Vote of No Confidence – Dan

The aim of the campaign is to show Labor MPs just how many Victorians want Andrews gone. If we get the volume, Labor will be forced to remove him as Premier and therefore be forced to make some concessions. 

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  1. Andrews should have been gone last year. Why is
    he still there?? I am so tired of “illegal gatherings”
    etc. The rules are all Andrews “rules”, so why it is
    illegal if it hasn’t been passed into law??

  2. The Herald Sun did not print my motion of “No Confidence” in Dictator Dan, now you are proposing a motion. My husband, Gordon, and I are absolute supporters of any such motion. He has a long history of lies and deceit and does not belong at the head of our state. He has displayed treasonistic leanings in his dealings with the people of Victoria and he needs to go YESTERDAY.
    and I are absolute support

  3. Andrews should have been gone now. All this rules are rediculous. This is not pandemic and majority of us know that. We have been lied to. Is my health I’m worry about and only trust my self in this instance.

  4. Dan Andrew’s has consistently ignored the needs of the public, has not supported any of his speeches with scientific evidence has not allowed for biased journalism, had treated australian families as criminals with what can only be seen as a authoritarian perspective and australian has become a police driven country. instead of listening to the australian people he has tested us like we are treated like naughty children. not one shred of medical, scientific evidence has been supported furthermore with any piece of evidence there should always be an unbiased approach to look at what is best for everyone. to force people into a vaccination that clearly has side effects and possible deaths is genocide – we have lost faith in a premier that treats australian people like children and refuses to listen to the needs of the people

  5. Adolf Andrews is a lair and a manipulator. He is not servicing the people, causing hundreds of our children to self harm with these lockdowns and restrictions apart from contravening Section 92 of the Australian Constitution. He is committing crimes against humanity in the name of Covid and the Victorian Governor is an accomplice to the fact by aiding and abetting him, by doing nothing in her rule for the people of Victoria. There is a vote of no-confidence in the Premier and the Governor.

  6. This is what you call the face of Evil! He disgusts me and he must go! As far as I am concerned he is the most hated man in Victoria.