. Plant a garden NOW so you won’t be as affeted when the WEF planned shortages come (as early as October in places – although Iran has digital ID now for this reason!). Yes, the world has been taken oven by the billionaire elite WEF group (aka Bilderbergers) who meet every year to discuss how the rest of us are going to become subservient to them.

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