Vistaprint refuse to print RDA flyers

Printing flyers without any harmful material have caused Vistaprint to permanently cancel accounts printing RDA’s flyers.

We did not know Vistaprint worked for the Government.

See the flyers that we were wanting to print – click here

We will work on new solutions asap.

Call and email Vistaprint and tell them how you feel about this decison.

Phone – 1800-628-592

Website –

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  1. Disgusting. I have sent them an email stating that as a customer of this company, I will no longer use their services due to their stance against RDA. I have also called them and spoke with a customer service rep named “Ace”, informed him of my concerns and he said that he will raise this with the “higher-ups”…Get woke, go broke.

  2. Vistaprint who are owned by Cimpress is Blackrock/Vanguard controlled company, same as all the Pharma companies making the covid poison, they control nearly all the media, Google, Facebook, Twitter. Microsoft..Hell man they control both Coles and Woolworths…They control most of the world’s companies that’s why all these big companies are ordering their staff to get vaxxed…The orders are coming fromBlackrock/Vanguard

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