Are Victorians waking up to government abuse?

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There are two prevailing moods in Victoria ahead of the election on November 26 – and they both start with ‘A’.

Many – if not most people – are angry. They’re angry at how they were treated over the last two years by the Andrews Labor government. They have every right to be after being locked away, gaslit, lied to, harassed, bullied, pepper sprayed, shot at with rubber bullets, and told that their natural desire for freedom was selfish.

The other subset of people are simply agreeable. They are what my fellow liberty-minded millennials call the, ‘Govern me harder, daddy!’ crowd. What Andrews did wasn’t cruel, unusual, or draconian – it was necessary. 

Both betray an underlying and unexposed truth: Victoria has undergone a collective trauma, and almost none of our leaders are acknowledging our anger, sorrow, and despair.

For those who didn’t suffer through 262 days of lockdown – and the looming threat of it returning when not imposed – this is what it was like.

Imagine you’re a child again – about the age of four. You’re aware of yourself but for most things, you’re helpless. You have a favourite toy. An authority figure you’d otherwise trust smashes it into pieces. Shocked, you slink off into your room and simply lie on your bed, numb and on the verge of tears. Mum and Dad are nowhere to be found and you just have to cope as best you can.

A few days later, the thought of playing with that toy pops into your mind. A surge of joy suddenly hits a realisation that the toy is no longer there. That same emptiness and disappointment returns. It happens again, and again, and again. It’s gone forever.

Just like the small businesses that went to the wall. Gone forever.

The chance to welcome a new birth into the family. Gone forever.

The opportunity to farewell loved ones that passed away during lockdown. Gone forever.

The crucial last two years of high school that define one’s adolescence. Gone forever.

Two years of our lives. Gone forever.

Here’s the next A word that won’t be bandied about for some time – acceptance.

Victorians won’t feel acceptance of the scale of abuses they’ve experienced until there’s some kind of reckoning. Whether you believe Andrews will romp it in (I don’t) or will be tossed out on his ear in Mulgrave thanks to a slew of weird and/or wonderful independents running against him, the healing in Victoria won’t begin unless there’s a Royal Commission into the government’s pandemic response. That the cadre of never-missed-a-paycheque ‘I can’t recall’ bureaucrats are held to account, in some fashion.

Narcissistic abuse victims (which we all are, here in Victoria) only really begin to patch up their mental health once they get answers. We were browbeaten, forcefully isolated, and made to feel like a child whose dreams had been snapped in two, seemingly gone forever.

Luckily, just as Gigi Foster and her co-authors in The Great Covid Panic predicted, people are waking up to the abuse. One by one, I’ve seen die-hard mask-wearing, do-as-you’re-told drones open up and say they’ve been had. The desire to say ‘I told you so’ is all-consuming – but self-defeating. It’s better to celebrate their cognitive breakthrough than cross your arms and cast derision.

The current government, just like an abusive ex-partner, will never apologise for what they’ve done. Despite the revelations that lockdowns were CCP fictions. Despite evidence that Covid was far less deadly than the ‘experts’ let on. Despite mask and vaccine mandates being imposed for no other reason than to divide and conquer. If the current government will acknowledge anything, it’s that they’re handing you a crutch after breaking both of your legs. Why the pouring of funding into mental health? If it was inadequate before, no dollar figure will cover the cure now.

If you are angry, my fellow Victorians, make sure you take it out at the polls. It’s the only way we can acknowledge what’s happened and release a bit of that mental pressure.

Accepting what happened will be difficult – but it will be necessary if we want to reclaim some of our lost power and strength as people. Let’s just make sure this corrupt, spendthrift, authoritarian, woeful, and disgusting Labor government too, is gone forever.

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