Victoria’s pandemic bill in disarray as former minister Adem Somyurek’s opposition delays key vote

The Victorian government’s controversial pandemic bill is in disarray after former minister Adem Somyurek announcing he would vote against the legislation in its current form.

The legislation was set to narrowly pass parliament this week with the support of three key crossbenchers, but a Victorian government motion to delay the vote for MPs to consider amendments passed 20 votes to 17 in the upper house on Thursday morning.

This came after Somyurek, who was forced out of the Labor party over a branch stacking scandal, said he would return to parliament to oppose the bill after belatedly proving his vaccination status on Wednesday.

The Coalition voted against the adjournment.

In a piece published in the Herald Sun, Somyurek said the bill could lead to a “tyranny to rule by decree” and did not have enough checks and balances to keep the leader of the day accountable.

“Had I continued to be a member of the Andrews cabinet, I would have argued this bill is a bad idea because it gives too much power to the government,” he wrote.

“Without meaningful parliamentary oversight and independent review mechanisms as Victorians we all risk the prospect of being unjustly governed by a Coalition despot in the future.

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  1. Good we had a victory, I am worried how this could affect persons I know in Victoria who are very concerned about their future and livelihoods. People have the right to be angry. While fake nooses are funny (everyone, including the Media laughed at Kathy Griffin mock beheading of a sitting United States president remember), its best to direct your anger in a more practical approach. Call to get these rouge State Premiers of welfare, call to strip them from their special parliament petitions. The way I see it the rouge premiers have failed small business and put the states at risk of going bankrupt. If cutbacks are to be made, first cut back on parliament petitions. Next, the State Premiers have violated Australian Federal Law when threating the livelihoods and freedoms to force Australians to participate in a drug trial that’s only existed for 2 years. An international company has profited by the State Premiers abuse of Feudal Law, and Australians were put to risk, and many suffered serious side effects from enforced drug trials, due to this I call for the State Premiers to be put on trial for Treason!

    Not too long to go hopefully before we can vote these mongrels out and work towards repairing the damage the rouge State Premiers have done. With a focus on the youth and young adults who have been hindered by establishing themselves in life for the last two years.

    Those who have just started out life and started to climb the ladder of sucess have had that ladder striped away from them by these rouge state premiers, it’s time to give these rouge state premiers a taste of their own medicine and bring that ladder back.


    Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes was forced to jump on the phones to ring a number of crossbenchers in hopes of saving the pandemic bill after former Labor minister Adem Somyurek declared he would vote against the legislation.

    Was forced? What a croc. Reeks of desperation and more sneaky deals. Obviously up Andrew butt.

    1. Why would she do this?
      Is she not aware of the possible consequences of this bill, This current government with Daniel Andrews in charge?
      Can’t understand this.

  3. the leftist,s will get desperate now, the crowd at SPRINGE ST will include under cover shit stirrer,s (eg cops and other low life scum like media cockheads)